Brit/pol/ #2017: Stop Posting So That #2018 Only Arrives By The New Year Edition

Trump UK visit expected in new year, US ambassador says

UK snow: Travellers struggle as icy conditions persist

UK inflation rate at near six-year high

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Good lad

third for logic, evidence and reason

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its like someone just clicked and dragged that chin right in the middle in that bamzooki editor you had as a kid

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lads we were at #1000 for Brexit, that's a lot of shitposting in a year and a bit.

unnecessary post

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All that brain-hair and he doesn't know the difference between third and fourth

Yeah but remember how there was that issue with threads where they'd fuck up around 300 posts in

Fuck that takes me back

Apparently Sargon used the term "Chad Liberalism" in one of his videos recently and I keep laughing about it, no idea if it's even true but I want to believe.

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Round up of 2017 thread?

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I was gonna do that but if someone else thought of it it's not good enough tbh

That's fine lad, I don't mind haha

ty lad

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duk tur pavel, im shree aye ayy

Hes taken the cameron pill.

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I hope he wins

The salt would be great.

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Adam Wallace has pledged to become a monk as a way to fight off his overwhelming gay urges

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the wogs were right

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They might be right with Scandinavians tbf, but not with us.


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Fuck me that Identity Britannia thread on Zig Forums is an absolute shitfest, only went on Zig Forums to look into the Alabama election and instead I see people calling Identity Britannia kikes

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Apparently the Republicans have called a meeting about him winning so it's looking likely.

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looks good to me
portion control a bit weak though.

he's not on camera

Lad everyone is a jew, including those people that used anti-jewish anti-yank chants in the Syria threads.

Wait a fucking second.

Are those…. Dumplings? On their own? Without even gravy to moisten them?

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thinking of roiding lads

already pretty big natty but even a naturally high test lad in the modern world isn't even close to the levels of his ancestors

Just eat an raw onion.

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I think I finally understand what the "American Dream" is now.


can't wait for the highway pile up videos this year, that shit always makes me laugh. 20,000 pounds of steel hauling ass down the highway no brakes on this train smashes into a little SUV filled with tommy and his black son jamal.

Nips are a bit confused over Christmas

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My fucking sides.

Clover of garlic up the arse every morning.

Well yeah, they do eat KFC as their traditional Christmas meal.

*clove even

I'm still laughing

Chaps, I need your advice. I may have an opportunity to spend a month in Pakistan because of my work. Should I go for it or not? All expenses covered by the company.

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Why would you want to?

I thought that was just to keep the gays away.

Why would you want to?

Holy shit

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you know the answer

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Don't you get enough paki here lad?

Wow, just wow!

Not bad animation tbh


Honestly, if he wants to go visit Pakistan might as well save the flight and just visit London.


Yeah do it, could be fun


It's not that big a deal is it?

He was just asked a really stupid question by a nigger and he answered it

Did I miss something?

To add to this just don't go civic on us

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Isn't GuitarLad a known race mixing civic degenerate ?

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alright, just don't go out in public places or use public transportation

Cuck others as you would want them to cuck you.

seriously cheers though lad

Fucking peak kek.


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this we already have 5 inches on the ground getting 3 more tonight and the foreigners are all wearing down parkas like its the arctic, driving 2 mph with the hazard lights on. had a huge crash on the freeway outside of detoilet where like 5 cars were in the ditch, probably all wogs from dearborn

Np lad Now you just need to get Anglo Zulu war Good luck

Good point. I could just stick to fried eggs and stuff like that.

Thanks. I will make you proud chaps!

Yeah but it's ok as he plays us jingles

Has 22st put on weight and lopped it off?

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lads what is he playing?

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It's the same as using Ainsley tbh

Don't Starve Together

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Don't Starve

You'll probably be in a gated community of some sort and have security if you go out. I'd go for it. I'm curious to know what it's actually like over there. I'd guess a more densely populated Afghanistan.

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😓 ill go to bed now

Cheers lads. I will apply and maybe I'll get accepted. If I go, I will post some pics ofc.

Mornig lads

Damn right you are

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Curry tummy comes from the shit on the chef's hands, not the curry itself lad… Takes a good 6 months to acclimatise to the low level of hygiene; better start eating at the dodgiest curry house you can find now.

Best of luck

Wow. Is Macron still proving to be secretly based?

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Better yet just start shoveling shit into your mouth.

His presidency has been the most pleasant surprise of 2017 in terms of politics tbh hope Marine wins next time anyway though smh

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Lads, what haircut should I get? I have an oval face apparently.

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