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Probably would have had time to post some links, since you lazy sods are still asleep.
shame I'm also too lazy to find any

2nd for modern women

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Nice spoiler lad,spat out my tea in disgust.

What a mess

I can't wait for this ridiculous fad to be over and for them to realise their mistakes.

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No lad you can't ignore it embrace the pain

'Youthquake' named 2017 word of the year by Oxford Dictionaries

Youth fetishism Gruaniad style, and social engineering OED style. Both go hand in hand together.

Never even heard or seen Broflake being used.

fucking hell


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I'm not giving that a click, what the fuck does the word mean.

Brexit means breakfast

kek I like how these uni cunts are getting bullied.

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I have it on good authority that snow is in fact yellow

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Repealing net neutrality is fucking gold.

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But none of that has happened, Corbyn still lost pretty badly, they've just deluded themselves.


With that, broflake, and "white fragility", I think they're just trying to desperately stem the tide of their losses culturally in the last couple of years. Even the leftists on Twitter think it is daft.

I was hoping it would be classified as hate speech but this is a win too

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typical socialist

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Toppest fucking kek my sides, all they are doing is desperately trying to reflect the insults back. It's the equivalent of going "no u"
Good God, they are like children.

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He only got 266 seats in this election, he did fucking abysmally against what has got to have been the worst Tory candidate in history, and yet they act as though the winds are changing in their favour and that they are making history. Fucking delusional.

rip lad, how's it been so far?

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some hulking Fingol brute is probably plundering her snowy white bumhole right now

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Is that the burger equivalent of a sports direct mug?

Depends how weaponisable it is, a Sports Direct mug can be used as a bloody sledgehammer


Any of these mongs thinking that the 'net was truly free deserves to have their 'net connection cut forever.

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I feel robbed. Mine smashed when I dropped it doing the washing up.


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Japanese company offers to pay its employees in bitcoin

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It's funny seeing so many people crying over how "free" internet is dead after being all too happy to see any opinion they disliked banned and censored. The only difference is that now the banned opinions and sites will be decided by corporations instead.

We've had to resort to the dark corners of the 'net just to have discussions now, even when the subject matter is rather tame. The right has been censored, shut down, and arrested over opinions that even the silent majority hold, and these fuckwits didn't even bat an eye. But now that it's coming after their cummies they're screeching about gubmint control.

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Maybe with these high taxes the Scots can finally fund their 'named person' scheme in which every family will have a state funded gestapo guardian ready to take their children away for wrongthink.

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Might do the unthinkable and defect to Co. Durham tbh.

From what I know of Durham it's basically white daftie redneck territory, they're going to slaughter the muzzies one day.

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Sounds great.


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women were a mistake tbh

Artificial wombs when? We need tons of machines producing thousands and thousands of white babies at a time, constantly, the females having their sentience replaced with a 1950's housewife AI program.

lads its 11 am and it looks like its 8pm

Speaking of

Traditional Depictions of Mothers to be Banned in Adverts From Next Year Amid Ongoing War On ‘Gender Stereotypes’

This is one of the slimiest articles I've ever seen written.

Mass immigration depresses wages on a nationwide scale because companies can just move to where wages are low and people will work for less. Complete damage control because everything this lad said was spot on.

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What are we just supposed to wait until we're 50% white, then we can finally complain about immigration, retarded white liberal? Also what the fuck was that comedian on about on the panel saying London had given him a 'positive' experience of immigration?

I guess it's Huffpo which is a complete joke but the contempt for the average person is so palpable. They think they know better, when they're simply useful idiots working for their own destruction.

I could feel a palpable hatred in that QT audience for Richard Winston.

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As in "I've never stepped into a heavily diverse area because I don't want to get stabbed, but oh em gee muh food amirite"
EVERY SINGLE PERSON who supports mass immigration has never once set foot into one of these areas, if you were to ask them to go into Tower Hamlets they'd give you a disgusted look. They KNOW that the areas are shite, they just don't want to admit it.


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single BTW

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Everyone living in Yorkshire has been to Bradford or Rotherham or the local islamic ghetto of their city at least once and then noped the fuck out of there kek

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It's a healthier reaction to be worried about the situation we're in and not be able to express it properly, than to use the market as a disciplinary tool against your own ethnic group.

stay the fuck out
its lovely here don't want you fucking southerners ruining it

Well fine I won't come and visit.

I'm Scottish you gimp.

Mate they thought a monkey for a frenchman, you'll get nowhere with them kek.

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My brother used to make jokes about us going for a weekend to the Norf and civilising them, it wasn't meant to be fucking serious.

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kek, that's league of gentlemen tier behaviour.

tbf that attitude might help us in the present troubles.. kek

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that show is based off a town in country durham called sedgefeild

All you have to do is convince the North that anyone darker than a paper bag is a French spy and you've cleansed half the country, any Welshmen killed in the process are unfortunate but necessary casualties.

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the more unreconstructed the more brutal the better tbh

It looks really boring, but better than where I am at the moment.

Only if you let it be that way, lad.

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True. It is down to me. Just my bad experiences of these kinds of places. Always end up pissing off the locals in one way or another, and getting in fights.

Then don't be that kind of person. Perhaps a lot of the idea is coming from a "grass is greener" perspective view on my part, but I'd much prefer being in somewhere so disconnected from the world like this and involving myself in the community, something real rather than artificial. An actual fucking community would be amazing.
Been to about three or four Christmas high street events around me this year and it's nice to see a communal connection happening, something that you'd not expect in modern London but it's there and also one of the only times I'm outside and don't see a bloody foreigner if you're in an area that MSM would refer to as a "backwards medieval bigoted awful place" then it's a great fucking place and you should make the most of it.
What on earth do you do that it ends up with you pissing off the locals/getting into fights? if it's >women then I completely understand

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Felt a bit sorry for Grima tbh. He just wanted her to be his gf.

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It's mostly because it is Scotland, I'm a bit English sounding and there is always a group people that take a dislike because of the accent. More often than not it is women that start the fights just to get a fight going. Baseless accusations. tbh Glasgow is way worse for that sort of thing than the country.

Bint I see what you're fucking doing and no I'm not interested in a whore who two minutes ago was looking forward to getting laid that night
Women are a fucking memi lad, and don't obsess over fictional ones tbh althought iktfl

That's fair tbf, just banter their bollocks off tbh

I always wondered why soap operas were overly-dramatic and complete bloody nonsense, but as soon as you realise it's targeted entirely at women it all clicks together.
Don't get swept up in their shite.

Be still, my shaking sides.

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is he talking about ancient Rome again?

women have very little in the way of their own opinions and desires. its completely influenced by popular trends. if the culture allows them to be whores then they'll do it but when it changes back again they profess to always have been traditional. it why all these rape accusations in yankland are so funny at the moment. on your knees sucking dick for a job, 10~20 years pass, "ahhh i was raped!!!"
its already too late for me



>a few days later, Miss Iraq's family are forced to flee the country after the beauty queen posed for a selfie with Miss Israel, prompting fury in Baghdad

I bloody love when this self-aggrandising shite backfires

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Wew no I didn't, I thought the WRE was Christian by that point

u fkn wot

Depends when he's talking; the Empire split due to Rome failing, WRE split was in 285AD and it wasn't 'til Constantine (306-337AD) that the WRE became more Christian.

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What do you lads think of bitcoin?

Do you have any bitcoin??

sorry I meant "androgyny" but same sort of thing really.

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I'm both terrified and excited tbh

the collapse is going to happen only a matter of when. the thing we can control is who come out on top afterwards; them or us.
when the forest grows too wild the purging flame is both inevitable and natural.

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Exactly, I'm terrified because I'll be thrown out of the comfortable lifestyle I'm familiar with and excited to see how things are gong to play out

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So long as my family is outside the ensuing chaos I welcome it wholeheartedly.

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Daily Politics

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haha, believe me I've tried, they're fucking toothless savages half of the time. Probably easier just to not spend time in ropey pubs.

Surely there's a middle ground between underclass pubs and middleclass wankholes.

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In the countryside it can be a bit tough. I was thinking of going teetotal for bit. Fuck knows.


I've not once had issues in any pub I've ever been in tbh, whether rural or urban.