Brit/pol/ #2023: Good Things Worth Fighting For Edition

'I'm 53, separated and skint': Nigel Farage reveals the 'price he has paid for Brexit' claiming the referendum triumph has left him 'unable to walk down the street alone' in case he's attacked

Bookmaker refuses to apologise for sharing photo of blacked-up darts fan dressed as Diane Abbott

Tony "Khorne" Blair says stopping Brexit more important than Labour winning next election

Police hunt after 'gay men punched and told you are not welcome in homophobic attacks' in Walthamstow

Fashion queen Coco Chanel 'used her Nazi links in a bid to oust her Jewish No 5 business partners' says new film

African asylum seeker, 72, who scammed taxpayers out of £40,000 of benefits after he fled BACK to his Somali homeland because he 'missed the sunshine' is jailed

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for him

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Hope everyone has done their sets for today

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how is he taking the picture

It's an old memi, not something a newfag would know

With the sheer strength of his rage at listening to /fit/ for all those years.

orig is a fat guy's shadow
come on gchq

My Great Uncle used to be Mayor of Walthamstow. Fucking full of pakis and niggers now.

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I know

Asian man find that the Internet is growing on the side of his head

What am I looking at?

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If it's any comfort to him, I'd buy him a pint if I met him in a pub.

Will learning to massage others help me in life lambs?

Yourself growing on the side of an Asian man's head

Do you have a duty to stay in your local ancestral area even if it starts to become pakified?


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Oh right.

get people to do that without taking the daft pill or the larp pill?

Dafty works if it's not sitting in a town square heiling Hitler while normalfags laugh at you

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effective daftyism gets things done
like poisoning reservoirs

Can you actually link the tweet or article.



No Woes Millenniyule today?

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Just looking at him makes me sick.

Does it?

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I only wonder how much fucking money he's made
Tens of thousands at least

Are you under the impression that tens of thousands is a lot of money?

poorfag detected

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I just want to see dead Liverpudlians on the telly, is that so bad?

but its a lot for an unemployed jock

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You have a duty to win, even if that means giving up land your ancestors bled for. But only temporarily ofc.

Keep telling yourself that lad if it gets you through the day.

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t. coward

You sound like a loser, your ancestors did what they had to in order to win

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I don't think they ran away tbh
Running from the pakis only makes things worse

Can you make me :^)

It doesn't make things worse, it's just running away from the inevitable.

Lad we aren't japs, we are aloud to live to fight another day smh. Is it better to die uselessly when you still have a chance to turn the tide?

*drinks poison*

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Who is the coward now?

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Or leaving in order to raise a family?

non-local townies OUT tbh

>women literally ruin everything they touch
How would you even go about starting a business in current year whilst keeping die thot out.

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You can't talk lad, you've just drunk poison.

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open a coal mine

>"Anti-communism wasn't enough, he decided, one must attack not only the symptoms of the disease, but the cause"
No shit Sherlock, you don't remove weeds by just going for the leaves.

The question is, what is the cause?

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Here lad
*Puts you out of your misery*

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Ah, but what caused them?

Continuing rejection of Christ and what He represents.

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Being eternally arsehurt over losing power.

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we're getting a bit metaphysical here lad. It's their nature because of inbreeding for thousands of years? spawn of Satan? space reptiles? who knows

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Should I associate with people with Gaelic surnames?

Thanks lad

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It's also too simple, not all commies are kikes. White people love communism too.

jews cant destroy your civilisation unless you let them

reminder that if you don't watch Ray mears you aren't Zig Forums approved tbh

But all kikes are commies.


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Thrum hum!
Treebeard agrees with this post

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gee I wonder why the grauniad could possibly be going under?….

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Was Mises a commie?

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Prob not related but Michael Savage is brutal either way.

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Longer version of that webm here

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Even that nog thinks he's talking shit

Not clicking on that

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I unironically believe them to be aliens guided by their God of the Material: Saturn.

It wasn't an endorsement lad.

aha dece lad what is the music its proper chilled out like


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As in, I'd like Ray to remain the apolitical character we enjoy. If his views were good or bad I'd rather hear little of them; He isn't a teacher of the political world, he is a teacher of the natural world and that should remain so for all eternity

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funny thing was that deer was alive and not butchered when Ray spotted it
by the time the arrow was midway it had already peeled itself, hung itself upside down from an oak branch and was sawing its torso in half in preparation to receive Ray's arrow

I wouldn't worry about it lad.

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pls help

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i've never understood the Saturn connection tbh
what is the Roman titan, father of Jupiter, Saturn, got to do with kikes?

Sub dimensionals trying to claw their way up through our dimension from the void below towards divinity. They're attracted to the activity and light.

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do some research lad, you'll get there eventually