Brit/pol/ #2028: Death to Auntie Beeb Edition

Nearly 3.5million Brits have stopped paying their TV licence as it’s ‘out of date’ in a world of Netflix and Amazon Prime

Official immigration statistics show Brexit causing HUGE EU migrants fall

One-third of Big Issue sellers now Romanian: Job once reserved for Britain's homeless has been swamped by Eastern European immigrants. And many of them have homes AND claim benefits

Mosque Raided by Armed Police as Islamic Radical ‘Christmas Market Bomb Plot’ Foiled

Electoral fraud: Young man pleads guilty to voting for Labour twice in the general election

Global Free Movement: UN Chief Calls Migration a ‘Right’ in a ‘World on the Move’

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Good lad.

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There's God.
There's country.
There's brotherhood.



Goodo lado

slow down or we'll never have the new year #2018 thread

There is hope, and eternal glory.

For the future.

but I collect rare user's eyes smh

wew, thanks, lad. I keep falling for the Anglos' tricks

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I'm flattered lad but i still have my never took a picture of myself-ginity

All of which will cease to exist without women with whom to procreate.

There isn't without a drastic change in male-female relations.

Also, posting from last thread:

The problem with MGTOW (well, the main one - there are many) is that women aren't really going to notice if even as much as 60% of men cease pursuing them (so long as the state continues to support them at men's expense - which it obviously will). They'll still fuck their way through their twenties, or overvalue themselves and fuck nobody if they can't fuck chad. Men need to actually grasp our cultural elite by their necks, and wring the bastards until limp. An active spiritual and cultural counterforce is required. Passive aggressive non-participation will have little effect in my opinion.

Good lad.

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Same, lad. Mummy always said we should put our personal information on the internet and then a few years later everyone was on facebook smh

I've got health issues, families gone to shit, works fucked me over.

Past few months I've been doing my usual exercise except now I'm getting what I can only describe as asthmatic afterwards, didn't think that much of it other than I might be out of conditioning but its still there. Happened in the mornings a few times and had flecks of blood in my spit.

Doctor didn't care, listened to my breathing once and sent me away. Offered an asthma respirator but I said I don't think I've suddenly developed asthma and if you have on on your record you can kiss the forces goodbye. just shrugged at let me leave.

Never smoked, don't do drugs, don't really drink and stayed healthy.


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We chose the wrong future

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MGTOW is basically the male equivalent of feminism and just as degenerate tbh.

Not really its just not helpful

Feminism has real holds on many mainstream centres of political and cultural power whereas MGTOW is just a fringe internet culture.

Better to die gracefully than live depravedly.

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that second headline

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looks better than what we have now, but it's a bit Roman. Could use more Victorian architectural elements tbh.

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Both sound pretty shitty to me. What's the point in all of this pontification if there is simply no hope?

men and women are each others compliment not each others equal. women should know their place in society but so should men also. This is the message our side should focus on.
at least until the artificial womb and robot waifus are perfected, then we can genocide all women without vacillation

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bit hungover lads

There is always hope, lad.

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I don't think the few buildings that were built are too roman lad, I think they fit well

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There seem to be about as many young women with tattoos as without ffs. How much shitter, weirder and frankly fucking creepier can they actually get? I truly believe females are evil by default, and that a society that panders to them merely reflects this fact.

It's just neo-regency stuff.

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The only way there could be any hope is if there was a group of young men actively pursuing positive change. All I see (among men who are actually aware of how shitty women are) are MGTOWs on one hand, and pontificating orbiters on the other (woes and his fans, for example).

The woman question is the whole of the issue tbh, but nobody has the balls to address, much less respond, to it.

all women with a tattoo are trash and should not even be acknowledged

I feel for you lad. Wouldn’t worry about blood too much unless it is consistent. Fuck the doctors tbh, I’d rather not know my ailments. Englishmen keep going until they drop dead.

Find a hobby? Nothing to do in the winter I know. Try beekeeping when it gets warmer, cheap, easy and rewarding.

Just hold on, I know it’s taking too long but things will kick off eventually. Race war in America first, South Africa will need help soon, and Italy is getting feisty. It will not stay like this. Or just convert and infiltrate some mosque, might even get to throw a faggot off a roof.

Try going innawoods seriously. Take some provisions and see how long you can last. Try some cannabis (inb4 degenerate) it definitely cures depression.

Why was she allowed near children?

You've literally reduced possible partners by 50% by discounting them (not saying you shouldn't btw).

To molest them obviously.

Well they did commit the original sin

t. christcuck
t. turkroach


many women are also possessed/influenced by demonic spirits, some even are demons themselves

A turk would bring down that average

Are these newfags here because 4chans owner let an ad company inject malware into the site?

Fuck off we're full.

sorry Zig Forums is at full capacity. we dont need anymore newfag immigrants stealing our (You)s


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You had your chance 3 years ago, fuck off we're full.

I know you ragheads are fucking thick as shit but come on.

I tried to warn you all about the yankotry last night.. you didn't listen… we mutts now

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Steiner's been here forever and he's a good lad. The other yanks, not so much

Most female lawyers do these days ffs. And most young lawyers are females (thanks to our education system being jury-rigged to favour the craven little fuckers). Keep in mind that Schopenhauer was entirely correct that women have not the facilities to pass moral or legal judgment (being entirely driven by self interest and PR: the truth having no meaning to them at all - like jews btw). Also keep in mind that these young women don't know their arses from their elbows (my dad was a solicitor and made such remarks frequently). We truly are fucked….all so fucking women can play dress-up.

I might actually hate men more than women for betraying both the truth, and their own sex, in a misguided attempt to placate the implacable.

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if there just leaving now we don't need them

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Good for you

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Just learn to turn down thottery and not accept it tbh and more men need to not put pussy on a pedestal.

These actions only work because men settle for it, there will always be a new generation of women. Women will not get a new generation of men, they have an extremely short shelf life and most women are expiring even in their late 20's never mind 30's or 40's. Once they reach that age they will never be the seller they will be the buyer unless they hoodwink idiots.

Meanwhile men can be sexually marketable even until their 50's on looks alone and even longer if you can offer a wealthy lifestyle, fame or other desirable traits.

There will always be another cohort of young women entering the 18-25 age group, trust me no normal thot is prepared for sexual rejection.


Is Essex lad about? You taken a pilgrimage to St. Peter’s chapel in Bradwell, Essex yet? From your fellow huwhite saxon friend.

Most of them are still there even after pic related happened, there's been so much shit over the past years that they should really just lie in the bed they made for themselves.

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The people who remained were literally all autistic teenagers larping as psychopaths. I hate them more than tumblr-users tbh.

what's wrong with nature, lad?

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4chan is just reddit now honestly it was pretty awful even back in like 2011-12 and had been declining since then.

It's especially obvious if you go to boards like /b/, /v/ etc that are more mainstream and gets less obvious on boards like /o/ that have autistic userbases and high barriers for entry.

It's not uncommon to see literal tumblr tier beliefs spouted on 4chan these days and people get baited insanely easily.

The problem is, some men will always chase women. Each new generation of young women are just as slaggy as the last (worse actually). Without a culture change, there will be no uncorrupted new generation, so the problem remains (until there are no more white women anyway).

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Ree tbh

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I'd honestly take tumblr-tier bullshit over autistic weirdos larping as nationalists just because it's edgy (I know someone like this, who goes on 4chan - and it basically makes my skin crawl). These are the sorts of retards who use memmies in real life.

Yeah I'm on pretty much every day, I watched Fred Dibnah do a bit on it for his history documentaries but I've not seen it in person yet. There's a good chance I'm going to visit the Maldon coast this chrimbo, if so it's on the itinerary. We used to have a little saxon church like that in my village till the N*rmans built a fuckin huge crenelated tower as part of their "Build as much shit as possible so the peasants dont forget who rules them" campaign

Universal Hourly Reminder
-if you didn't leave 4cuck years ago then you need to ether; kill you are self, go back or lurk minimum of 9 years
-1 yank per thread
-brit is a probullying zone

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Fullchan Zig Forums is chock to the brim with jerrycucking fags. Just FYI. You cannot engage in reasonable discourse with them. They will ban you for wrongthink on Trump, Hitler and the Poles tbh.


North Wales

Israel and Nigeria.

you got a source for that video? I would like to watch the whole thing

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Bounty's are top-tier underrated choccy

fuck off back to >>>/4chan/

the jerry's are alright

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Jewesses are lovely

It’s a ten minute drive from Maldon. Go and touch the stone walls lad, feel your ancestors, lol, the door is always open.

The battle of Maldon was one of the Saxon’s favourite stories apparently. Big Britnoth mugged the Viking’s off, history says it was a defeat, but they came in 50 ships and only sailed away in 5 (or something like that) and only because he let them come ashore so they could fight honourably, the noble fool. I think there’s a plaque on the sea wall for it.


I like bounties lad
traps are alright

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although tbh this is a better version

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this, 4chan has been shit for a long time

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thanks lad watching it now

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fite me mate
you can suck my dick after(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I dont really rate Ray Mears

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tbh this one farmer had to put up a sign around his sunflower crop saying "no selfies" because women would literally park their cars and go take pictures of themselves in front of his sunflower crop

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Belgian Trappist Dubbel is very good craft beer

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seriously thought why were you at 4chan lad

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Fuck off Westie.

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You show lack of judgement tbh boy

Total War games post Medieval 2 are actually still good and fun.

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Napoleon MP is objectively the best total war.
All else is shit.