Brit/pol/ #2029: Are Dave Edition

European banks 'to be allowed to operate as normal in UK after Brexit' despite EU's own warning over financial services

Brexit: Be more patriotic about cheese, says Michael Gove

Damian Green sacked from cabinet after breaching ministerial code

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Good lad

first for we are going to make it in 2017

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I hate you so much dorshit.

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nth for doing literally nothing wrong

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we are joint first lad h-hah
it was the exact same second

same lad

maybe I'm just so cool I wanna die

Is the thing about Sargon to do with doxxing?

Sure lad, of course there is no such thing as milliseconds.

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nice idea for an image, mind if I nick it?

Is he going to be the one to finally bring the Alt Right to its knees?

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quick rundown?

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Milliseconds are just demonic jewish concepts designed to prevent goodlads from improving themselves through the power of firstposting

he knew about kraut's doxing and said nothing even though doxing is SJW tier and below him

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I love that tweet, hell tweets in general are great for neatly encapsulating a persons intelligence.


Sargon knew about kraut doxxing the ebil right wingers and pretty much approved of it.

Wew how quadroon of him.

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kek Been away for two weeks, why would do that he agreed with kraut

tfw northerner

Amazon pulls 'irresponsible' circumcision training kit from sale [ in UK ] over Paki and Jew DIY surgery concerns


Hey if they want to kill or sterilise their infant sons I say let them


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Cause the smell of his own farts have gone to his head and he must be the top centrist lad.

Not Are Pig Fucker edition

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I miss his power-stancing to a jeering audience tbh

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Thank (You)

Lies and slander tbh


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That can't be any city tbh, not enough ethnics.

Result (referendum on Brexit deal)
Ayes: 23
Noes: 319

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It was a shit deal anyway.

Top kek. Based Gidders' PR lads have obviously told him to do that but he's fucked it up and gone too wide.

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At least the cunt had conviction, I cannot stand May.

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We've poked the bear now.

its all yours friend

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A damp fart has more conviction than May.

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I want to make more OC but im not very good at drawing smh. I used to make OC in the past by slapping various images together on photoshop but im gonna start tracing other peoples art then get used to making my own little changes until I can make proper images like your from scratch.

So when is the U.S. invading?

They need UN agreement to invade and China keeps vetoing it


He fucked a pig other than the one he married Tory boy

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why are all the elites homos?

Sara Geurts, 26, from Minneapolis is determined to carve out a successful modelling career despite battling with Dermatosparaxis Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) - a genetic condition that causes excessively saggy skin

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Since when has the U.S. needed the U.N. to agree to anything?

Weak tbh

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Sure, but he doesn't

yeah it takes some getting used to, I use photoshop but I want to get a drawing pad because I still do it by mouse and its not the same.

Are you sure that's not just a 50 year old tranny

Nice try, thot

Why the long face Sara

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Which says a lot about May when I consider him to have conviction compared.

Since forever

wtf I actually love china now

what is wrong with them tbh lads

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Vietnam, Iraq, Grenada I don't think that's true.

Embrace your heritage, lad.

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Who needs the UN when you have John Wayne?

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That's unfair to Patton but funny.

I'm pretty sure John Wayne's dead.

I was going to get mad at the shitty OC making fun of a literal anglo-saxon but then I remembered that you never make OC SA

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It's probably a German or a Jew lad.

None of those were bordering a major world power with access to nukes though.

*beats you up on the set of the shootist*

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The yank cries out in pain as he tries to banter you.

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I have no problem with making fun of mongrel people but bullying the scant history and scant heroes of actual america by implying they are mullato is not really banter tbh

China (considering the state and size of their stockpile) isn't capable of having a convincing nuclear was with anyone.

Whatever you say, lad.

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I think the rest of the word just hates the US so much at this point for being the most recent and most powerful tool of the jews that no one really cares

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thats what it seems like, its why I want american empire to collapse and all the sales rats to fuck off to the next pack of suckers so we can get back to being a comfy place

And until such a time you will be bullied.

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well practice makes perfect

Weimar 2.0

Shitskins love fucking animals and David Cameron is also a regular client

Does being that fat that young really have negative health consequences? You never really hear about fatties dying of heart failure lie everyone memmies.

I posit that it's actually not that unhealthy to be that fat, because your heart health is compensated for by you becoming a lazy cunt that doesn't do anything.

An avid skinny cardiofag probably shortens his lifespan more than a fatty that relaxes all day.

Just a theory.

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Get off the fucking internet

kek good banter for a yank

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eh, that happens here as well I bullied this older aussie guy who kept blathering on about his travels by talking in steve irwin 'croc 'unta tawk , its called being a prick around here though so people don't really make a habit out of if

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The jews only came here because GOYIMWELL let them. The English Civil War was the last chance this country had to be free from yids. The covenanterpill is a bitter but necessary one to swallow if you want true enlightenment

You don't understand, lad. Banter isn't about being a prick. It's jovial and affectionate, and it beings us all closer together.

Typical yanks.

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imagine her fanny

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I thought her skin were clothes tbh

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Well, the Banter is what gives a Brit his power. It's an energy field created by all Anglos. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.