Brit/pol/ #2031: Return of the Yank Fight Pit Edition

UK government borrowing falls in November

Toys R Us staves off collapse after rescue talks

Antique-gun dealer jailed for 30 years for supplying to gangsters

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is that rick steiner


Good lad tbh.

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what do about the burger problem lads?

Fucking hell.

Good lad. Let it all burn and a merry Christmas to one and all.

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Conquer New England and make the white ones live on reservations.

no its non super saiyan version of scott steiner

Good lad

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Shoot all of them except steiner

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those wacky pakis

Does that count as an air kill?

Would you eat at his Shoney's

Reminder that Benjamin Franklin called Europeans swarthy because he was a jealous 56%'er

tbh I am glad sharia may is BTFO of dump's jerusalem move

ISIS have carved out a tiny chunk of territory in Egypt, which is quite lawless and decentralised these days. They're just going around blowing shit up, don't think they have much popular support.

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Despite the outcome of our fights together I'd still rather fight by your side killing Muslims if that counts for anything.

kek yeah probably, there is one where they just interview him for a robbery as a 'normal' guy

have you seen the latest wrestling video where him and vader beat up juggalos?

Ben Franklin was 100% English lad

It'll be like the Boers but with less supply lines being cut.

they just ate up one of the other Muzzie groups in the area and took their land.

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what did be mene by this?

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smuggle guns to us please like you did the IRA

Yanks btgo by based UK
UK joins UN vote to reject Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital

yeah *drinks* you too pilgrum

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Also, what the fuck is a Shoney's

Did you see the film he was in?

irrelevant people, the niggers of Europe

Donald Trump has been granted permission to build a wall on the west coast of Ireland.

I wonder if ben franklin would be a shitposter? I imagine thomas jefferson would be a turbo autist american SEROIUS posting only type of guy

At this point in time the Welsh were still man-sheep hybrids, steady introduction of superior Saxon seed gives us what we know today as a 'Welshman'. The Irish were never people.

Nah better to learn from history than repeat it. We have greater foes to deal with than trying to kill another.

(You) too

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Bongo Bongo
Official britpol Bongo Bongo Land





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that will probably happen again, you will probably end up with a real collectable ultra rare gun that everyone over here wants too like the AR-180

Trade minister Mark Garnier cleared after sex toy investigation by Cabinet Office

Our international trade minister couldn't get a few free samples from the Chinks. Wew. Useless cunt


tbf we do have a lot of guns in the UK but if the govt does a gun grab just before the SHTF you're a bit fucked

He's such a lad

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oo sexy

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No but I have some high speed 56% faces

prove it post a timestamped picture of your nipples

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you only think that because you're used to it, sorry you had to find out this way..

ty lad and you

Doog dal

let them mess it up isn't the current egypt gov one of the installed ones during the arab spring anyway

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Fuck off niggerfag
Not going to give you a single (You)

Have to drive now. No more bullying.

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A storm literally washed away a Par three on the course, nothing to do with global warming. Lovely spot tbh



Egypt struggles against population 'catastrophe'

Yes this is totally sustainable.

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objectively wrong tbh, people who sweat profusely without real physical exertion are either fat or genetically malformed.

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t. 56%


I am not a smart man

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have a good drive

if you say so

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Sknaht dal

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The fat chug with thicc legs?

Yeah more ads of our Lord and Saviour as sausage rolls xD

strange how they never attack Israel

Lad she's sturdy she could give birth in the middle of winter and be up and hunting again within 4 hours 8/10 would wife


BACK AND BLUE UK to get its iconic dark blue passport back in stunning Brexit victory for The Sun

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wew lads
Looks like they were having a crack at the royals and their swarthy betrothed

Honestly think maroon looks nicer / more regal

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sorry lad, that was quite uncivic of me

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Burgundy w/e

Last refuge of scoundrels smh

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why? blue has more of a historical reference to are green and pleasant land


Lad stop.

Fears nuke strike IMMINENT as US launches ‘doomsday command plane’ in control of ICBMs

purely aesthetics

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The colour of our passports has always been a strawman argument from remainers so as to do down our concerns as small-minded and bone-headed.

Unfortunately this plays right into that perception.

And it's not even dark blue like the old ones tbh.

Pretty good tbh

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Dark blue is best


I think he pulled out the passport one too many times during the referendum but we still won so there we are

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Good smh

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you're on the wrong board, lad

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This tbh, has anyone figured this out?

tbqh I don't think Roger would agree with you

Remember when they even apologised for hitting Israel by mistake, top fucking lel.