Brit/pol/ #2032: Never Forget 1956 Edition

Out of all nations we must get our vengeance on the harshest blow must be to the Americans.

UK government borrowing falls in November

Toys R Us staves off collapse after rescue talks

Antique-gun dealer jailed for 30 years for supplying to gangsters

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way to fuck with the formatting lad

second for strength

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xth for Master Brew becoming a Fascist

Okay tbh when we take power I will nationalise all companies and the fascist government will set the standard for audio technology to ensure it's aesthetic. Cassettes will come back, but it will actually just be a small computer filled with MP3's made to look like a cassette with a small motor that turns the tape. It will function exactly like a cassette except in modern quality. All stereo's will have big chunky buttons because pressing big buttons with lots of physical feedback releases endorphin's in our big Anglo brains and makes us happier. Also, smartphones will be banned and replaced with Anglophones which will have heavily reduced features, and use facial scanning technology causing them to freeze if a woman picks one up, they will look like the Idroid from Metal Gear Solid and be water and bulletproof.

Also cars will be made aesthetic on purpose and companies who don't make aesthetic cars nationalised. Crumple zones will be outlawed and crashing into another car at 15mph will be a death sentence, this will have a eugenic effect and ensure only the most cautious or dextrous Anglo children survive over time.

Finally a national dress will be instituted. much like Saudi Arabia. Everyone will wear pic related at all times. It will intimidate foreigners and make them go home.

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Auschwitz survivor Eva Schloss recorded in virtual reality - BBC News

Virtual literal Holohoax survivor

I swear to God these kikes need to be stopped, they're literally fucking preserving 3d kvetching

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nth for I don't trust this OP at all.

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No, you will be dead, you commie fuck.

casette quaity is 16bit 44.1kHz lad

exactly the same as MP3

but it degrades

only if you leave it sitting there and never use it

No thanks

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Just go to the pub you sods.

I honestly couldn't fucking care about muh absolute quality, yeah sure i want the recording to be quite good, but If i cared about absolute quality I'd listen to digital FLAC files alone and not own a turntable or CD player.

lads do you know any good cracker jokes? I'm making them this year and I want the jokes to be spicy

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Where to poor Italians live? the spaghetto


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*buys gold plated audio cables*

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wew lads

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problem with FLAC is that it gets compressed to 16bit 44.1kHz before it goes into FLAC, so you have already lost the quality

nobody can hear the difference and they are lying if they say they can.

like putting lipstick on a pig tbh

Nah but really the audiophile stuff can get comical, theres wires being sold for like 500 quid a meter and all because a sound engineer said so after he got paid to shill them and people ate it right up.

Why did Sally fall off the swing? She had no arms
Why did Micheal fall down the stairs? He had no legs
Why did Timmy drop his ice cream? He was hit by a bus

I just hate audiophiles, bunch of autists who care more about the supposed quality over the music itself, some even solely listening to music that "brings out" the quality. If I wanted quality i'd pay millions for master tapes from the companies themselves.

He's always been a closet faggot tbh

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I honestly don't trust this OP not to delete the thread half way through tbh

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Why did the chicken cross the road? Because he was making a vain attempt at escaping our impending doom at the hands of suicidal elites, whom have decided to flood our country with third world filth, causing our grandchildren to be a minority in their own homelands.

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I agree lad, bin it and make a new one

I have a degree in this shit and you are 100% correct.

thanks lads

Good laed

only recognise one name here

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The last test I knew of showed that the vast majority of people couldn't tell the difference between an 192kbps mp3 and an uncompressed wav in a blind test.

*pays a fortune on audio equipment*
*listens to white stripes*

that's cool

Jared Taylor!


nice, I might h'watch that later.

I forgot to watch "I'm an Englishman" today, excuse me.

It's just so much content. I guess he's just hoping people will watch what might interest them. So far I've only watched the one with JF and plan on watching this one tbh

kek, Brew is one of us. He's doing a good thing by redpilling all the tories who flocked to him.

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Love this one tbh.

sick of hearing that grandstand shit tbh

I think the tory voters are lost causes myself.

I watched half of the JF one, and all of the UK Column and Survive the Jive ones. I think he is spreading his net a little two wide, but whatever tbh.

What do they know of England?

He milked it but he's released a few good ones lately tbf

Not sure, maybe the older ones but the younger moggmentum style ones will probably get more redpilled

Tbh I'm not sure I believe in lost causes, one day Muhammad will be at their throat with a machete and then things will seem a lot clearer to them.

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This kills the Alt-Right

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Nothing to be salvaged in the cities now, we'll have to level my city and Powells home as well.

David Cameroon said that one day he would like to see a muslim PM.

City cucks well fence up and ignore the problem just like Brazil and South Africa.

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Bitcoin slump sees trades suspended on certain exchanges

Bitcoin plunged on Friday, extending a fall that saw the crypto-currency lose more than a third of its value from a record of nearly $20,000 (£15,000).

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very interesting

I had a guy in the merchants this morning going on about how he almost got into a fight with some Asian because he said merry christmas.


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Jesus that is one big chin.

oh she's still around

she looks upset on her stream.

The alt-kike is so Americanised tbh, i hate it


What is this?


millenniyule woes schedule

I can't get comfortable in this thread.

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We're busy fuck off

Ty lad

Make a new one then. I'll come and shitpost spicy memmies with you away from the dafties and spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

I'd rather it had stayed dead now you useless cunt.

Remember to never trust a GERMan
Go read the greatest sperging out of our era.

hope not hate lads.

could never get into e-drama. who is this kunt?


we love him, lads

What a handsome lad

a lycanthropic rat man.

GERMan Skeptic™ who went on a crusade against the "alt-right", got debunked, sperged out, then created a secret Bongo Bongo Land channel to dox "alt-right" ecelebs.

A werewolf rat man?

lad who got a vendetta with the alt-right and made a video-series where every single one got completely debunked, and everyone was anticipating the next release just to see it get BTFO. He's also helped shine a light on the hypocrisy and retardation of skeptics.

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so /arelad/ or what?

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A lycanthrope can be of any mammal if I recall correctly.

Like weremouse, werewolf, werebat, maybe even werehuman (a human that turns into a human).

nope it's specific to wolves.


Harkens back to medieval folk lore and an even older greek tale.

Why don't muslims want to integrate into British culture lads?

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No it's specifically wolfism, it's derived from Mount Lykaion in ancient Greek mythology.

accidentally /arelad/ while trying to be /notourlad/. He helped show that you can't argue against us in good faith. At least not on the facts.

No he's a retard.

integration by miscegenation tbh

Right, well I've heard it used for many animals, on multiple occasions tbh, but I never checked the etymology for it. This probably because I got the definition from D&D as a kid.

Yeah I did too and then I looked it up, but tbh I still use it as a vague catch all for someone that changes into an animal. Forgive my autism.

Don't forget about weresharks and sylphs.

Reminder that pine martens are based and must be supported in their effort to thwart the gr*y squirrel menace

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