Brit/pol/ #2033: The Cure To The Grey Plague Edition

I'm more than 'Madame Brexit' - Theresa May

'Iconic' blue British passport to return after Brexit

Boris Johnson says UK wants better relations with Russia

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based hivemind tbh


Because my friends, I know you, I know the British wildlife


we need more female cops

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Good lad, good edition, good pic.

Nice, cheers lad.

Ah right, kek.

I see, it's a continuation of that saga. Of course.

adds to notes and triangulates your position, I'm coming for your rare Mosley's lad

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*betrays you*

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Anti Pine Marten propaganda, nice try kike.

Goode fellow tbh

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Same tbh.

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Thank (You)

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I unironically support niggers over white women when I see them in an altercation now. Poor lad.

Female officers nearly always escalate issues way too fast.

Like the one who mag dumped a 14 year old because he answered the door with a Wiimote in his hand.

Why do people have to eat cereal so fucking loud

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top kek, what a fucking sham. We're the only ones who are more inclined to go along with their shit out of courtesy and respect of the law, put a black mans ego and pride into the mix and it's a whole other matter.

This. A thousand times this.


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for him

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daily reminder that cereal is a quaker psyops against based oatmeal and the guy who invented it promoted circumcision in america

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Late night doog dal I know it's been almost half an hour, sue me


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>>>Zig Forums tbh

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But lad Bowden makes us think, does this mean Bowden is unacceptable? smh I cannot believe it.

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not fair tbh

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How's the reformation in the FBI going? you guys still assassinating people for Hillary?

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Try again sweetie

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Sorry lad, not middle class enough to be able to answer that.

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That memi is so limp wristed though it is stiff upperlipped even I don't find it funny tbqh

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Watching this about the January storm of 1953. Don't seem to get storms like this anymore.

Who here /wartimeBritain/?

From my cold dead hands saves that enoch without asking for permission

I think we've got the mileage out of it now tbh

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give me all your mf (you)s tbh


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tbh. Are we gonna play any games over the hols lad?

I don't have any male-to-female (you)s tbh, check /newbrit/

woops ran over your old boss

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yanks are literally a goblin race

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Going to be super creative next year lads, going to become a millionaire selling dank beats I make in fruity loops or something, just you all wait.

Ah I dunno lad. I should maybe complete the training bit of m&b and then could do something with that. I'm sure I'll pick it up as I go along.

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You have downs?

if you lads played M&B I'd like to join

my CPU is too potato smh

Errrrr join the Bongo Bongo Land

feels. The Anglo Zulu mod is easy to get into imo, it has its own subtleties and systems but, of course, correctly installing it is a shit-test in and of itself

why tbh I think I already joined but don't have the link saved

SA killed it when we killed him tbh

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The budget would also be funded by forced labour from prisoners tbh, I don't like the idea of an estate tax but would happily take the wealth from enemies

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errrrr the Bongo Bongo Land is the source of all evil errrrrrtbh.

Other night was the first time I booted it up tbh, I'll have to have a practice over the weekend. Zulu mod looks pretty fucking noice tbh. Next time might have to try changing the 'defend' options to keyboard as it feels weird doing it with mouse movements.

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That's a point actually, my net is pretty shite.

karl 12 style tbh


My advice would be to get used to the missile mechanics, the blocking/directional melee combat and the trick of running backward constantly; if you are against the AI anyway.
If you don't want to use the Bongo Bongo Land I've got some lads and one has a teamspeak we use tbh

I unironically love downies, used to volunteer with them

Errrrrrrrrrr remember what became of your anti-Bongo Bongo Landians comrades, they were all faggots in the end.

Should do it again tbh

total utter moral collapse, a vacuum; emptyness.

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they scare me a bit but they are good, I was around alot of people who had dementia and they had the best stories

Aaah it's too much pressure. I've must actually try to get into it. Cheers for the advice lad.

what did you do to him? show me on the doll

I've always been a lone wolf, I need not the support of others.

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Out pleb that if you can.

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I am drinking Stella.

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Kicked him from his own Bongo Bongo Land
Nah you had pembs remember

Caused a big row down the pub, my brothers fiancees sister is marrying a wog, was too triggering to not pipe up

Drinking tap water

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keek good boi
how did it go?

wew good lad, I am glad I don't have any sisters

*lights pipe*

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Well played tbh, you win this round

You don't actually believe I was in cahoots or something because others agreed or had their own problems though, right? That was all you just shitposting, right? contacts pembs in the secret gay erp Bongo Bongo Land for backup

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It was pretty funny back then tbh

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What we listening to lads?

Not too bad, I rescued it a bit but was genuinely wobbled by the news, bantered it off with jokes about her being a single mom in no time, all my uncles know the score but I offended my brothers bird so badly kek

Drinking Guinness and listening to Simply Reds greatest hits tbh

fresh spider euro

If anyone is up for some AZW I am on the Uk server with two random autists

Not speaking to you lads again

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