Brit/pol/ #2035: Christmas Edition

UK's Christian heritage stressed in PM's Christmas message

How Trump and the nazis stole Christmas to promote white nationalism

Italy: Migrant climbs Christmas tree to remove its cross

Report: No Shit Sherlock

Army ditches 'Be The Best' slogan and says it's elitist

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Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas.

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Not wasting any valuable posts in the old dying thread tbh

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good lad

that show had a pretty hilarious KANGZ moment

merry Christmas


tbh even these responses to the argument get normies to look into it and start questioning things

Didn't even click on it, that thumbnail says all.

Merry fucking Christmas to all you cunts tbh. Hope you all have a good'n.


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If I ask a girl to go to the gym with me is that a date? Thinking of bullying her by making her do heavy squats tbh



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If she squats too heavy she could shit herself lad

I hope you all have a very merry blessed Christmas.

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He needs a haircut tbh

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it was one of the best so far


Merry Christmas lads. And a toast to an even whiter Christmas next year.

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he's got them eating out of his hand

I don't even get how he has a following. How can bashing SJW get a crowd?


Jewish quadroon blood magic

Merry Christmas lads

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Has anyone here braved it long enough to write up a tl;dr?

Because he's a god. A mystic. The hero that our time needs. He sees things you could never know. He knows things you could never understand. He is equpidded with unsurpassed wisdom fed through the ken of an omnipotent intellect. He knows the way lad…are you bold enough to follow?

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A true Man Against Time

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You sold me on him, lad. going to support him on patreon tbh

Jewish betrayal of Christians during the siege of Constantinople

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Merry Holidays, m'lads.

I think the muzzies are telling porkies tbh.

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I hate bullies lads

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and Happy Holidays from the DPRK

Might cause a bit of a scene tomorrow

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You planning on being naughty lad?

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I actually yawned as I posted this haha

Need the full version of that grinch poo poo pee pee tbh



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good lad, mort is so comfy

what a racist catapult tbh

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Who invented pigs in blankets anyway? Bit OTT tbh.

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Only SA will get this

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Just when you think the skeptics can't get any worse

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Normies go mad for pigs in blankets, I never understood it

phwoar tbh

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Why aren't one of you lads on Mileniyule?

It has to be ironic, s-surely.

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is that nose hair?

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This one is a bit sad

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Keek, that pic was made by somebody on Zig Forums, but he has a legit vore/furry deviantart

He reminds me of martin freeman

Sausage wrapped in bacon. It doesn't get any better than that.

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stop posting tbh

They are good, but not worth the reaction they get tbh

Do you think TTPW is having a nice Christmas?

only if it's snowing in hell

top kek

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So you are admitting you are a Catholic?

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Thatcher’s aide belittles blue passport as a symbol for nostalgic old people

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Anglicans have Midnight Mass too, it is far more tolerable than the Christmas service which attracts the Christmas-Christians and fill up the church.


any good?


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I was at Nativity Mass at six, got home and sorting myself for Midnight one now.

You get like 30g more but it's not really as nice, and Poundland sell real Toblerones so you may as well not bother

Is that the shirt from Max Payne 3?


What a waste of time.

Nobody would ever do this at christmas. And I bet the wanker who written that article is stuffing their face with mince pies and getting leathered right now.

Dramas about women are dismissed as 'lightweight fluff' due to 'patriarchal' attitudes, says Call the Midwife creator
>"m-my show isn't shit, i-it's just the b-b-bigoted audience and s-s-social o-opinion…."

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Smh lad I went to two of those services and they have the same confession of faith as the Catholic church "We believe in one holy catholic and apostolic Church"
Smh tbh

Still not asking for it

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That's the Apostles' Creed lad, and it's the "holy Catholick Church".

gooooooooood lad

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Tastes shit tbh

Granted, they've dressed it up to look as unappealing as possible in the photo, but it still stands how stupidly shite the idea is. These wet farts would have us licking trays of gruel for "the sake of our health" whilst they stuff their faces with pies.

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Saw it earlier and was debating whether or not to buy the bugger but couldn't be arsed tbh

what's this

I suppose so long as you only have a dram or two it's fine.

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You have no moral problems with repeating that every Sunday??
Lad the Roman church is corrupt it teaches false doctrine and pushes people away from God

Outmoded Albion Persons (for the replacement of)

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