Brit/pol/ #2035: Lord Richard Edition

UK's Christian heritage stressed in PM's Christmas message

How Trump and the nazis stole Christmas to promote white nationalism

Italy: Migrant climbs Christmas tree to remove its cross

Report: No Shit Sherlock

Army ditches 'Be The Best' slogan and says it's elitist

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What did he mean by this?

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He's had too many shandys tbh

He's had one San Miguel it's time for bed.

Damn, I fucked up the thread number

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Nobody is more bourgeois than that prick

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druids and death to all traitors tbh

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Need more ethnic vegetables in this patch, tbh.

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well what the fuck is the army meant to be then?

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Fuck off nigger this patch is for local root vegetables

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the greatest gift of all; not being jahans

easy targets for jihadis

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*comes ashore*

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Is Ainsley allowed?

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i thought the speech sounded forced tbh

yes lad Ainsley is Celto-Brythonic

keek so cute

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Buy that stock image lad, it's christmas.

it's too expensive. Especially if I want to post it smh

Buy the cheap one, but then post it. Nobody has to know but us, lad.

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Daily reminder:

If you can't blow thots out like are Lord Richard, then you're doing it wrong.

I don't like these programs. They're just dragging out spergies so normals can gawk and laugh at them. At least pick on idiots like Gordo who go looking for trouble.

Thots feed on attention, negative or otherwise, it doesn't matter. The only way to defeat the thot is to pretend it doesn't exist

tbqh it's hillarious
Richard isn't so funny because he's not so much a spazz, but a dickhead, but some of them are funny because they're mongs.

Retards are just retards. They don't deserve to be bullied for that. It's not like they're communists or something.


Richard isn't a dickhead he just seems like a funny lad kek.

This is a pro-bullying board lad

What did you get for Christmas?

Merry Christmas lads, all the best.

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looks like our senior officers are a bunch of faggots

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I just think you should bully people who deserve it.

Recommend me some real-history warband mods other than 1257 and 1429 please tbh lads

Yeah, I think the premise of the show is bad tbh. At least make it sound like they have a chance

I like this lad

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Deep down Richard knows his attitude is wrong which is what makes him funny and just ends up making an arse of himself. The others are just unlucky but seem like decent folk.

bullying is simply the perceived strong asserting their perceived natural right over the perceived weak.

If one fights back, the bully soon learns that it is not the case.

Here lad, love this one. I shortened the URL cause it was fuckhuge from moddb without it. Merry Christmas!

tinyurl (dot) com/ycg2cz47

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suvurnabhumi mahayuth
bnl 60 years of war
sands of faith
brytenwalda repolished
indepencia chile

w-what if you fight back physically but they still bully you verbally

Unless they beat the shit out of the weak guy who tries to throw a punch back.

then they are PR cucking

I think the suggestion is if you fight back and lose you accept your place in the pecking order.

then you laugh as verbal bullying isn't real.

perception is reality only if you let it be.

I can't, it's just obvious on the way I react that it affects me smh

Then you are weak, lad.

you have to make them hurt before you lose

I guess I have accepted that. It hurts

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Yeah, fairs.

*Enforces the perception into reality over the weak who try to fight back*

You should carry a knife lad. No one bullies you when you're handy with a blade

Cheers lads

he was a pagan you nincompoop

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no he was a pagan from a protestant home who larped as a catholic to get into a papist school

t. Dumb slav

It's not historical but there's also a Warband version of The Eagle and the Radiant Cross now
nostalgic tbh

catholics will never understand the odal king

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Oh it's even worse


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what is lando doing there?

mediating syntheis

on reflection gordo should've occupied the centrepiece but what is carved in iron is undone only by death

I have this big serrated knife. They won't be laughing as I saw their heads off I guess

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That's good lad careful you don't drop it with those stumpy little fingers though.

You've got very soft hands, lad

good lad

maybe he's a lass


He needs to come back into politics otherwise he is a turncoat.


carve a 22 into their backs lad

smh I have tiny fingers no bullies



Does anyone on Zig Forums have normal hands?

at least my wrists are normal


Mine are really hairy.

Mods btfo

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For God's sake.

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if your ring fingers are longer than your index fingers you have more testosterone

I work with metal, so no I don't. They're all fucked


cool you probably have those big bear hands. Jealous of my dad who's done manual labour all his life tbh

Can't let people enjoy their holiday


Dude. Did you know…
Listen dude. Did you know, like…
*lights bong
Dude just listen up…
*watches an episode of Rick and Morty
*shouts abuse at a passing Vicar
Did you know that not everyone like celebrates Christmas and stuff anyway?
Fucking Bigots.

Which nation is Christian? No, subhumans don't count.

"I'm not a fucking retard, everyone else is for not accepting my retarded comments"

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Weird that got 230K likes

The one you are in right now lad.

I wish

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Did you see Neil Degrass?
He totally scorched those Fundies, man.

The fedora'ing has been rather shite this year

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