Brit/pol/ #2036: Leftovers Edition

Archbishop of Canterbury decries deceitfulness of populist leaders

Lewis Hamilton apologises for 'boys don't wear dresses' remark

Angry saboteurs clash with Boxing Day hunters on the bloodsport's biggest day

Police investigate claims of fox being killed during Boxing Day hunt

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Good lad.

First for 56%

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merry and that lads

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link the site already lad

Good edition lad.


Good edition and good lad

I use a smaller old shitty tv tbh, gets me nostalgic when I play it

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Because they're goblins lad

they're 56% instead of 90% smh

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wow diversity makes everything shit what did we not know

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Do you have the bit where the rednecks work out he is a jew

ta lad

top lel, I would love it if they calmly explained the fact his Jewish admixture predisposes him to his condition

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How is this article on the BBC, it just shows how shit diversity is in every way.

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God put them there for that purpose

reminder daftyism will win

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*sips beer*

One of the first redpills of my life was being told at 4 or 5 why the church had to lock its doors, and that they are often targeted for robbing the lead roofing. Children question more than people realise tbh

Daft traditionalism?

have you met adam wallace


I wonder if the beeb has finally picked up on how the wind is blowing and is deciding to rebrand s l o w l y to aboid being made irrelevant

you should tell him to stop mucking about and get knocking on doors

Thanks lads.

Christmas was yesterday lad, why are they unwrapping presents?

He's becoming a monk

He's got beefy

Tbf I'd spare the beeb if it converted to the cause tbh

Which order?

think the shire is the ideal society, except a bit more militaristic and with more urban centres and technological advancement tbh, have to keep advanced to fight other nations off

don't like how they self hate to try and fit in with us sometimes

we should rename it tbh the reputation of the beeb is too tainted, or is that a rash idea?

the beeb will never convert

That was a difficult read really, why is the world so shit.
What was it all for, we lost everything

No idea

HMBC tbh

Kind of a shame I guess idk

we'll convert them into dry calcium phosphates the fuckers

literally everything in that article used to be better its laughable

this tbh

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Indeed lad, as is often the case half the frustration about what's happening is just how easily we could defeat it if the will was there in the right places, and like you say peoples disinterest/ignorance about what's going on that allows it to fester.

Even in that article there's a glimmer of hope that they might be catching on though.

At least some still have shame and are recognising the poz is spreading.
sorry late reply, fucked off for a bit

Good lad, will change the number in a mo since we had 2 #2035's

fuck off townie

populations should only be concentrated for specific purposes such as military training
anything above a village produces cancer

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Because Boxing Day is today?

There's no mercy for them, they are responsible for at least half the shit we are dealing with.

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there were some pretty god tier cities in the victorian era
here is leeds town hall 1854, when we had a sense of civic pride cities were our pride

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this tbh
self sufficiency should be high priority, but failing that a village with all needs[blacksmith,tailor] should be in a 5-10mile radius

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fuck off you fucking queer

that pollution tho

I cannot believe the is no "sex" option in voting

Be pragmatic lad, the beeb is a very effective ideological weapon tbh. I'd execute everyone there and install good lads but I'd leave the machinery intact tbh.

Here is Leeds Church, the other day.

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i think cats try to turn us gay because they are pissed at haviing spiky penises tbh

Oh I agree with you there lad, but if they had every single member come out begging for mercy and asking forgiveness, we should only give them the latter. Examples must be made, justice must be served, and the necks of twats must be strung up for all to see.

this tbh, anyone who doesn't support this is a fucking faggot

You have to give women voting rights in the women's rights bit lad

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it would be a good city after a neutron bomb or two

Would anyone even miss the Cities? They produce nothing and are hives for merchants and other non-productive services and white-collar work.

So would every city, you need to clean out the filth that has developed and they'd all be cracking.

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Rate my OC lads

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Almost 20,000 badgers killed in this year's cull

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They keep the crap from seeping into the countryside.

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Very nice lad, saved.

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cats have spike pengis for more efficient raping
lady cats can get pregnant even if they're already pregnant

they are little african immigrant breeding machines that kill off are wildlife

there are literally no good cities
everything a city does can be decentralized and distributed


I keep my dogs and ferrets/10

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they used to lad, now they envelope the countryside as greenbelt land gets marked for new housing estates.

until they expand

And then you'd have migration into the remaining lovely areas, well done.

That doesn't even make sense you fucking snow nigger

Which is why the green belt needs to be be encouraged.

it literally can't though, cities developed for a reason, you need a critical mass of pop density for certain services, stop fucking larping, we'd have to bulldoze our entire countryside to fit everyone into a comfy village level density

There wouldn't be migration you mong

t. cat owner

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Naah cats are just cunts tbh, a dog you can tell when it's about to snap, a cat will do it for the sake of being a cat.

uh yes it would

The urban population is responsible for all of mankind's ills. From pollution to the fall of rome to usury.

really makes you think

after we are done with the xenos we will gas the urbanites

living in a city has turned you into a queer
you have no authority on the subject

even after expelling all the wogs you're assuming the city people wouldn't be ousted and left to fend for themselves

most would die before being able to walk to the nearest village

what services that aren't cancer need to be centralized? none.

the next purge tbh

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when you give it a real good think the cats dont turn Man gay men are turning cats gay by neutering them

the gay disease is what happens when you replace the cat willy with a gaping hole that leaks the remains of the gay potion everywhere. We've got to close this down tbh.


Then how would trade work, ships come in from countries outside bringing goods, said countries send representatives and their own people to work along the shipping routes and be restricted to those, you may as well keep cities for that purpose rather than having it spread across the entire country. It's the difference between there being a pile of shit on the floor and smearing it across the entirety.

Lad they remove the balls not the cat benis

try as you might, I know plenty of LOCAL areas that have been demarked from the greenbelt for a nice fat Persimmon estate to be erected with 300-400k houses in its place

and not a single person killed by badgers, yet people here don't think I can do it. keek

At least we know we're 100%, r-right

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Lad I don't think that's how it works

coastal villages and ports
gated designated foreigner collection pens like that medieval japanese island

If you change the number, the image will be wrong. Here is a new image if you change it.

Presents are for Christmas Day, Boxing Day is for servants to take leftovers home to their families.

Badgers can be culled to protect cattle from bTB even though it has be shown to be inefficient, yet no serious efforts have been made to cull invasive species that actually spread harmful diseases.

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I know lad and it's fucking awful, which is why it needs to be promoted more.

Incorrect. They brew a potion which disintegrates the willy like a firework. They buy them from the druids.

How did trade work before the industrial revolution?
Trade ports had a couple thousand people at the most

There's no reason to not keep country-wide management in a single area tbf

tbf, badgers have been known to spread Bovine TB which also affects humans, so they can kill by proxy.

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