Brit/pol/ #2038: Christmas is over, Aryandied hath begun edition

The guidebook that led me to a lost corner of England

Shoplifters taking under £200 worth of goods 'not pursued

Lewis Hamilton apologises for 'boys don't wear dresses' remark

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Smh everyone is posting in the wrong thread

We barely knew her

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Should of just changed it back
Smh you forced my hand(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



My thread gone like tears in rain

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You pathetic fat fuck.

kek lad

Are we on 2037 or 2038? Somebody please, do it right.

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Lad stop ban evading smh

Still not long enough.

* hops on VPN *
You can't keep a good shitposter down tbh(USER WAS ASKING FOR IT THE LITTLE SLUT)

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The subtext of Lewis Hamilton's 'boys don't wear dresses' comments
I can't stand this shit lads, it's pushed as 100% normal and any questioning then you're a vile horrible cunt

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The ban ran out.

Did he delete the fucking thread or something?

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Did it now

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We don't wear dresses because they're cut for the female form. We tend not to wear skirts, robes, or flowing clothes any more, for the same reason we cut our hair short. It's a hassle in a work environment or on the battlefield.

I'm on the same IP so it must be that Zig Forums thing where everything resets and the permabans go away tbh.(That is fucking convenient isn't it)

Yeah, I could smell it coming tbh.


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Thoughts on Bowie's acting?

Quite a talent tbh. Shame there's no tapes of his compleye performance in The Elephant Man.

Disgusting. Weak faggot men and ugly women moaning again, how surprising. But they get thousands of ‘likes’ so obviously millions of people feel the same way. Lewis Hamilton is a baby faced little bitch anyway, so no surprise he cucked, but it was pointless, does he think trannies and women follow F1?

the only convincing musician/actor tbh

Bowie is a racemixing, transvestite, degenerate, weak chinned little cunt. He’s burning in hell.

How do we bring the word 'niggardly' back into common usage, lads? I think it could desensitize people to racism by virtue of its closeness to nigger even though it has zero racial connotations.

When will this madness ever end?

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I just watched that Louis Theroux documentary about Tom Metzger.
He's embodiment of every Reddit thread ever.


Has anyone got that pic of Paw Patrol where they've been photoshopped to be with Nazi/Fascist hats?


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Sorry, I must have the wrong board.

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I liked shiny things like glitter and sequins and my liberal mummy liked to ascribe that to some feminine element of my character. Little did she know it was just an expression of my quintessentially ANGLO appreciation of beauty.

this generation is fucked

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Smh Lad faggots aren't welcome on this board

So what are you waiting for?

tfw not a mod so I can't perma you

He's after easy (You's). Well he's not getting any more from me.

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This is true. Now stop shouting, you flamboyant gay boy.

I'm nipping to LIDL. Anyone want anything?



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Fucking mods banning me because I have the wrong flag

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westie should go on XFactor with his sob story, i hear they are good singers, pls being a crossdresser/dragqueen would shore brownie points with the judges

What happened? I was taking a poo so I missed what happened

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PErson who made the thread deleted his own thread.

I was referring to the crossdressing drama just now

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Errrr no you aren't me, you're the shitposter.

I have no sob story and I'm not a crossdresser or drag queen, also I'm not posting here anymore since I just get banned, this is my final post.

Good fuck off

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Oh how fun

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Yes but they confuse me for another shitposter so the Ban was not justified

detet all flags tbh

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You forgot red_ed smh

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I thnk newbrit and Bongo Bongo Land are competing with eachother to see who s the gayest

Smh you shouldn't throw stones in a glass house
Zig Forums is the board with a gay mod.

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yeah mercia is a bit of a faggot tbf


A mod is just a fag you haven't bummed yet.

Do they realise they aren't black?

Bongo Bongo Land faggots making threads to delete them and circle jerk shitposting as oppressed posters. I'm going for a walk, I hope they all die by the time I get back.

He's not that bad in person tbh he's a good lad.


The Bongo Bongo Land doesn't even exist anymore, the manufactured drama which got SA demodded ended it.

based shias tbh

aww trump loves his little baby daughter

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You can't blame him, lad.
He's mentally ill.

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I wonder what she thinks of your browsing history?

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Happening in St Petersburg

What did you listen to when you were 15?

Theresa May faces calls to withdraw Tory whip from Lord Heseltine over 'disloyal' Brexit comments

Military chiefs order troops to use gender-neutral language at training base to avoid upsetting women and trans groups

Multiculturalism has failed say Bradford residents

Albanian criminals who pretended to be Kosovan refugees win Supreme Court fight to avoid being deported – leaving taxpayers with £1million bill


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we need to spam harris menes, lads

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Same here lad, I still like its dark gritty feel tbh.

I asked the mod politely not to edit my post but he continue to do it. Smh you mods think you can overstep your bounds with no repercussions
For example my picture what rule was that post braking? You don't even bother trying to justify it with a ban reason

Yes that Bongo Bongo Land is dead

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Based sperg metal.

Please cry more it makes me hard

You left me no choice but to delete it


When did we hit 6%? They kept that quiet and what is the real figure?

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The study is from 2016 it's probably worse now

100%, tbh.

I recall hearing somewhere that over 10% Islam is the point at which shit really hits the fan


France is notoriously hard to get figures for because it isn't on the census. I reckon they are at 10% already

It's at 6.6 percent and there's attacks every other week

Wouldn't surprise me if we're 10%+ at this point.

10-15% is when the insurgent cells start

islam gets a +5 bonus to imported AKs when we hit 12%

I can't express it clearly written down but the path to civil war is clear in my mind. The escalation continues until it is just open confrontation and war in the streets. Think back to how the SAS where used in the london bridge attack, when it was unclear if there were active shooters or not, and you see what I mean. The escalation in violence and attacks continues from firstly police, then armed police, then special forces then a state of open conflict.