Brit/pol/ #2039: Brit/pol/ would be perfect on Nintendo Switch Edition

The guidebook that led me to a lost corner of England

Shoplifters taking under £200 worth of goods 'not pursued

Lewis Hamilton apologises for 'boys don't wear dresses' remark

Labour Support under thread over Brexit

Polls suggest that Labour supporters could abandon the party if it continues to support Brexit.

Unknown how much the F35 will now cost for Blighty

How much will an F35 cost for the UK? Week old article but seems topicle for the defence budget.

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Good lad

The police not doing there job seems to have become the standard in this country. At least in slavland where the police also don't do their job they aren't namby pambies.

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I got burnt by the weewew and I haven't learned.

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For anyone who cares

Good lad, let the shekels flow from you.

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I still got a load of jap megadrive and snes games which i'll flog this year.
I do play some old stuff mainly like Quake 3, Thievery UT every now and then.

This is the end for smee, lads

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Do you frequently have sex with girls, lads?

Used to go to the computer lab everyday at lunch to LAN party that on shit old PCs back in like 2002.

I remember we had it on the old emacs my school got for some reason. Learnt FPS for the first time there.

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I was the cunt who used to spam the corridoors with the ripper.

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held hands with a girl once 15 years ago tbh

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Hasn't been a game released in the last few years that has really held my attention or kept me coming back to it. New games just seem to be disappointment buffets riddled with bugs requiring consistent updates from the developer for months after release.

No, my wife's not into that sort of thing.

Are you still allowed to post here?

I've experienced all the overwatch porn I can handle thanks

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Been celebate since August this year.

A heard a female tell her friend a sex story on the bus last month, it would have been better if they weren't at opposite ends of the bus shouting at each other.

Well I seem to have hit it off with a cute girl, give it a year or two and I'll be seriously considering buying a ring for her….

Lad… you're going to need to sort a few things out with yourself if you want to progress beyond handholding…

Wew lad. Studio FOW doesn't even do OW porn…

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some cuck
>yeah you can put SOME differences that are down to genetic but how can you group everyone like that?


Dem bouncing blade decapitations

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2d "girls" don't count

I don't even pay attention to videogames any more, outside of the occasional visit to /v/. I don't have any expectations that a well-funded company will produce anything I want to play. I did like Spacechem though. La-Mulana if you've got the autism for it.

Upside of being full normie now is socialising with girls offline.

Mario Kart is a good party game, and I'm enjoying the new Zelda.

this is getting good actually lads, some cuck is getting BTFO'd

That's gotta be a new level of immoral. she is cute though


this cucks whole argument is that race realism isn't being argued properly by people on twitter

hes not disputing race realism jej

Probably got too much soy in his system.

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Posted in the old thread

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Who is this waifu?

One of the problems I've found is the early access games, defenders of this system point to the five games that were finished. It's worse than buying a pre-order as you pay for a game that may never be finished with no chance of getting your money back.

Literally just racemixing propaganda

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Girlfriend, if the relationship lasts I'll look to make it Fully Moral. Feels a bit weird, I was practically a NEET life even when at Uni 2 years ago and a regular on Brit/pol/, now life's turned around.

Mariana, Splatoon 2.

When will we be free of the Taig's oppressive yoke?

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based civic nationalism

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Always have back-ups, lad.


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nobody cares

What is this e-celeb shit?

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On what?

manlet got so triggered keek

It's actually an decent listen. They're doing the whole "what does white really mean" bit right now.

the cuck quoted

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shes getting btfo lol

Not surprising considering she's a fucking retard.

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She's such an embarrassment. I wish they didn't argue about nationalism in America though. They are talking about ethnostates, so why not Europe?

the quality of discourse dropped as soon as she came on, but at least shes getting REKT

can't be bothered watching these things
everyone is fucking retarded and can't debate for shit, all their information on both sides are mostly wrong
maybe I should be a youtuber and btfo everyone else because I'm so smart

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get her off ahhh

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*doxxes you after your first stream and exposes your jewess fetish*

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*makes a rebuttal and causes you to delete all your videos*

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fuck off nobody cares
we dont hate niggers cos they are stupid, we hate them cos theyre niggers

t. 175IQ

I'm the Factual Frog™

Atheist, pro-western ideas, centrist classical liberal, anti-alt-right and anti-alt-left

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She's actually painful to listen to

Who /smashingthatlikebutton/ here?

would subscribe.

yeah, and the silence where she thinks too

Into the filter you go

*uploads all your deleted videos*

What have you got me watching?

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she cant hold an argument at all

she's a woman

Tara is ruining it. It's supposed to be Destiny vs JF

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Tara seems low IQ

yeah like i said here
it was good iuntil she was invited on - deffo a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

She's fucking terrible.
who is Destiny?


the most cucked one

A gamer youtuber who also debates people and likes to bulldoze them with his autism and high verbal IQ. The kind of people like Tara are exactly the kind of people he likes to tear apart.


Okay, thank you.

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Oh yeah, Steven Bonnell

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Holy shit is that real? Is that his real face?

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tbh around 30% of white southern families owned slaves
the 1% memi pisses me off tbh

Tell ya what love, why not practice what you preach, come back to the UK and let me have a go on ya

aphex twin got a haircut?

keek, that's an edit

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People like to make fun of his height

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tfw 5'6


Lad the slave trade was stigmatised and it was largely started by jews. Also if one plantation start's using slave's you will be at a massive financial disadvantage so you are almost forced to adopt the same business model

top kek


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isn't 30% of the south 1% of the total pop tho?

I suppose the profile bio is bad enough by itself.

smh, who would be so callous as to make fun of someones height.

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It was complete shite. I had to go and I will never get that time back.


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