Brit/pol/ #2040: Triggering Leftard Snowflakes Epic Style Edition

UK weather: Snow warnings as temperatures plummet

Brexit: SNP calls on Labour to keep UK in single market

Facebook and Twitter threatened with sanctions in UK 'fake news' inquiry

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Good lad.

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Something tells me I won't be able to get a job with the NHS.

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That explains why most British people are racist and homophobic tbh

You mean, like all that true news coming out of Syria?

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Easily solved.

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I would but I am saving mine for new years eve tbh

nth for not all gingers

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Good lad

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Thanks lad

SA should've been quicker on the draw smh

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Good lad

Saw the new Star Wars earlier, was pretty bad.

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or maybe people are just a bit more honest when they're pissed

is it possible to brew alcohol from onions?


yeah but it'd probably be pisspoor and weak

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but the gains tho

Thanks lad smh is the milk scene as bad as it looks?

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Yes, anything with a sugar content can be fermented.

Fermenting onions would kill almost all of the gains, and then all you'd be left with is a shit beer.

Dirty plebs

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Looks tasty. Did you see the (you)s I gave you for your work lad?

kek it's daft but not that bad

it's worth seeing if you like star wars, these things are always best viewed in the cinema if ever

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watched it, hadn't seen rogue. I thought this is like a parody of star wars, 'new order'.


Bacardi & coke tbh

Rouge One was just Lars von Trier's Melancholia set in the Star Wars universe.

It would have a point if it was not for the fact that they did have a moderate monarchy which was overthrown because it wasn't centrist enough

just spent time with a lad i know who has had a little boy

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Yeah tbh thanks lad, here's a newer version in case (You) missed it, I only changed one part in the top right though

Fair enough tbh, I've seen every other one with a mate of mine but even he wasn't excited for the new one after TFA just turned out to be a rehash of the first one

I hated Rogue One tbh, the villain was a complete non-entity and the forced comic relief from the black robot was pretty annoying plus they ripped off the main character's name and Vader's lava castle from Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, both of which would probably make much better movies

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Every match I get on dating sites are either too old, have kids, swarthy or divorcees.


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I think those are the sort of women that use online dating.

or morbidly obese. don't know what it is about the fatties but they are the only ones that are ever interested in me.

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Bit of an expert on women who use dating sites here. Unless the girl is working in Saudi Arabia, there's something possibly off about her.


you act shocked.

The ones I have spoke to who tick my boxes are looking for lads younger than me.

This too

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what age is that?


Yeah tbh, the castle itself looks different from how it did in Jedi Academy but it's still got the huge spire and the environment around it is pretty much exactly the same, only the rocks are black instead of clay brown and there's no acidic rain

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I'm not tbh. But like life itself, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff and occasionally you will get lucky.

I swear I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to never get into star wars.

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but my point is there is plenty more chaff on a dating site than in real life tbh.

The "real" women don't need the artificial boost of a direct platform for their wares tbh

not bad

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I hate living in this city the choice is jf or slag.

red flag, lad

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I see your point but I have been in and out of long term relationship's since the mid 90's before the liberal cancer poz embedded itself in today's women. The only thing I had to avoid back then was gold diggers.
I've met women at work, gigs, out shopping, bars, etc and you find some really nice birds but I have also came across some utter cack at the same time.

3D = PD tbqh

its the first and last red pill tbh


No shit, he's an admitted sex tourist

This is true.

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Only until androids or genetically engineered slaves, ofc.

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Odds on you lot being virgins

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Is 28 too old?


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No tbh

Do you have a traditional wife lad?

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I remember when teenage pregnancies were big news and any woman under 20 had a kid was having the piss taken out of her.
Nowadays that doesn't seem like a bad idea.


You won't get to them before state education does lad.

I had a really good opportunity many years ago.
I met this one girl at college who was 19 while I was doing my welding course.
She was doing the same course and was well into me. The thing that put me off her was that she had the IQ of a dishcloth and seemed emotionally unstable (mood swings).
Looking back I should've cut my losses and built my empire out of her womb.

was there a spark between the two of you?

better off you didn't, you do know intelligence is largely genetic?

Only on her side tbqh she was doing it as part of her sculpturing/art career thingy iirc.

Didn't know back then, glad I know about it now though.

she has like 3 kids now

My wife left me to rot in prison.

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Don't look at my post count

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tbh now that I have a job lasses will be lining up for me and I'll be able to pick and choose

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clearly never raised by a single mum tbh

:), can't wait for the anecdotes.

tbh I've given up looking for a job

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Idle hands are the devil's toys tbh lad

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I want to work for my self tbh, but only what is necessary for survival

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Destiny would like your friend

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everything is so grim just fucking destroy it all please

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Probably has fucked a lad before lad.

It was literally because of him that I brought them up, he's a fan of Destiny, pretty much bases his political views on entirely what he says

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How did you end up being friends with a homo, lad?


what even is the goal?

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daily reminder that all homos are deviants and perverts