Brit/pol/ #2041: Squirrel Edition

Deadly virus could 'wipe out' Anglesey's red squirrel

Alcohol makes people more racist and homophobic by acting as an 'igniter' to prejudice

Democracy in Europe threatened by surge of ‘populism,’ Tony Blair’s think tank warns

Queen's fury at Margaret Thatcher for 'damaging the Commonwealth' revealed in declassified documents

New Year's Eve party in Berlin to have 'safe zone' for women

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First for reds


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First for no smoothchins

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I want the civil war

Thanks, lad


dafties out

I was once at a performance at a venue and the toilets were so packed with a queue even in the bathroom itself, full urinals and the cubicle being used like a urinal too. Pretty much being watched by 6 men as you piss while they wait for a free urinal. One lad couldn't hack it, got pissed off, walked away from the urinal and out with his head held in shame

Best technique is closing your eyes and relaxing tbh

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Populism aka "democracy"

Populism just means dissent against Globalism

A moment of silence if you please lads

'Democracy' is a meaningless buzzword these days lad. Remember that vote on a legal challenge to Brexit by Parliament? Headlines were praising it as a 'good day for democracy'.

*Laughs loudly*

Time for Anglesey to pull a Madagascar

it's for the best really and it means no wogs of animal or human type

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Good lad

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Yeah right lad, we all know why you would really be standing next to a urinal after you've pissed.

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Lads, why aren't you out learning Game?

Lad this isn't going to go well for you

Shit I walked into that one.

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burgers get out

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doesn't apply to you old man ;)


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give me the quick rundown

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Boy ran away from care home to get back to his biological family, police negro patrol have to deploy officers to capture him. Normies reeing in the comments on normiebook

Cheeky sod.
I'm in the prime of my life lad.

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Would have been late to get back from the interval tbh

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you can almost see the cops trying to swallow the red pill

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*Writes 'SA is into sexual watersports' into the official Lorebook of Zig Forums*

he must lurk, which is surprising seeing as he is a BASED TORY

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Is 4Brit/pol/ doing squirrelposts?


"Democracy" when they like it, "populism" when they don't.

"Democracy" is only considered good when it supports the agenda of Globalists


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do it

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If it was whitey having this done to them no one would care. Stupid fucking wog should have told her little woglet to go with them

I remember the episode of Louis Theroux about autism, and how basically all of the quacks misdiagnosing normal, healthy (but introverted/independent) boys were jews. I assume the same was true of the tranny child episode, but I can't really remember. They are literally incorrigibly evil and perverse.

who knows lad, it was bad enough seeing that trannyposting on there

Never understood why they use the term "populism". Most of the common man vote against their own interests in terms of immigration and Communism is literally populism.


This and more. For some bizarre reason they take populism further because when their glorious leader passes away they always have open caskets for the comrades to reminisce over.


Just checked, the first posts on the thread are about squirrels, so MB probably picked up on it form there.
The rest of the posts on there are a mess though

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in an alternate universe Boris Johnson, is competing in the Olympics and cheating in every game he competes in like Emperor Nero.

To try and discredit it in anyway they can, I wouldn't be surprised if they thought it discredited their opponents as merely reactionaries. Reactionaries to them no doubt, though through branding the opposition as something negative the hope is that people will not associate with it. The phrases mostly used seem to be:

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Modding was a mistake.


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Seriously considering losing my beard because of them too.

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If that person was pregnant the breasts would have enlarged to produce milk

lmao faget

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Dont fall for it lad it's smoothchin propaganda those lads would still look like baby faced pussies if they shaved

Which just shows that they're not actually women, no matter how much freakish surgery they go through


Is he /ourcomedian/?

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Based chewing gum as well

smh are you even local


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U wot


I'm going to the gym with a nice lass from work in the new year. She doesn't go much and only ever does cardio and memi exercises when she does. Should I bully her and get her doing heavy squats and deadlifts?


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Not really tbh
We're criticising that generation, not necessarily individuals in it.
By hating boomers it allows us to pull apart all the shitty systems they put in place without sentiment.
Worst generation ever.

Based blind man

Yes you should, you should also bully her into continuing her routine AFTER the first two weeks of January so she doesn't end up like every NYRer


You need to criticise individuals in that generation and yourselves to not putting or even trying to put an end to out of control governments and corporations
It's easy to pass the buck, bucko

no lad, women weightlifters are disgusting tbh.

There must be an better way to reconcile with the Jews than going after the guy who counted money

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What's the point

the vengeance of hebrews knows no bounds

Hence Christ

Yeah nah sorry mate you're wrong. Yes, we need to work to fix it, but they were happy to pull the ladder up after themselves and fuck up everything as long as they were fine. They knew but didn't care.



Surprised they didn't make his children carry out the rest of his sentence after he dies.

bully her flange

Did he burn jewish books then?

Lads, when's the last time you didn't want lots of people to die?

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no, he kept them

Think I was just born like it

I honestly can't remember.


Dog And Duck Are Inseparable Best Friends

that's what will happen to us in our dotage for posting on a verboten website

have you recently discovered Stewart Lee?

From the sidebar

kill it with fire

Stewart Lee - These days, if you say you're English …

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do you have that pic of a monkey with a caption that says: "primates make this face when they are scared or unconformable" ?