Brit/pol/ #2042: Blackface and No Happenings Edition

Deadly virus could 'wipe out' Anglesey's red squirrel

Alcohol makes people more racist and homophobic by acting as an 'igniter' to prejudice

Democracy in Europe threatened by surge of ‘populism,’ Tony Blair’s think tank warns

Queen's fury at Margaret Thatcher for 'damaging the Commonwealth' revealed in declassified documents

New Year's Eve party in Berlin to have 'safe zone' for women

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First for Druids.

Good lad, shit edition tbqh :^)

first for perfection

First for 80s slags

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Good lad

cant be bothered waiting any longer
lets all do something together


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we're watching akira

merry christmas and that so


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sure lad, what do you suggest?

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Oh you know, poisoning a couple of reservoirs

what is the point of watching this?

this was my favorite movie about a roastie getting made into a waifu

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and good lad

Remember how well the Ghostbusters remake turned out? The only good thing is that these are financially viable for them to make a lot of as no-one anywhere wants them.

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The Anglo-Nepalese War (Nepali: नेपाल-अङ्ग्रेज युद्ध) (1814–16), also known as the Gurkha War, was fought between the Kingdom of Gorkha (present-day Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal) and the East India Company as a result of border disputes and ambitious expansionism of both the belligerent parties. The war ended with the signing of the Treaty of Sugauli in 1816, which ceded around a third of Nepal's territory to the British.

The Company was the invading forces, while the Nepalese maintained a defensive position. The British attacked in two successive waves of invasion. It was the most expensive war waged during the governorship of Lord Moira.
aa i love being anglo

UK stock markets close at a record high

Storm Dylan set to disrupt UK new year celebrations

First-ever shipment of Russian gas unlikely to remain in UK for long

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He's an incredibly shit failed lolcow

Two men in court accused of UK terror plot

kek its in yorkshire as well why are they always from sheffield

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Is this real? It looks like something some lads created in photoshop.

You're a faggot.

Thanks lad smhhhhhhhh

*thanks you*

Suicide pact tbh

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New video, tried to appropriate the speech from This is England

It is real

Your choices in Sheffield are listen to The Human League or become a terrorist .

this looks BASED



don't you complain about not having a gf and being bitter all the time and how you hate women, also didn't you add me on Bongo Bongo Land and send me anime stutters?

human league are well good

he has a jewess fetish too, you missed that one

Why are the two of you so tsundere for one another

t. gayist

It empowers women by having a group of them steal jewellery from a different woman.

spent six hours watching other people play videogames

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i think its a competition to see who gets the most hate from other posters, somehow validating the other one

This is how autists court one another

kys tbh lad smh

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Not only are you a fag but you're a liar as well
I actually hate you and the world would be better with you dead

hes the one who sent me queer shit and stupid things, he actually has autism

so do I - you don't?

I meant the super weird kind

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Very nice lad

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watched my older brothers play when I was small
now I do this
who /inducedSchizoid/ here?

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That is good to be ddddrrreeeaaadddfffuuulll

These shows are written by retards, anyone got the clip from the Flash show where they had them say "hashtag feminism"

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…and you don't? much worse lad, much much worse

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maybe you're subliminally re-living those days by watching let's plays?

that was a joke my boy I'm getting very angry at you for tarnishing my reputation

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Cheers lad

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Watching someone play games in person when you can't play together is different to purposefully watching someone you don't know play through the Internet.

She was a babe tbf

Her too

Do they still make sjw comics?

The original waifu tbh

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you tarnish your own tbf

Thought she was better in Dune tbh

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Lad that's ALL they make,

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Good stuff as usual lad.

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Dune was better that Blade Runner

Women ruin everything

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I think this was supposed to be a full blown remake too. I guess it was too late to back out by the time Ghostbusters bombed, so they changed the name and hoped they could pass it off as a spinoff or something.

how can we solve the problem of the eternal woman

Nah Matt Damon is in it for a bit apparently to "pass the torch"


Sex robots to be brutally honest

The great purge brother


But there is something Elizabethan in Lynch's version of Irulan

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Second pic

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Did I miss anything?

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smh Paul should have just smashed her and babied her up, would have solved so many problems.
t. Someone near the end of Dune Messiah

Atreides banter.

Spice fever


Women are great tbh, but they are very hateable.

Irulan got woman cucked pretty bad. I feel for her, honestly.

Chani would have understood, he should have banged Hera too. Why not.
hwhat a hwaste.

Yeah but you dont want to see her shagging Dale Cooper

They just aren't very creative.
They take what men do and change ruin them.
And they can't innovate.
A woman can do whatever a man can as long as a man works out how to do it first

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You find the other half of oneself lad.

tbh, though I guess that would mean giving the bene gesserit the genes to create a new kwisats hadarach and possibly lock humankind into a set future and ultimately lead to it's extinction, or something.


Is this you telling me to find her

You missed out

yes lad, all else is spiritual desolation tbh.

The funny thing is the few actually talented women get ignored because they aren't rabid feminists trying to subvert shit and smash the patriarchy.

this is a mene lad

Glad I didn't waste my time watching them.

girls who browse Zig Forums aren't that bad

Fuck off westie, you're not a girl, you just have (((dysphoria))).


Mentallers out tbh

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He already posted it you (you) stealer.

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Women need to be lead by men. This mess we're in is one giant shit test that we're failing horribly.


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Only just that second got that notification from YT when I posted it. God knows why I didn't get it before.