Brit/pol/ #2048: ARE YEAR Edition

UK 'faces build-up of plastic waste'
The UK's recycling industry says it doesn't know how to cope with a Chinese ban on imports of plastic waste.

Four young men killed in London new year stabbings
Men aged 17 to 20 die after separate knife attacks in 15-hour period in locations around capital

Fiddling the Figures: UK Govt to Remove Students from Immigration Data
Prime Minister Theresa May is set to cave to pressure from left-wingers in her own party and cabinet in their bid to fudge UK immigration figures.

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Good lad.

For the lad wanting to see THICC curry

nth for 2018 will be the year we all find true love

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pls no

tbh dutch lass elizabeth is the only non-thotish lass tbh

I'm hoping for it lad. I'm going to join a book club IRL and try to meet people on the internet with like minded hobbies. Not taking life too seriously tbh.

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good lad

heres to 2O18 changing it all my dudes

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what the fuck is this spelling zeros with O's? is this a new memi I wasn't told about?

my zero key is broken

2018 year of the "h" bomb tbh.

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there you go, you can copy and paste that zero in

Your keyboard should have two, num-pad and the number bar.

i like it tbh
The answer to 2O7O is 2O83

theyre both broken

i have better things to copy

My Key is broken.

Elisabeth's philosophy.
She still has an air of the succubus about her, and she talks a load of bollocks too. This lad's just fallen for the based blonde in hwheat fields memi.




At least you lads can see how fucked everything is.

w3 mu5t s3cur3 th3 3x1st3nc3 0f are p30p73 @nd h1d3 m3m15 fr0m GCH_q


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how do you find a book club that's not just all middle aged women? unless that was what you were going for


w3 must 3nsur3 th3 d3struct10n 0f th3 th0t



The death of the fake classical liberals will be the reveal that they are actually social democrats. They fall back on individualism and liberalism when arguing against people they disagree with but simultaneously support positions that are antithetical to classical liberal values. "You cant tell an individual what to do!" "Bake the cake bigot!"

JF is the perfect person to expose this since he is a libertarian white separatist. I hope he doesn't let Sargon off of the hook on this point.

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I've watched it :^)

that was high energy tbh

I..Its possible

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Face it, lad: the closest thing you'll ever know is the love of your dog.

so is there going to be a JF/Sargon debate, and if so when?

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David apparently disagrees

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Dogs are the best tbh


it's possible but it doesn't last

I love my dogy but she can't bring forth the next generation of hwites

>based vetted and (((harangued)))-from-birth audience

David sounded like a fag tbh

Wait until furry tech advances lad

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Do not expect genuine depth of feeling or intellect from your incubator. Nor loyalty or respect.

Comically Jewish nasally voice and named David lmao

wherever they go, they destroy
In Britain, America, Australia, Canada, they are some of the biggest lefties tbh smh

*uses quote by that white and based anglo-yank who says the scots irish and krauts are the biggest racemixers*

Based Phil living in his multiculti town showing us bigots what enrichments we're missing out on.

ahh i meant a comma inbetween scots and irish
ulster lads are good lads

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was Mrs. Doubtfire the first tranny kino?

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actually quite a funny film tbh

Watching this documentary, shows some local scouse moderate labour member who spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) on the hard left militants, kek.

stop being a faggot. 2018 is the year of improve

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How are the race wargames playing out? Are we winning?

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Sounds like you're feeling down lad. You should poison a reservoir

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What's the music from 0:37 to 0:58?

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Found it. Fantastic tbh.

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Pretty sure this is supposed to be a joke.


Eeeemageene moi shawk

Hey lads, wanted to wish you all a happy new year last night while it was still relevant, but I kinda collapsed with a cold pretty much as soon as it hit midnight. Nothing to worry about, I'll get over it, but it's been a pretty shitty start to the new year for me.

Let's hope this isn't a sign of things to come.

Hope you're fine lad

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Why is there literally a cult around the nhs? Other countries with superior models of heathcare, even if similar to the nhs do not have this. I'm told the nhs section of the oympic opening ceremony was not understood abroad

It's what the left points to to show that leftism works and is the answer.

so she was a slag then

nobody could've understood it. People from literal communist countries were watching and even they dont proclaim state bureaucracies with a utilitarian function to be this integral part of the national soul.

I think its part of the historical narrative that British history began in 1945 tbh

Churchill wanted an NHS, imagine if he'd won the post-war election.

i actually think a large swathe of wealthy people hate the NHS due to how much its been hyped and if a candidate with the bollocks openly proposed scraping it they would back him

I hate this country, I wish I was retarded so I could fit in more

mandatory skin bleaching services for all non-whites

people are 2 thicc and think nhs = all healthcare tbh, they don't realise you could just pay a weeks wages for an entire years healthcare in the past

The level of bloodshed that will salvage this nation is incomprehensible to the average person. I'm convinced the only people non-subverted enough to rebuild will be from very remote rural areas whose way of life has been spared from the modern world

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Edward Hall, the big Anglo lad from Stoke, who eats a ham sandwich every 20 mins, is the world’s strongest man..

>"haha can just accept jesus and it's all better now, I'm a moral trad girl now! :)))))"

This post made me burst into rip roaring laughter

Watched a bit yesterday and it was clear he would win. Way ahead of anyone else

Spectre is unironically one of my favourite Bond movies.

In fact I like all the Daniel Craig bond movies. Does this make me a pleb?

this tbh