Brit/pol/ #2049: Luty Did Nothing Wrong Edition

Hunky Hornblower heart-throb Ioan Gruffudd admits being out of work for two years pushed him to the brink of depression

Niggers just aren't people.

Rob Cross thrashes Phil Taylor 7-2 in the PDC World Darts Championship final as the retiring Power's career ends in defeat
UK 'faces build-up of plastic waste'

The UK's recycling industry says it doesn't know how to cope with a Chinese ban on imports of plastic waste.

Four young men killed in London new year stabbings

Men aged 17 to 20 die after separate knife attacks in 15-hour period in locations around capital

Fiddling the Figures: UK Govt to Remove Students from Immigration Data

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to cave to pressure from left-wingers in her own party and cabinet in their bid to fudge UK immigration figures.

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Pure kinography this scene

lad this formatting just gave me eye cancer


Thanks lad.

I know, I rushed it.

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just broke my pipe smh

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That's not a pipe.


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Can't wait til we invade Iran and kill all those Muslim goatfuckers the libtards will be triggered epic style

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Real News Links

NHS Patient Asks for Female Nurse for Cervical Smear, Gets Tattooed Trans Man With Stubble

SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Controversial ex-valet Michael Fawcett is paid £277,000 by Prince Charles’s charities

Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan Aims To Drive Forward Gender Equality
(video embedded)

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Jeb will win the election in Iran where he will have a monopoly on his guac bowl market he will sell to poor Muslims.

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will he keep his goblin bride or upgrade to a thicc persian?

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'ello folks

Like this channel me>>559023

Finally been so many false starts for the grand happening but this might just be it.

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Reminder he blew the arm off of a famous kike.

That's not his wife, that's his guac manager. No sane women would ever fall in love with such a mad man willingly.

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So sick of my hangover farts. smh.

Which one?

Morning angle

Feeling a sense of mild anxiety about going back to work


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Fucking graun triggered by our existence again
Almost as if there is some kind of germanic heritage going on, do they even watch survive the jive

Mind you, I doubt Anglo-Sexon paganism is taught in schools now.


/ourkike/ tbh

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No such thing

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this is what happens literally every. single. time its genuinely tragic they have'nt learnt from experience yet

The goal is not truth or education why the fuck would they give a shit bar short term Israel first carnage?

More police can reverse demographic trends I am to assume, vote Jez

love it when ethnics stab eachother 2bh

They must be wise to the demographic issue tbh


Disgusting thottery

That cuck wasn't he just wanted gibs


You should really work towards getting one. A man with a gun can control 50 without one.

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He's one of the worst tbh.


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truly the chosen people!

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Not with that attitude

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There was even a good Dalek, a contradiction in terms if ever there was one. You used to be able to rely on the Daleks to shock some life into a series that long ago ran out of ideas. Now that even the Daleks have become Liberal Democrats and have taken up Pilates and mindfulness, what is there left to look forward to – perhaps a female Dalek, which shouts ‘Exfoliate!’ instead of ‘Exterminate!’ and cruelly injects her enemies with Botox, so immobilising their faces and making their acting even more wooden than it was before.
It couldn’t be any more sexist than the first action of the new female Doctor (hardly big news in a country which has a female head of state and where even the Tory Party has had two female leaders, both of whom became premiers).
She pressed the wrong button on the computer keyboard, and was immediately flung out of the Tardis. You could almost hear Nigel Farage cackling about women drivers.

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Purge of the young-lins when?

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I think pretty much every lad here must have a blood lust to some degree after all the things we have seen and read

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At least you had a few girlfriends along the way


If they didn't they would not be human tbh

You should be safe then lad :^)

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fraid not

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where are you lad we need more innfo on the situation on the ground than that

I'm too weird for girls to feel comfortable around me. I don't see how I am as weird as they make out tbh

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I've gone nofap and I'm angrier than ever tbh.

Anyone who doesn't has been over-civilised and had their instincts dulled and neutered by the softness of post-modernity; they are a domesticated servile dog compared to a roaring wolf or lion. I for one have a deep yearning for blood that has yet to be satiated. I dream of the day the system collapses in on itself that I might stalk the ruins of civilisation, hunting down my enemies; wogs and cucks, severing their heads with a rusty blade and drinking their blood, eating their hearts. I will shatter their spines and strangle them with my bare hands until their worthless subhuman lives evaporate before me.

I do.

reminder that there is a huge well of seething resentment in this country and the Big Boys themselves know we are unironically on the path to fascism

He seems to massively exaggerate the influence of Nick Lowles. He also poo-poos any British Nationalist figures attempting to do what he proposes (eg. Manlet Woes).

Yeah it's pretty much gotten to the point where it's now the norm for me tbh


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not cold resignation

Not to bad, why would trump back the soros funded Iran regime? He hates that guy.

What a tosser.

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I don't understand the point of tweets like this
What is he actually trying to prove?


He's just trying to tip as hard as he can.

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Literally the only reasons people retweet him is because they're retarded blacks who are proud of le based black science man, or they're retarded liberals who like patting their pets on the head in a "TAKE THAT, CONSERVATIVES!!!" sort of way.

If he wants a calendar based on the moon he can go to islam

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It marks one orbit around the sun, an astronomical event.
Obviously it is an arbitrary point on the orbit but anywhere will be, it's a fucking circle actually an ellipse

Lol, he posted that shit last year. His twitter feed is garbage. Even people on reddit hate him now.

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Which way, western man?

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