Brit/pol/ #2050: Ayatollah Khamemi Edition

Iran protests: Supreme leader Khamenei blames 'enemies'

Storm Eleanor: 'Risk to life' as storm warning raised

UK looks to join Pacific trade group after Brexit

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*Looks at Zig Forums catalog*
druid/pol/ seems like a dead body that keeps hitting the shore when the tide comes in and makes it to the top.

Bravo old chap

death to america tbh

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for homely autismfus

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one day we will WISE FWOM THE GWAVE and the chans will know we were right

I have to wonder who even posts there. Is it just one guy who was really upset about the Bomber Harris memi, and a Pole?

good lad

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Bad lad

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Should just raid it for half hour. It'll confuse the 56%ers for at least a month.


Thanks lads

Can't will myself to get rid of some old Glumpf memmies tbh smh

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*invades your country and kills everyone for the jews*

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*Emigrates to the U.S.*

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Smh iktf

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She has told me all about her dad and beetle collection.

I hope I get stationed in the mountains so I can go skiing with persian qts in between killing goatfuckers for Israel

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(heil'd LOL)

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I think he's howling just to drown out the noise.


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Who knows it may just be the base temperament of the Basset to want to be left alone.



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I get to be an officer because I went to an expensive school though

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but do you sound like a quare and have a weak chin?

Enjoy commanding what's left of our armed forces.


Legendary Rangers pub Annie Millers to be turned into gay sauna's bar

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At least Jeb memmies are safe smfh

(checked heil kek haha)

(You)'re welcome

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Sounds appropriate tbh

Good Lad

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please can you post that memi again guv'nor

i know its alrdy bin poastd four times butt its hard for a working class bloak dontchaknow

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Yeah have fun holding your best friend's large intestine together while he screams for his mummy as a battalion of 30-year Hezbollah veterans overruns your position. I'll be skiing with thicc persians and drinking cognac

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Is that actually varg's wife? She looks about 13.

It should have been him

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*loads shotgun with malicious intent*

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I hate these kind of people

he probably fucked her lol

Hearing a lot of UNAMERICAN talk in this thread,

you better support our troops blowing up those raghead muslim niggers so their women can wear bikinis and eat mcdonalds, you commie
god bless america

Looks like a real soygoy


What do you think the odds are for intervention by your gov't? I really don't like the noises Trump is making atm. From our end over here I actually can't see us intervening tbh.


imagine not wanting to #MAGA and support our troops against Iran to trigger the libtards epic style

*shoots myself*

yeah she looked like a basic bitch

I hate people who think its okay to be that drunk as a guest in some place.

this don't forget allowing muslims to have gay pride parades and trannys tbh also I am about to go see star wars again because it is my duty as a free american to spend money on consumer items to enrich the elite because that is how I do my part to be an army of one

I don't even know anymore lad

Who's side are you on..?

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iktf lad

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This is at least the third time that this has been posted, we've seen it plenty enough now lad.

Why do they even pretend it isn't a one party state?

I wasn't here. I don't have time to read every thread. I have to work to pay for niggers like you so stick it up yer arse cunt

*inserts quote about something to do with when anti-establishment become the establishment nothing changes etc etc*

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That is not an argument.


you work to pay pakis lad
if you pay taxes you are anti-white

Pretty disappointing to think people are fighting and dying for our democratic values across the world while some people at home are too ignorant and narrowminded to make good use of them.

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tbh this is a really good reaction image

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whoever has the terrorist bomb

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requesting that "T-Levels" picture with the nu-males please lads

Who's to say he isn't a paki?
Definitely working to pay for Dorshitters though

Thought's on what to do with Grayling come the daftie revolution?

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Good, at least you acknowledge me as your superior

fucking lightweight shackledragging cunt

I think the best punishment for people like him is to leave them alone and honestly let them see how they were on the wrong side of history. He poses no threat without a huge media establishment giving credance to his entirely uninteresting and unargued views. He can be our version of those ignorant caricatures of nationalists the media wheels out to laugh at: the stereotype of the dumbfuck middle class leftist who exalts his own sentimentality into philosophy.

how dare he not have a high tolerance to poison

this video makes me just want to bend over and let the police execute my family and send me in a shipping container to the zagros mountains to blow up people I don't know because walmart sales on hungry man microwave dinners!

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apply for more bennies tbh
I dont have an income tho tbh

fuck off gayboy cunt

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'''France declares crackdown on violence in its 'ghettoised' suburbs after video of policewoman being attacked by mob shocked the world
Portugese is the new word for niggers

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Lads, Eastenders is so based. A couple of old pakis turn up and suddenly make everyone's lives better. Healed Danny Dyer back to health with her magic inshallah powers after he got shot. First thing she said to his wife was "inshallah" then turns out she was a nurse and does everything amazingly. Even has a jibe at alcohol. Based pakis and multiculturalism

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From the comments (prepare your arseholes, bigots!):


imagine actually being one of those people who thinks 'neoliberlism' is the main issue of our times.

ywn be so fucked

neoliberalism is one of the economic tools used by Hebrews to destroy our society lad.

It was my gateway to the truth tbh.

More you give, more they chimp out
Beat, them, hang them and enslave them back in their own lands

They can be military chef, if they want, tbh.

I came out of the womb like this and wouldn't know about any of that.

Imagine believing leftism is suppressed in the west. It's the mindset of a narcissistic woman, and reflective of the fact that so many men have been raised as ickle girls: which is to say - it is actually a product of ubiquitous leftism.

I won't be happy until the left's pet niggers are violently rampaging through the liberal hotspots tbh. Got to admit - seeing a based empowered wpc getting a dose of reality, nignog style is sort of a guilty pleasure. Stupid bitch probably spends half her time hunting down racists, and almost certainly votes for leftists, and scoffs at evil opinions.

Send them back - turn off the taps. Then move in and take the resources and lands, which are rightfully ours tbh. Multiculturalism has only made the case for hyper imperialism.

Thats's it: all bombings, drug dealing and child rapes forgiven tbh.

You ever see that film Cube?


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My attheist friend was pissing herself at this when she woke from the dead today and quaffed a jug of wine she'd made from tap water
fake story btw

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Grayling's so clever that he is the cube, and the contestants.

Didn't (((welby))) use christmas to warn of dangers of populism.

Yeah a bit weird, but wasn't it made by canandians?