Brit/pol/ #2052: Dog Bless Ameriga :DDD Edition

Doctor apologizes for ‘Third World conditions’ in UK hospitals

Storm Eleanor causes widespread disruption across UK, in pictures

UK construction industry optimism slumps to five-year low, survey reveals

Call for maximum temperature in UK classrooms

Brexit: UK could join Pacific free trade zone, says Liam Fox

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Good laddo.

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The male form is more than the shoulders lad and homos don't get to steal that beauty and ruin it with disgusting lust and perversion. Trust me on this as a man who has be sexually accosted by gays twice; it doesn't matter what you're wearing.


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doggos are mans best friend

Flares are out Donnie bwoi

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*leans toward you*

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But how can you tell, you didn't watch it lad

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Gud bwoi

Car stops working after squirrel stuffs it with acorns

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*looks at gay bird things with gf*

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*Releases my inner pikey taig*

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Fair, I am waiting for a lad who has watched it to contradict me though.

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She sounds like a qt tbh

Litrally a fucking sack. No tailoring skills required

Thanks m'lads

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*listens to disturbed unironically*

a better time tbh

Don't talk to me about Eleanors smh

Sadiq refuses to put fares up for tourists. Sadiq capitulates to unions. Tfl sells off trains to a PFI to buy new trains. This paki cunt and his minions are a fucking disaster
Plan to sell part of London Underground fleet branded ‘quite mad'

How did you get a pic of Wessex lad's missus' pet bear lad?

blanket coats are max comfy

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Missing the dresses?

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Sure that ain't a dressing gown lad?

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Dear lord

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Spooky lads tbh

Good lad.

this post shouldn't have tickled as much as it did

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Is this photoshopped

for her

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Germany: Migrants 'may have fuelled violent crime rise'

Nah. Probably squirrels tbh…maybe Russian squirrels
no its what people used to wear in the old northwest and rupert's land lad

Spoiler these Amerimutts son

yeah but not by much to be fair

Was actually a Fingol this whole time tbh tbf

Thank (You)

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would be a good outfit for the wog executioner in the town square on the dotr tbh

Looks like a dressing gown to me. Probably why they never got taken seriously.

That makes a lot of sense tbh

reminder to shit and piss as much as possible to prevent it pushing against your prostate
eat 3 raw onions a day


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American cities really should be made into quarantine zones for the half breeds that hate us but can't live outside of western culture. They'll all have been sterilised of course.


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net benefit

They'll use this defence and he will probably get let off lightly. Sick cunt indeed.

Jesus Christ.

rather extraordinary that a small band of men managed to travel that distance across indian territory and still win tbh
tbh its oddly satisfying to see that there were towns in the american west in the 17OOs tbh, albeit french

They need executing, end of.

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Are there any actual English people here? Is the big reveal at the end going to be that Helmer was a Jock all along?

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Don't look at my ancestry, lad.

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the sheer stupidity of these people makes me weep

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Your ancestry is the least of your issues tbh

Well known rootless Indian Nimrata Randhawa LARPing as "Nikki Haley" attacks Pakistan on behalf of US interests

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I am full English lad, traced it back hundreds of years and not found a single JF yet.


bergele :DDD

Hope not smh

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My aunt did one of those DNA tests apparently.


to think that when the european settlers arrived the entire continent was basically virgin (by modern standards) is an amazing thought

and then we lost it all over some tax dispute smh

Would the presence of a football pitch discount a piece of land from being "built-up"?

Anyway I'm convinced, time to chop down those last few trees. Also nice to see the BBC has now forgotten how to use the subjunctive.

memi magic was never meant to be this powerful

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Apparently an Iberian sneaked in somewhere or they're giving her dodgy results. Either way 1% Dago

ive read a few stories about what the injuns did to some of the hwites during the colonial era
they tied ones hands to a rope, which in turn was tied to a pole, and they kept prodding him with hot sticks until he died, this seemed pretty common too tbh, they loved to torture

they honestly deserved to get btfo

just the small little stores are the best
there is a story about these lads coming up from ohio to build cabins and basically paying poor taigs to come and live (get typhus and die) there and they could not cross this one river I fish on in the summer sometimes and had to build a log float but some guy was trying to be tough and he drown will all his kit. and then they had to go out and kill all the wolves before women would come to the hamlet. now its just a basic bitch town with niggers and 56 percent shitskins who would die in 3 days without white man infrastructure

yeah they were very cruel and the mormons showed up and essentially went full crusader on them.

They intentionally put in up to 1% nonwhite to piss off white nationalists

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pmsl tbh

Poor lad.

Bunch of fucking retards tbqh

Fucking hell
Hanging is too good for them tbh. I mean the politicians. They need to be gaoled with their pets and put on display in public squares so the public can watch them getting enriched on a daily basis

it was william crawford and they tortured him to death and the indians showed zero sign of mercy in any capacity, psychopathic shits tbh

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How do they know that Spanish is black enough to piss of white nationalists half of them seem to be Mexicans anyway?

smh tbh
even when they signed treaties they still broke them and raided shit
honestly dont know why you just didnt kill all of them


Don't know.
I'd be angry if I was part

It's gonna get as bad here if we don't stop it
This thot for example should get a choice of fucking off and blandering up Africa or death if she refuses to go

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*Your Autism has increased*

I think it was because some of them were /ourshitskins/ or "bro-tier" while others were bad

what is it about trains that leads to such profound autism?

Remember lads.

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Yanks love this type of shit

I wonder which it is.

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Dressing badly and being autistic,Polish, or a government agent is hardly terror

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I just want to nukite strike her facial center line until she shows submission

Do you not believe in anthropogenic climate change lad?

Civic tbh

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*fucks a chug*

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fucking sides

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I don't get why people think having a diverse ancestry is good, they have attachment to no culture.

Where would you even send her

Seriously though

Six feet under.


No idea
*Goes back to playing OpenTTD*

Into the death camps?

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