Brit/pol/ #2053: Blood God Edition


Ex-British PM Tony Blair at AIPAC Conference: If Iranian Regime Were Benign, All Problems in Middle East Would Be Resolvable

'Fat cat Thursday' as top bosses' pay overtakes UK workers'
If you earn an average UK salary, by the end of today a top boss will have earned more than you do all year.

German Government: Rise in Violent Crime Is Linked to Mass Migration
A study conducted by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs has found a direct correlation between the mass influx of migrants during the migrant crisis and the rising level of violent crime in Germany.


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for them

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whenever for whoever

For big Edward.

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For Britain

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One more regime replacement for old times sake?

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I remember the video, and agree with its precept: that leftist men want to use foreign, low iq "alphas" against native alphas. Thing is, I'm not even slightly like what one would call an alpha: I'm as skinny as fuck, and could probably pass for a hipster (if I dressed more like one). My mindset, manner and voice have always been more masculine though. Tbh most gym-obsessives seem like preening ponces to me: and they all seem to cry after drinking bugger all - and also seem to be under their girl-friends' thumb.

Immoral tbh lad.

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Unissued Nº30 - Occupation Troops In Iran (1941)

I didn't, lad. I actually quite liked the guy, and figured the girl (as much as I liked her) was a basic-bitch thot. She told me once that she'd cheated on him with one of his friends, but he had forgiven her.
The point I was making is that body type is of little consequence to women - what matters is manner/attitude/confidence/type of intellect (logical as opposed to emotional).
The biggest failing of soyboys is not being skinny, but having pathetic, "wouldn't harm a fly" expressions on their faces and """""thinking""""/acting like women (also their ridiculous clothes don't help).
David Bowie was more alpha than most footballers (even a lot of rugby players).

BIG brained post here

Know the difference

>DVD box set of every episode of The Prisoner and the new movie In My Mind arrived while I was in the bath

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Yeah, you can look alpha but have a beta mindset, and vice versa. I think it’s mostly daddy issues though. Dad either left them or was too strict, so they rebelled by being feminine faggots. Tbh, I can’t even be bothered to delve in to the psychology of it, a year ago I was fascinated, now I just want the chance to fight them tbh.

Same with debating leftists, I used to churn all the facts off. Now I just tell them; “if you can’t see the problems by now, you never will” and then end it with “I’m willing to fight for my beliefs, and eventually I’ll be willing to die, are you?” They usually crawl off like the vermin they are.

Fuck off homo

That’s barrel abs tbh, you can see the definition through the fat. He’s not as fat as you think, also, what can you deadlift? He deadlifts half a tonne, lad.

Nofap + cold showers + exercise + pickled onions + Muscular Christianity + LOCALism + Esoteric Bowdenism = New Machine
tbh we need to spread the gospel to make native alphas

smells like teen filtered


Fair play tbh lad. Perhaps I'm a biased source because of >thinwrists but I've always believed that alpha and beta are states of mind tbh

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Tbh I don't debate with them (not that I find myself in the position to often). The closest I've gotten to one of the faggots was on my first day in uni, this year. Some faggot pushed a clipboard in my face and said "do you want to sing our petition for free tuition and a socialist revolution in Britain?". I just bluntly (and dismissively) said "NO." whilst pushing away his clipboard. His reaction (as I alluded to in the last thread) was a pathetic, effeminate *huff* of """moral""" incredulity. I seriously wanted to batter him tbh. I fucking detest them so much. They truly are achingly weak, and expect to actually shame other men into being as pathetic as they are. It was almost like he was about to break into a childlike tantrum.

The state of wristlets, smh

tfw necklet

I also have >thinwrists.
I would say it is. Not that I'd really describe myself as alpha: just not a total faggot. If anything, I'm a packless runt (of my own volition). I have always been more for detached observation than anything else. Weirdly, this confers upon one a sort of confidence, which actually unsettles more typical alphas (who care far more about social ritual/hierarchy: which to me is an effeminate trait).

tfw scrotumlet

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Solid posting lad, keep it up

I noticed this myself tbh

kek, alright I'll stop.

Wish every lad here took self improvement seriously, I was already a gym head, so now I just read books constantly. Some lads sit up until 4am, they must be pale with hanging eye bags, grim tbh, sort it out lads. I want the Zig Forumspol battalion to be chiselled gods otherwise I’ll be disappointed tbh.

Errrrr lads how to I get an English gf?

I’m from Sicily and none of the white girls want to talk to me here

I’m white btw

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checks out

Tbh the wristlet is a memi. If you’re low body fat you’re gonna have small wrists, they just make your arms look bigger.

Ohhhhhhhhh My mother Maria is going to throw the spaghetti spoon at me lads if I don’t get one soon

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Why are you touching the spaghet?

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I use a forklift to pick up half a tonne tbh

It's the advantage of being of a tiny minority of men who are actually 'free agents' or individual thinkers. I'm not even sure I've ever encountered a man I would describe as being 'alpha'. I have encountered many men who posture a lot, and put on a big show around women: but they just seem like pathetic slaves to pussy to me.

if your going to shitpost as me at least get it right smh

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It’s the only thing we can really afford anymore since my Iranian boss at a chippy I worked at fired me

I was discussing how to make explosives and the Bosnian Question so he let me go pretty quick

Shame there was this one customer that I liked looked like he had a bone condition though he had really skinny wrists and arms

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he was a cypriot not Iranian kek

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Tbh I am very ectomorphic. I would like to wiegh more, but people read far too much into internet memmies about 'alphas'. Most intellectual men tend towards having low body fat and muscle mass (and I am oh so intellectual). I think that posture is important, and not being a fat fucker. Obviously musculature is good, but some men really aren't naturally inclined towards it - but are still healthy.

Lad, you must look like a dinosaur.

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top kek

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NoFap.png tbh

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I hope you gym shy lads are being sarcastic. It’s the circumference.

Most intellectuals are skinny tbh and most meatheads are thick. I’m just special, tfw blessed with looks, brains and strength. I’m a brainlet compared to most here though, 130IQ.

Funny story;


I have never felt such a deep sense of shame and regret

When did blogging get so fucking popular on here.

are you milf gym chaser lad?

It’s a slow thread you bitter fuck. Gym=self improvement. Aesthetics are important for politics. Who gives a fuck about politics anymore seriously? We all know we can’t do anything until the collapse, so we just wallow on here chatting shit, waiting impatiently..

All you're doing is talking yourself up, your're a narcissist lad.

Can't we just all be fitness buddies?


Everything was going well, we were chatting and flirting the whole workout, then when we got to leaving I got nervous and didn't take her arm as we walked out like I intended to. I just fucking bottled it and started making inane small talk when I should've fucking escalated things and asked about the massage. I just hugged her and said bye. It hurts to type this. I want to die. I'm going to a boxing gym later because I need to let this out. All of my time now will go into self-improvement, and if I don't make it I'll kill myself sooner than continuing this pathetic existence.

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You're a fucking idiot lad, top kek

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And you sound like a depressed cynic like most here. Sorry lad, I’ll stop bantering.

How about those tories and labour huh? NHS is marvellous isn’t it?

Good lad, you kept your essence rather than letting the succubus take it.

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are you new?

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Read what I wrote, don’t just misquote stuff. We can’t do anything, no party to vote for. Farage and Trump are cucks. Normies are still pleb scum. We all know we can’t do anything until society collapses. So until then I’ll try getting you lads to self improve and shitpost.

some people on here would unironically vote Corbyn tho

Make sure you have a nice glass of water with those blackpills

Good lad, save your divine essence for a fertile womb.

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Kind of sad that the milf hunter saga is over. thought it would go down differently but I guess you should never underestimate brit autism. it is actually for the best lad, you don't want dried up clung when you could get a nice young breeder wife. chin up, we're all going to make it

I don't know if lads here do anything unironically

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Literally all you had to do was ask if her glutes were still sore you fucking spacker.
Could have made all kinds of flirty jokes and banter with her, you already knew she was up for it.
10/10 I've stopped laughing and now I'm angry.

I'm not even going to bother speaking to her again after such a monumental fuckup. I'll keep hold of what small bit of dignity I have left by not being an orbiter at least.

Lads, God put slaggy mummies on this planet for young lads like us to practice on. Today was an abject failure.


nurgle a best tbh


I know those autistic feels lad. Was getting close to a girl once, joking how we used to fancy each other etc, was gonna grab some bum, started overthinking it thinking it might be pervy. Touched her head like a loving father instead, hahahaha holy shit, makes me grimace thinking about it.

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You could've asked her out for a meal at least or something. She obviously likes your company.

That's all you have to say for example.

Don't give her an opportunity to say a single "yes" or "no", when asking her out, give her a leading offer she has to at least think about. This way you're being assertive without being demanding. You still have time before she friend zones you.

Slannesh is best.

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Lad, this isn't salvageable. We pretty much agreed to fuck and I gave her a hug and walked away. I'm not going to embarrass myself any further, I'm cutting my losses, learning from it and moving on.

act like it didn't happen and give it another go

Fair do's lad. At least you can look back and learn from it next time.

Godspeed user.

your post is a contradiction


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No. Text her right now and ask her out for dinner you fucking mong.

What ever you Tzeentch puppet

next time you see her just run as fast as you can up to her while holding your arms tightly to your sides and then elbow her in the face as hard as you can and push her to the ground and take her purse lad


Only that it flows tbh lad

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How are you even in a position to flirt with a milf? Where's her husband? How old is she? How hot is she (request for pics)?

10% off calcs are easy
t. 106 iq

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I agree with him tbh. I don't see how anyone could disagree with him. It's only extreme circumstantial change that brings about political change.

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Oh you're the lad who he was tugging off over the internet. You just want to confirm how pretty and special you both are. The homo eroticism is making it uncomfortable.

At least that guy's face is saying "fucking nigger"

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I get it