Brit/pol/ #2054: Intellectual Edition

Claim Trump aide warned of UK spying absurd, says Tony Blair

Brexit: Nigel Farage to meet Barnier in Brussels

PM urged to leave international students out of migration figures

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Haven't we had this edition already

Good lad.




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Good lad.

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First for hot redheads

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It's completely real, lad. Why wouldn't it be? Look up the first muslim graveyards in Germany, they date back to the 18th century, the graves of muslim mercenaries hired by the rulers of german principalities from the balkans.

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wonderful young man

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Top lad.

We should sink that part of the continent and make it into a monument to European peace tbh.

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Three boomers, a pothead and a NEET. We're fucked.

First for red hotheads

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Heavy lays the crown lad

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What do you lads think about Universal Basic Income?

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For Norman churches.

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Fuck off Tony

Sod off with that commie shite tbqhwyl

I just got a flashing thought of some kind of Brit/pol/ public rally where everyone is wearing Grayling masks.

It's funny when people pretend it's not just about getting free money

Thanks lads

When you open the Ark of the Covenant you're greeted with a copy of The God Delusion tbh

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I took to long drawing it and a new thread was made

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a e s t h e t i c

Oh so that's why the Nazis melted.

utopian idealism that is only being floated because the economy is on its last legs and (((they))) are desperately peddling anything that might keep it running and cement their hegemony

have a couple of (You)s lad

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It literally is communism. But every time I hear about it its presented by chief economists and business leaders and the World Economic Forum etc. Absolutely maddening how mainstream this has become.

Does anyone think XRP will ever overtake BTC ?

Death of civilisation tbh. Getting paid just for existing = nation of NEETs. Even the people who would still work anyway will eventually give it up and do nothing, and then everything grinds to a halt and nobody gets anything. Breaking your back trying to achieve something worthwhile while whole chunks of the population leech off your work and mock you for it gets old very fast. I would've thought that the wog invasion had already shown you that.

UBI is just a desperate attempt by the powers that be to keep the population lazy and complacent, so they don't get stung up by an angry mob.

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It will be justification for even more immigration

blessed are the NEET, for they shall inherit the earth

This tbh. I dont understand why people would continue to work if they got an income automatically anyway. Fewer people working and producing equals higher cost of goods. Therefore everything gets more expensive and everyone is just as poor relatively as they were to begin with. Only difference is you now have several million more people entirely dependent on the state. Mental.

Thanks lads

That's what they want, total reliance on the state to completely replace the family structure.

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They're here to do the jobs you lazy Brits don't want to do! :^)

That's exactly what they want, though.

What the hell is wrong with women?

Exactly. If you are reliant on the state you are their bitch. Total slave. You have no bargaining power. They can remove your rights and you will keep voting them into office for gibs.

I'm in the middle of making dinner and my mother asked me if I wanted her to make me dinner
fucking moron

Why are you making dinner at this hour? You been in work?

A good mummy would have recorded that

The only reason Labour keep getting votes.

its more like lunch tbh

She literally wouldn't know how. She can barely change the channel.

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Start a college course or something, lad. It'll buy you a couple of years, the economy will probably collapse before you ever have to pay off your debt, and you may gain a qualification that will aide you in finding a job. It'll also get you to meet people (and you can see just how fucking rancid modern thots actually are - it's been a real eye-opener for me going back to college at nearly 30).

I've already been to college and I never want to go back


what an ungrateful little beast you are

She looks like a bloke tbh.

What did you do, lad?

You should go round there and smash his mum tbh- I mean smash his head.

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I don't ask people to be nice to me. I don't want people to do things for me. I can do everything myself, but they don't fucking care. Fuck you you cunt NEET enabler.

irrelevant subjects

Tbf she is playing a lesbian role in that scene

I've already said I don't want to be Dorset's stepfather

Watched Arrival the other day, was pretty shit tbh but Amy Adams is always hot. She's good in American Hustle tbf

Don't be so rude to your mum who suffered to shit you through her cunt and into the world.

Dorset is a very angry man

can empathise with this tbh nietzsche was right about compassion often being a casus belli for dominance tbh

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woah based single mummies who doesnt want kids to be independent and had shit life choices xd

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perhaps if you weren't so horrid your mummy would be able to find a new man


You're a right little so-and-so aren't you lad

She had her chances several times
No sympathy from me

You fail to understand because you probably have never experienced it


Oi, giz your mum's phone number. I'll be your dad

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This is true tbh.

The archetype of the devouring mother tbh iktfl

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I understand that your mum offered to do something nice to you and you threw it back at her because you're so insecure that you thought she was trying to belittle you by offering to cook you dinner tbh
All you had to say was no thanks mum but instead you came here to whine about it

t. Dorset's mummy.
Tfw mummy posting is real

How many sick days until I'm fired?

Redpill me on Sven Longshanks.
Is he a spy?
If not, how does a Brit keep Radio Aryan running without getting vanned by Sharia May?

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You know human beings are innately religious beings and navigate the world using archetypes ubetcha

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You don't understand the psychological and societal implications of those actions. Singe mums are not nice for the sake of being nice, she actively prevents the development of independent men. Single mums do anything to prevent risks and harm happening to their children, if that means keeping them inside all day covered in cotton wool then that is what they shall do. They pamper their children, give in to their demands, and demand nothing back from them. They'll often lie to their kids about some things, despite evidence being in front of them.
Keep defending single mums lad, because you were never raised by one.

I'm not defending single mums lad, I'm mocking you for being so autistic that you thought an offer of a cooked meal was a direct challenge to your masculinity.

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That's just mums, lad.

I was in the middle of cooking a meal.
Is that so hard to understand you brain dead moron?

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She was just being kind.

Did you know that there is more genetic variation within each human "race" than between each human "race". Roughly speaking. Whats that? The same is true of dogs but you wouldnt deny the existence of distinct dog breeds? Well I dont know about that bucko. You best clean your room and sort yourself out.

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Mothers without a father around to let you do daft things.

And being kind is a bad thing when it comes to being an independent grown man who can do things by himself

22 has a father and look how he turned out

Lol is that his wife?

Yeah lad but it's pretty obvious that you're not angry because your mum asked a silly question but because you interpreted it as her brandishing a baby bottle and a blankie and trying to imprison you.
Fuck off back to /newbrit/ if you want to whine about your mummy, that's what it's there for.

Saying "no thank you" is all you had to do.

Yeah, I've got a father, and I've spent most of my life a depressed husk.



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In his defence, the interaction between two people and the words exchanged is explained by far more than a single instance or encounter, such as the cooking incident that he mentioned. There is a relationship there as long as his life. If he is detecting something deeper from his mothers behaviour I would defer to his experience on the matter.

His slag mum sounds shit tbf

I wish. I have no idea

I've experienced it long enough through various actions in my life to know that the subconscious is imprisoning me
The people who defend it are the people who never had to suffer it and are incapable of understanding the psychological effects a single parent has upon the development of a human. [you]