Brit/pol/ #2056: Monarchy Edition

Prussian Prince: Germany should reinstate monarchy

Most Conservatives support death penalty, poll reveals

Czech President: Rise of Muslims led to a significant increase in crime and violence in Europe

Health tourism SCANDAL revealed: Foreign mums rip-off NHS £16million a year

Student, 20, ‘plans to marry TETRIS after her relationship with a calculator called Pierre ended when she lost it’

Transgender Women: Men Won’t Date Us Because They’re Insecure And Weak

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Sargon got eternally rekt by Mr Implicit himself on the #2 on trending livestream and as a result he is bleeding subs.

At the end of the debate he said "it's late I need to go to bed" and then ran to his safe space on his channel to livestream in a centrist circle jerk.

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SA best mod

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He won most of the start because Dick can't think of the obvious replies so I just turned off

Do you know how fucking hard they have to cherrypick their bimbos to try and promote this idea of attractive jewesses? Their military has a whole PR wing dedicated to promoting it.
Jewish women are fucking minging, the ones they pick are always halfies mixed with some form or European. Go to /newbrit/ if you're going to keep fetishising them.

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Don't worry he fell apart and totally lost it. Spencer is the weakest link when it comes to debate and he humiliated Sargon.

After Sargon lied and said he was going to bed to escape his ragdolling he uploaded a circle jerk stream with people telling him he won. That vid has 4k likes and 4k dislikes.

He's going full Kraut.

Lad he basically started autistically screeching and then ran away.

Why delete it? The ones I post are white
Keep the European ones tbqh and breed with them

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Styx is a complete faggot too tbh, wall to wall lolberg shite

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Yeah let's just breed with all halfies amirite they're basically evrvpvvn as well. Why not breed with people who've STDs as well while we're at it.
Stop being a homo.

for based horseshoe theory

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For Jewish golems

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No shit, Judaism is spread via the women, they marry into European lines so all the children will be tribe members.

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I would bloody hope so, it was an open goal and Dicky was just waffling and allowing an interrogation, gonna watch the highlights now

Would you kill this sweety in your epic LARP race war fantasy lad?

cmon lad its late night its not like posting quality will improve any time soon

I'd put that worthless fucking attention whore in a shallow grave even if she wasn't a kikess tbh


Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fuck off

Tranny chasers out

Give me the cliff notes version. I don't now how much of Sargon's pedantry I can bear to sit through at this point.


I know lad, that's why I mentioned it. This jewessposting is fucking identical to exactly what the kikes do themselves with shilling their women.

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tbh most modern women are ugly without makeup
besides she is pretty without makeup

kek lad tbh I don't find most jewesses posted to be attractive in anyway

errrr how about you fuck off you fucking heretic?

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Makeup is jewish devilry.

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never understood warhammer tbh

It's kinda amazing how much makeup changes how women look.

pic related is qt'r without tbh

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cute :3

She's so much better without, it's actually quite sad. Why do that to yourself?

I think I might just have to watch it, avoided it when everyone was talking about it yesterday as I don't think anyone of them has any redeeming qualities but now curiosity has got the better of me.

Exactly, and if she stopped caking her face with chemicals and improved her diet then the blemishes that she's trying to cover up with makeup would fucking vanish.

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Metokur is probably doing a video on it as it is, wait around and he might have it out soonish.

because she's a porn "actress"

yes she has videos [including the one I posted] where she wears no makeup

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Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr fuck off


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Get some glasses stupid head

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wash your face you greasy fucker

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Sargon autistically tries to push Spencer into
talking in a certain way and answer questions how he wants him to and it fails. He name drops books and philosophers. Richard laughs and says "that's autistic" Sargon says "You believe in group rights and I don't. Group rights bad." Richard points out that the nation is a group and the citizens have rights that outsiders don't and that Sargon supports this. Sargon spergs and tries to move on without engaging this point, Richard doesn't let him and keeps bullying him and laughing.

At one point Richard points out that during the white only immigration policy period of the US we got to the moon so Sargon jumps in and says "Are you saying an immigration policy got us to the moon?" Richard mocks him and even styx jumps in to say "That''s a bit of a stretch Sargon"

At on point Richard just tells Sargon he isn't as smart as he likes to think he is in a brutal fashion.

The whole dynamic was Sargon demanding the convo stayed in his liberal fantasy world that doesn't consider reality while Spencer kept it in reality which made Sargon look totally lost.

probably my favourite Jew

Dangerfield legitimately scares me. There's something maniacal about him.

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Okay, that sounds like a laugh actually. I might watch it.


I actually have no idea, I just nabbed the image from some /v/ thread a few weeks ago

Jim seems to be siding with Styx on it tbh mainly because a white state would mean he would have to stop tapping his asian waifu, quality tweets though;

Reposting some of the quotes.

Spencer: "There are white skinned jews but they are a defined ethnicity"

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When I was a spotty as fuck teen, I tried all those things and it did get better but the thing that eventually cleared my skin up for good was not using soap to wash my face anymore, just warm water and a splash of cold at the end. My skin was breaking out from all the chemicals in the soaps and shit.

A youtube channel called Kronos has highlights.

The comments section for the stream and the one on Sargons main channel are a gold mine too.

Styx questions are stupid but worth asking since most people are stupid and they're the kinds of questions stupid people will ask.

listen, i just cant stop thinking about you 🙈

sent 3:17 am

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What soap were you using? Also puberty is a very bad fucking example for why these things wouldn't work.

His mother (Hungarian Jew) ruined him, he had a traumatic childhood he never got over, I like him too tbh, hope he got some respect in the end

I always use cold water and I never get spots tbh
I only get spots if I don't wash for a couple of days

It's still the same for me today lad, any soaps or anything else causes me to breakout like I'm a teen again. As long as I wash my face with water when I wake up and before I go to bed then I never have problems.



Honestly anything but the basics of living a healthy life just ends up causing more problems than it fixes, can be applied to almost anything.

*clog dances in your direction*

Key to a clean face = wash with water, shave properly, and clean your fucking pillowcase

It cured my acne

can't remember the last time I shaved tbh

Apple cider vinegar lad

I didn't say it didn't work but so would sulfuric acid. I'm more on about the long term side effects, like your acne most likely would have cured it self in a couple of years when your hormones had balanced, was it worth the life time of dry lips?

Not having cystic acne, and horrible bacne that constantly bled into my white school shirts for any longer than I had to in my formative years was worth it.

Lad even the dermatologist that tried getting me on it was using it herself, her face was bright red and shiny (looked a bit like the Tom Cruise memi tbh). She even told me it can make you more aggressive, which was obvious from her as she seemed to be angry with me because I wasn't taking the accutane when she was expecting me to have
That shit can cause all kinds of crazy shit as side effects, even kill you just so you can get rid of some acne

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Fair enough then, some people can't handle the bullies.

Can't remember the last time I washed my face tbh

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Lads just use a basic bar of soap with water and a salt antiperspirant, don't fall for the medical jew.

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Nothing to do with bullies. I wasn't happy with the near constant bleeding and cysts before, and I was happy when they were gone.

They don't give you accutane if they think that old wives tales will work for you

I just stand under the shower for 2 minutes and scrub my pits, sack and crack tbh. No soap. No shampoo.

I don't think I've ever actually washed my face. Who does that? people who don't shower?


I shower before bed and then wash my face in the morning. You showering twice a day lad?

Swear to God I'm gonna batter Dorset

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I shower early in the day usually. Depends if I plan on going outside that day.

No you're not

Sargon's post debate video, only positive comment he's pinned to the top. What a fucking spaz.

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Sainsbury's parking NOW LAD, I'LL KILL YOU

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Now that Westie is gone you're bottom of the pecking order lad. Careful what you wish for and all that

good that little fags been banned

meet me at 2pm in the garden of the hope and anchor

yeah he was fucking cancer tbh

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Whereabouts are you talking lad?

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I don't actually live there tbh

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both of these are rather poor quality posts and lack any originality

Yeah well at least I don't wet the bed and fantasise about tranny cock

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I do neither of these. Stop spreading false information.

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