Me and the wife are relocating because she's with child. If you lads could raise a family anywhere in the UK...

Me and the wife are relocating because she's with child. If you lads could raise a family anywhere in the UK, where would you choose? Currently the West Midlands are top of the list.

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I'm an English nationalist lad, as lovely as Wales is I could never leave my country. Probably should have specified that in the OP.

Thanks la

Not Birmingham. More like Worcestershire.


Maldon/Essex Coast

Rural Dorset tbh. It's where I grew up, and it's heaven. I want to move back there someday.

no do NOT do this
can't stand non-locals moving here and shitting it up

ahhh i read the thread wrong please forgive me

Finchingfield is idyllic paradise.

Come on, lad. Bits of it are nice.

Airstrip >(1) is no place to raise a family, lad.


Wiltshire, the rolling chalk hills around Avebury and Pewlsey are great, especially in the summer. Great for bow hunting deer, and there's Savernake Forest. Virtually no niggers too.

Wales is amazing when it is sunny, but it fucking rains so much dammit.

But we're all one English race lad

do you have to

We are relocating from Essex. The coast is much nicer than where we are, granted, but it's not where we see ourselves raising a family.

It's a beautiful county. Job prospects don't look too great for us, though. We're young and not well educated. I think we'd struggle here. We ruled out Craven in Yorkshire for similar reasons.

I'm curious - what did you misread?

Quite expensive though lad.

A young patriotic English family moving up from the South is surely preferable to pakis coming down from birmingham?

non-locals destroy localism tbqh
so many white flighters have ruined my area
It's not just about nationalism, it's about localism too

In 50 years time there'll be virtually no local dialects in England anymore.
Everyone will speak with a standard middle class PR accent, with only small communities in places Wales will retain their local charm.

Pretty fucked up with you think about it.

We are all one race, the white race.

Based progress.

Move to Glasgow


Somerset is nice