Brit/pol/ #2057: Spies Out Edition

Online casinos 'failing on problem gambling'

Dorset police launch appeal after woman and son go missing

UK snow: Temperatures plunge as Met Office forecasts 'bitterly cold' -12C Arctic blast

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Third for Dickie

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First for best korea

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He looks like his grandmother's just told him that he looks handsome

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*slaps pen against desk and leans back really far*

just got back from the bbc with old saville what a lad eh haha
going to have a cheeky bum of a child actor and go down the recording studio with my mates Steph-o and Paulie

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Are Celto-Brythonics welcome here?

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Other than the nose (which is more fat than Jewish) she didn't look that bad.

he should let this memmies die tbh. nobody falls for them.

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Zig Forums is and always has been a Celto-Brythonic board

she looks like a potato lad

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Why don't you go marry her then lad you gaylord

Hopefully we will have lost that newfag in the old thread

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She really is jewish

hullo lass

great nose

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You should introduce yourself in the introduction thread lad

Don't do this lad

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take a closer look at that snout

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Are you a lady by any chance?

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Lads what composers do I get my kids to listen to so they don't get sneered at by the Chinese mothers at private school

Based reddit

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Danny Elfman

Harry Gregson Williams

This tbh, here's the link to it:

Hulo yes

something about bolton and his thot

OK thank you


limp bizkit

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fuck you lad

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Book suggestions pls lads.

I spend 3hrs a day commuting. Currently listening to Mein Kampf (srs). And reading Race Differences in Intelligence by Richard Lynn.

I've bought the culture of critique series by Kevin Macdonald which I shall move on to next. Audiobooks wise I don't have much after Mein Kampf, suggestions for audiobooks for commute pls.


OK thanks lad


Does he rightfully call them both spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

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Refugees could be given right to vote in Scotland

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Mozart tbh

Iliad, Odyssey, Aeneid, Lord of the Rings and the Dune Saga.

Knife crime needs public health strategy, says London police chief

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Farage BTFO

Now that are Dickie has slain the king of the skeptics, who will take his place?

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Joe is a sage tbh.

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Fuck me. So few of those are available on Audible… -.-

The hitchens ones are though so I'll give them a go after Mein Kampf. Ty user.

joe is a legend

I don't remember how long it's been since I wanked now lads. It's either 9 or 10 days and I feel fantastic. It's definitely not a memi.


Just started reading an ebook of rotting hill and bloody hell it hits hard, you can see why it's been out of print so long

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>Joe will ascend to the side of the Great White Father in your lifetime
fuck me

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ffs they are going to post webms of women in gyms now

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I don't think Joe would want to be with The Great White Father tbh

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Guess it will just have to be replaced with a big glass cube now :^)

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It was sad when it turned out stallman defended pedophilia

I have no qualms paying for literature.



lol, I hadn't heard this. I believe it though.

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Fucking hell lads, the future is now.

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Yeah, so should rape

We should encourage it if it weakens them tbh, but have to weigh up covering the cost of the conditions on the nhs


I spend 3 hrs a day driving. Cba listening to music, cba listening to the radio. So I listen to audiobooks and considering I can't read a physical book while driving, they're convenient. I do buy physical books too, which if you read my previous post you'll see. Nice try though.


Is it 70% of Pakistanis in Bradford that marry their cousins? Higher?

I'm just surprised it isn't a picture of a white couple.

They can't even pretend it's not pakis



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Has Sargon responded to his rape by dickie?


A jolly good scrap.

Cheers, maybe if I run out of video ideas I'll try and shoehorn this into something…bit grim mind.

Fucking hell.

He did a livestream straight after the """debate""" even though he left early because he was supposedly tired.

The bouncer had his M1 pulled over his head at one point. Did well to get it off and deal with his attackers.
You just know the whole thing was started by the thots in the background.


I’m gonna post this picture again because I didn’t get any (You)’s in the last thread.

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Stop baiting these absolute spanners, tbh.

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what does it mean?

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