Christian nation

We need a christian nation that is autocracy and clean.

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Let's buy some land in Australia or in the US

There was a continent discovery back then, it is still under the sea but not too deep east of New Zealand. Star that rises in the east? Go get it. Seriously. I will help pool resources and start studying agriculture to tame the land if many brethren and sisters in Christ are serious about it.

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Waco'd after a month. You'd have better luck setting such a thing up in some heathen backwater African nature.

The US doesn't permit the establishment of an independent state within US borders. Gonna have to find a country willing to part with its land and let it become independent.

So we need to become the new Rhodesia

Technically you have the Vatican but those are Catholics so there goes"clean" out the window.

Why don't we just retake Jerusalem?

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Why don't we just burn clean the entire middle East and take it as our own? If it's goes well we've made the world a better place and have a glorious Christian nation. If it goes badly one of us might have to chug back poison in a war crime hearing.

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We can setup a homestead in the American country to tbh.

I know I’m derailing the trend is it wrong to kill a heretic for example pulse night club shooting if he was a Christian is it wrong to do it

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If it's only his own soul he is damning then you let him do it and avoid him. If he's dragging everyone else with him you cut him down. God judges each of us, if it's just an individual then he will be judged in the end but it would be an awful thing for him to drag others with him.

If you're on US soil, you're subject to US law.

So how do expect to win any war

Gotta take care of that temple of God brah. Mirin these spiritual gainz.

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You ask them politely to relocate if they have a problem with your peoples rule. And if they still cause problems you ask them politely at gun point. If even then they still desire violence then it's not our place to judge them, so we send them personally to the Lord who can.

>same catholic bros

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jerusalem wasn't "ours" to begin with

Western, Southern and Northern Europe are gone; look East. Good luck; I gave up hope, and I just wish to die after a good confession.

What are you talking about? Since 313 and until the arab invasion of the Middle East it was ours. Almost 5 centuries and after that the Crusades created the Kingdom of Jerusalem.

Wtf, of course it was ours
is right. Jerusalem never belonged to the filthy saracens, it was stolen from us.
Also, jews have no right to Jerusalem. In the moment Christ was born that city was given to us.

I don't know about you, but Jerusalem never belonged to me and I never fought for it. Do you have a story you'd like to share about your battles for a bit of dirt in the middle east?

My kingdom is not of this world; but if you want it, then go right ahead.

How about some central american nation?
I heard that there is one nation on central America that doesnt have an army. We could begin to settle there and, when our numbers are great, try to take it over and put an autocratic law

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it belonged to the people of palestine, not filthy germans and franks who usurped someone Homeland for themselves. Also """Saracens""" took it back far and square.


Spotted the mudslime

How about northern Canada? Nobody is using it and Trudeau is week enough to give it up without much resistance. He'd probably give it to us willingly if we all wore blackface.

It belonged to Rome.

Keep dreaming. The Jews won't allow it.

I suggest we all move to Tuvalu (it's the least populated fully independent country with about 10000 citizens) and vote on a constitutional referendum to abolish the constitution and establish a monarchy. It's LARPy, I know, but I think there's enough monarchists in the world to do it.

Do not worry my friend. We will get one in the end.

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No hope for agriculture, only way we could survive is if we found some valuable resources.

Past tense is appropriate here. Also Muslims in the middle ages were far more advanced than christians, they also outsmarted them in the battlefield. The fact that the IV crusade was a giant cluster fuck shows how noble those crusades were in the first place.

Christians lost it fair and square also the said crusaders helped to end the Byzantine empire, how cool is that?!

found the mohamedan falseflagger

Might makes right, you LARPer baby


…then the Jews who slew Christ were justified. Do you even realize the implications of the garbage that comes out of your mouth?

She has a blessed style (and heart for being patient enough for animation) but you do know she mocks the OT and is a pagan-sympathizing, SJW atheist right?

She literally titles a video "tribute to the golden calf" and it is filled with degeneracy.

Vid related

Just wait for global warming. Also, inside hydroponics makes anywhere viable for agriculture provided you have enough start-up funds.

Should I really keep watching this in a fasting day? It feels like I'm breaking it even if I'm pitying it.

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Anti-Christian propaganda.

Meh. I separate the art from the artist. A broken watch is right twice a day.

That little chunk of dirt we call "Jerusalem" has passed through so many hands over such a long period of time, the only answer to the question "To whom does it belong?" is "God". It doesn't belong to us.

This post and image x 1000. Trying to create an edgy Christian nation-state in order to "make the world a better place" is playing right into the ideologies of the modernists you all claim to be against. Focus on your own repentance, do good as you are able in the communities God has given you, and leave God's work to God.

modern liberal propaganda

This is retarded concerning the fact sects of christianity were murdering themselves for ages. Even to this even minor differences generate massive conflicts

I like the idea of having a agrarian community for the christian farmers.

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No one cares about the jews's opinions of us.

Why are falseflaggers this retarded not banned or at least warned? Is quashing diapa jokes really more important?

I seriously hope you're not the Muslimanon from earlier for that comment. Sectarianism was not a feature of Christianity for centuries if not over a millennium and today is dying or at least fizzling out across the Christian world.

This. People are becoming less christian, this mean the useless degeneracy is rising and corrupting the children minds so why can't we have a place that are safe for the Christians?

No friend, for once its finally the truth.

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It will be nice to live in Christian nation as long as the death punishment is legal.

I suggest Corsica and Sardinia

I dunno, Corsica is pretty full to be honest.

I like French people

Completely unchristian attitude and false flaggers have no right to call others larpers.

Anyone who wants to "take back" jerusalem is a LARPer Zig Forums baby, who believes that "might makes right". I'm just using an argument that fits their little twisted worldview. I believe that Jerusalem doesn't belong to Christians, because there is no "Christian" nation per se, except the little district of Rome called Vatican.

Palestine belongs to Palestianians and the Jews, people who historicaly lived there.

Pick one.

You think Jews were never in Palestine prior to 1948? So the Bible is, what, made up?

Remember - Bible is a jewish trick, my fashy goy, now give me d'nations ^^ amirite?

I can undestand general spite against "let's just burn all middle east" etc. but you're doing it in a way that implies that you're actually ok with people not being Christian. You're doing it in a way like you don't identify with christianity while posting with a Catholic flag. And finally you're doing it in a way that is as cringy as the posts you were criticizing.
So please stop that. You're not convincing anyone, you're just making more strife here.

Because I am, how would you convert middle eastern muslims to christianity without force? Lets not kid ourselves, religion is a part of the identity, Im fine with most palestinians not being Chritian. Also what is the benefit of reclaiming Jerusalem for "Christianity" (that is internet LARPers who want to be crusaders)? Arent the teachings more important than some piece of desert?

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If you find teachings important then maybe you should familiarize yourself with them. Like, how can one achieve salvation, what is the stance on other religions, what happens with unbelievers, how can you help them etc. Until then I suggest you should stop lecturing others, make some apologies here and maybe stop using that flag.

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Religion is also part of the American identity but the minute something becomes slightly controversial they flop over.(See: 60% of American Catholics accept homosexual marriage as okay)
We want actual converts, not this "its part of the identity" stuff. At this point in history I'm not even sure if there's a difference in the salvation rate of countries which are culturally Christians and countries which just have random people converting to Christianity.

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They were. But most people we call jews today are Ashkenazim. They have very little actual semitic blood in them on average. If I had one great, great, great, great grandfather who was Irish and am 98.4% Indian, does that mean I belong displacing natives to Ireland? Is Ireland my land? Does it belong to me?
Do you think burgers should "give back" their land to Natives?

They were nomads and the land they lived on is not their land. Today the jews is pretty race mixed so there is very few pure semitic jews left amongst them. Please don't larp as an Christian because you are so cringy.

Anyway We need a nation that is small enough to take over by have many Christian children and Christian migrants.

Well, your best best is to create that christian nation in Africa - there are the biggest number of Christians there.

how do you convert those people without bloodshed? what's the point of converting by sword anyway these days?

They are unstable. Maybe the small island with low population around the Africa will do.

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Just be hired in ordo militaris and when the project is complete we'll settle in somewhere

We should crowd fund this.

As long as christianity is a missionary faith it is doomed to get warped eternally.

I like this thread.

Alt-Right wants its ethnostate?
What do we call ours?



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What do we name our theostate nation?


Let's do it

you cannot possibly be naive enough to believe that if there was even the tiniest spot of land anywhere in the pacific, it wouldnt immediately become national interest to some hyperstate like china or the US.

Even if we do make a new country, we will immediately be invaded for not having being part of the (((international bank))).

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This is why I dislike many Christians. They can't just leave their personal beliefs as a private matter, they just have to try and spread them and impose them on others.

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What about a Holarchy?


Except the bible mandates death to homosexuals.

Like poetry

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Why not just a good ol' American theocracy?

That video is brutal but hey they were suffering from fertility crisis for some reason. The world is literally depopulating so the nations become militaristic.

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Well then…

wow, thats NOT a catholic position youre representing there.

its really really not ok for people not to believe in christ when they are aware of his existance. Unless they enjoy being spiritually dead and condemned to hell. literally how can you think thats ok.

To be fair, they could handled it slightly better. Perform artificial insemination/surrogate motherhood during their fertile years without raping or murdering them.

What movie is that gif from? Sage for off-topic.

There are not many fertile women and men left, hence the reason they annulled the second married couples to kidnap the fertile women and their children. The big problem is they are in denial that the men may be infertile just like the women are. To solve the weird problem is the wives use the fertile men to have sex with the handmaids. The biological fathers and mother will never see their biological children.

The Handmaid’s Tale

The men are fertile. Regardless they're still overcomplicating it. They don't need to kidnap the handmaids' children, they could just have the father take care of them. They don't need to kidnap the handmaids either, her only purpose is to carry the child to term. They just need to have her in custody for the insemination and giving birth. The rest of time she could do whatever she wanted to as long as she didn't leave the country or kill the baby. If the men are infertile too, that's no big problem, as it's easier to test and semen is extremely cheap and easy to give.
Just having her do a pregnancy test once a month and borrowing her if she's not pregnant for a certain time period is enough. If the men aren't infertile, there's nothing preventing them from having children with their regular husband, provided they have one.

I feel sorry for the men because there are few fertile men so that means a lot of milkings. If you understand what I am trying to say.

Much better than being raped and giving birth. If the men would be infertile at the same rates, it wouldn't be a problem. But they aren't, the handmaids are getting pregnant. Even if the male fertility rate would be 1/100 of the women's, they would still just need to donate around twice a week for it to match up.

They will need genetic registry to avoid inbreeding with their siblings and cousins.

Would be trivial with modern technology.