Brit/pol/ #2062: Civic NA Edition



Police officer hailed a hero when she saved suicidal woman's life is sacked after calling gipsies 'scumbags' online and posting 'Bring on Brexit'

London fire – massive blaze breaks out at paint factory in Staples Corner

Richard Littlejohn: How to fix the NHS

Channel 4 admits introducing a well-known Labour activist as a 'junior doctor' in a debate over the NHS winter crisis just days after BBC allowed pro-Corbyn supporting nurse to attack government on air

Spotted: a right-wing comedian on the BBC

Women really ARE the stronger sex! They survive better than men during famines, epidemics and slavery, reveals analysis of some of humanities most 'horrific' situations

Ibuprofen linked to male infertility

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first for him

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for him

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ta lad


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Unironically killing pikeys shouldn't be called murder as they aren't even human

I'm sure by the end it was just shitposting but I'm still laughing that there were at one point unironic goyimwell supporters on this board

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Thanks for posting the new thread in the old thread, lad. Lately I keep getting left behind in the old threads and it's really embarrassing when I realise I've been sitting in a dead thread for half an hour wondering why no-one's posting.


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Anyone remember the user who said a massive scandal is barely being contained in sheffield

Not much to be done but laugh at them tbh

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And the moors

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tbh she was a based queen

Looking for work is really heart-breaking, lads

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By the true anti-equality pill I don't mean I believed in equality before, just that I'm starting to really take seriously the ideas that equality, and worse, tolerance, are the values/virtues of a people who're fast losing any real values and virtues.
One example I was thinking of earlier was the implicit assumption of people who aim to eliminate sex differences that it would either serve or be a moral good in itself, for the sake of argument if it were possible to remove all sex differences completely, which is of course mad.
Rooted in the obsession with gender equality in particular - but I imagine now it's the root or a factor in all other drives for equality - is either an ignorance of or contempt for our history, wider culture and traditions. Because, again, for the sake of argument, if sex differences were all down to aspects of culture/tradition, the assumption that removing them must be beneficial has to stem from an attitude that our culture and traditions, worse, tradition itself, are all wrong, immoral, corrupt, or we can't be sure of anything about them at best.

I know this'll be nothing new here and I probably sound a little like Sargoy using the example of sex differences but it's as if I kind of knew this stuff before but I'm only now becoming aware of it and able to express it, even though there'll be many people who could be more articulate.

hierarchy is the celestial order. equality only exists in hell

The answer to 2018 is 1492 tbqh


new political slogan lads for our march on parliament

Should I get some DMT, lads?

you'll meet demons lad, you need to fight them

Comfy corncob pipe tbh

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Cheers user
I'm re-reading her autobiography atm.
bigmac strikes again

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Fresh IKS. folks.

La Royale avec fromage.

lad… im on nofap

What will he get up to next lads?

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ginger beards tbh

You're not alone. It happens to me too.

tfw ginger facial hair

tfw ginger pubic hair

chatting up a really cute ginger girl


Odds on you texting back "I'll come over and take care of you ;)"

thought about it but I've already coaxed her from timid and shy to lewd lord so don't want to over kill it

maybe you're just not attractive enough

What do you think?

I'm a good looking lad and in decent shape
i'm only 5.8 tho

Just tell women you're 6.1. They have no idea anyway, as long as you're taller.

used to upload daft little clips like this all the time but now I'm doubting myself (unlisted atm) should I hit the button or just delete?


ye go on

keep it lad its funny

No need to be careful with the baby, she's got six more

Consider it done lads, ta

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thats what happens when your dad gets jock fever

keep it for something yeah
or smth


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i try not to let it bother me
the problem is i think I'm smaller then i am and that my eye level is how tall i am

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I used to be vertically disadvantaged myself and I had this problem all the time tbh.
Honestly you win my respect for still believing in 3D in CY+3


Not a patch on the original tbh lad

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He should have smoke a pipe and high quality tobacco.

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would rather bun a gret


for you

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this was recommended to me after your video, lad

Chicken meat is for peasants tbh.

I fucking hate this cunt, is it worth watching?

There's a Jack the ripper of cats in my area. Makes me sad.

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Butcher him and leave his meat for the surviving cats tbh

its me I hate cats


if you enjoy being really angry yeah

Oh dear how sad never mind

tbh sometimes when I'm alone in the house and drinking I scrabble around the floor on my knuckles, I can go surprisingly fast when I get in the mood


The future hero of Britain everyone

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Yeah think I'll pass for now, could it be useful for turning on it's head as a redpill video?

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How did ginger hair start anyway? There is no ginger race; apart from maybe Oompa-Loompas. Not that I have anything against ginger hair, it looks great…….. on women.

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Whatever you say goy

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highest ginger population is native to the British Isles

i found myself watching about 4 of them in a row, he is a vapid cunt with no arguments. its a goldmine lad, just make sure you take no quarter and absolutely destroy them epic style

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ahhhh lad its an infamous shitposter

I miss charls I hope he still isn't working as a laborer


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are joe

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thats how you know you've got british blood

ginger isn't exclusively jock tbh

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Why did yorkshire have to get raped so often?

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I get really prominent ginger hairs in my otherwise black/grey beard but I just remove them like some sort of follicle death camp commandant

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I wasnt saying that but my dads family are blonde

yeah its weird how some are blackish and some are light blond and some are red

tbf you yanks need to start thousands of localist movements

Vote Joe for Afro Carribean rights

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your dad's side would have to have the ginger gene too for you to get it is my point

you're analysing this too much

big niggers

the cliven bundy guy won in court and got off free for having a standoff with the government lad

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