Brit/pol/#2066: Second Referendum Edition

Nigel Farage calls for second referendum on Brexit

Sacked minister Justine Greening sits with Tory Remain rebels during first PMQs of 2018 as reshuffled Cabinet joins Theresa May on her front bench

Sadiq Khan warns of Brexit 'lost decade'

Wild boar bites off man's fingertip in Forest of Dean

"Get over it", says mother of boy in row over 'racist' H&M hoodie

Blogger, 53, who 'mocked Anne Frank and Holocaust survivors' in songs she uploaded to the web sang along as her ‘grossly offensive’ music was played during the first day of her racism trail

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for her

Good lad.

reminds me of those stories about midget actors complaining about losing jobs because charities that exist to "protect" them would kick up a fuss if they were used in a way that would "demean" them, even if the actor was okay with it.

I'm concerned that he's being overconfident, the establishment would work tirelessly to overturn Brexit. This is the same overconfidence as with Cameron that got us the referendum and Brexit in the first place.

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i wouldnt disagree with another referendum if the two choices were deal or no deal

no deal would win unless the media goes into pozz overdrive, even then the deal would have to be good for us

but ffs, we dont need another and its just giving them more of a chance to reverse it

Daily reminder that Boars are very indo european

An Oxfam shop very close to me in a busy market town just closed down due to not being able to pay it's way presumably. Are people getting more selective about who they donate to/ buy from? Probably wishful thinking on my part, bit it wd be interesting to see if other branches go the same way.

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I don't think a second referendum will happen. I don't think the EU wants it, and Nigel knows that. They've said themselves several times that they reject the idea, so have the Tories and even Corbyn (

Remainers have managed to convince everyone that we're scared of a second referendum because we'd lose - that we all regret voting leave and that it was based on lies. Now that the idea of a second referendum has been put to bed (seriously, other than celebs and mongy politicians has anyone of any real position of power said we should vote again?) I think it's about fucking time someone on our side stopped acting so fucking scared of another vote, it makes us look like we know we'd lose.

I agree with him, the reaction from all sides has been priceless. 4d chess tbh

Very Indo-European post, good lad.

Boars are cunts though

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any arguments to the contrary are totally invalid
*slaps rock*

*Sacrifices you to the Sky Father*

The world is full of gnashing boars tbh

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Dagadeiwos tbh

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That's a spicy memi

Reading this right now lads. Purple-pilled, but has some good gems.

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Even so much as saying it allows seeds of doubt to be sown, on top of that we have literally everything wanting to work against us, and they'll see this as their chance. You don't give ground to the enemy like this, this isn't baiting them into an ambush and there's no other real strategy other than just pushing forward.

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I'd still be shitting myself on the lead-up to the results, even more so than the June before last.

I'd be pretty interested to see the way a second referendum would go. Would the antagonism from the EU since June 2016, and the fact the world didn't end, lead to more than 52%? Or would johnny-come-lately students push it the other way?

*burns your groves*


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*Co-opts your religion*

you should read this

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you'd be giving students a second chance
also more kids would've hit 18 and old patriots may indeed have died off
right now our country is torn apart and that's not exactly a bad place to be imo

are you a


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im not sure what he's doing tbh, but you can bet on it being discussed tonight on QT

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This as well, remember that old man whose dying wish was that his family post his Leave vote.
We have a lot of the people on our side, along with many bitter people fed up with the nonsense, but they have students that, if whipped into shape for once in their bloody lives, could be a threat.

Daily reminder that no Celtic nation has ever been successful.

How can anyone here watch it with Gina Miller
pure rage fuel

That can't be real surely

I dunno
as a reproductive strategy parasitism is widely practiced by successful species
jocks for example

The Songhai Empire

It is
Based BBC tbqh



It's real, fug

Will add that to the backlog. I'm going on Brit trip tbh. Nationalism risks becoming burgerised and I'm grateful that the Alt-Roight hasn't really taken off here even though the press wanted it to. Gonna read the Collapse of British Power next, and maybe My Life by Mosley afterwards.

Come on now lad, Nigerians aren't that swarthy

Yes they are, that's why we love them

Piers Morgan rages me more. At least with Gina Millar I can imagine grudge-fucking the shit out of her and it stops me listening to what she's saying.

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theres enjoyment and then theres addiction lad
Oedipus was addicted to it

I wonder if people who wanted a second referendum will turn against it now simply because Nige says he wants it, jej

So this book on habits that I'm reading says that while it isn't possible to remove habits from the brain, they can be altered or replaced with new ones. If the process for engaging in a habitual behaviour is as follows: cue/craving > habit routine > reward, then if every time I got the craving to watch porn, I instead sniffed a line of coke, I would still be getting a reward, but without the destructive mental effects of watching porn. Obviously it would be quite expensive but I really am serious about kicking my porn habit, and after a month or so I probably wouldn't crave it anymore.

That carnyx blowing is pitiful

think about it lad
one glance of their tusks and the muzzie thinks he's doomed to hell

Naah, they despise Brexit more than they despise Nige.

What if every time you got an urge, you ate a pickled onion?

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yeah, based frogs

Or just get a hobby rather than being weak and reliant on substances.

after the battle roast boar to celebrate

seems like unnecessary stress lad

Where do you find old booklets like that anyway aren't they rare? on My Life atm, he had very interesting experiences tbh

yeah I think coke might be mentally damaging as well lad




the frogs have always been weak
we werent conquered by frogs, we were conquered by vikings that spoke french

thats how Vlad put the fear of the devil in them
show them real hell
then search the title you want on amazon tbh



Also this

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tfw the Zig Forums brigade will revive the Latin Incendiary War Pig during the race war to break the muslim battle line

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I wish we had some active volcanoes tbh lava is wasted on weird obscure places

this tbh

apparently prolonged usage of cocaine makes you incapable of understanding philosophy or even other people
apparently it can cause you to lose the ability to distinguish between yourself and other peoples minds
and eventually you become an insufferable prick like everyone else who frequents London nightclubs with semites

thats hilarious
a screaming fireball of smoky bacon barreling towards the enemy

Dat fertile soil tho

sounds comfy

And on the way to rotting your brain it rots your nose aswell

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for some reason i can imagine someones stuck their dick in that hole

Based God smiting them

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thanks lad. bookmarked

Probably happened that time she was kidnapped and gangraped repeatedly in a flat in Stockwell for not paying the £5K she owed her coke dealer.

Lad we would be able to weaponise it and use it to dispose of our criminals too.

good page tbh

Do milfs like swords lads? Should I show her mine when she comes round or will she think it's weird?

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such a tragedy
should come with a warning on the side of the packet like with cigarettes


no it reminds them of consequences

make her take your sword to the hilt, lad

Make her your sheath lad

ywn use a magma hose to protect the coast against invading immigrants

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Give her another type of sword

such a poor euphemism
a sheath does way to protect you than a cunt ever will

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I don't understand why Nige did it

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Thoughts, lad?

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never heard of it so I can't comment tbh

overconfidence in the British public and an inability to understand the concept of normies

pretty good, has a nice format to the chapters.
surprising emphasis on history.
if you buy it on amazon though you start getting suggestions for nigger products because it's popular among prisoners, jej

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is 2018 the year the overton window shifts? I sense something brewing…

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It would only be cathartic if someone shot up the entire studio tbh.

I like the historical component as well. One of the laws points out the need of most people to believe in something, and that the death of religion has created a void which can easily be filled by a charismatic leader, quite Nietzschean tbh. I'm not far in at all but it's clearly anti-egalitarian as well, he points out how many advocates of equality are just using it as a ploy to hamstring their opponents. The cuckservatives who've accepted liberal presuppositions in earnest (the Dems are the real racists types) when liberals themselves don't even believe in them or apply them consistently spring to mind.

Of course most of this is nothing new to anyone here, maybe just a more concise articulation of things we already know, but I'm surprised to find such implicitly right-wing thought in what I thought was a very well-known, mainstream book.

le skeptics arguments falling apart
nige coming out with silly stuff
all brexit cabinet

idk, seems like the conversation is moving forward in the way (((they))) dont want it to