Brit/pol/ #2067: What QT Used To Be About Edition

Nigel Farage calls for second referendum on Brexit

Sacked minister Justine Greening sits with Tory Remain rebels during first PMQs of 2018 as reshuffled Cabinet joins Theresa May on her front bench

Sadiq Khan warns of Brexit 'lost decade'

Wild boar bites off man's fingertip in Forest of Deano

"Get over it", says mother of boy in row over 'racist' H&M hoodie

Blogger, 53, who 'mocked Anne Frank and Holocaust survivors' in songs she uploaded to the web sang along as her ‘grossly offensive’ music was played during the first day of her racism trail

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for him

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Fucking soy boy reeeee

For him

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Helmer's a gayist

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*no-one claps*

Good lad.

nth for QT shitshow.

We need to ban gay mods tbh

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Apparently we should have impeached him alongside Toby Young or something.

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This guy nonces

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Someone needs to punch that jew poo

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He's hashtag not my president tbh I didn't vote for him

We need more hot guys on this board(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

would tbh

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hullo SA

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I have curry fever and even I wouldn't

Wut u talkin bout anglo boy

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all middle management must die tbh

That your pick of civic boyfriend helmer?

Piers making a footie analogy to endear himself to the common man

Thank (You)

The man we need to get the Deanos on board tbh


Would also murder lad

For a comedian this guy isn't very funny.

This, as well as other things.

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There are people ITT who would fuck his sisters

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Yeah just let her shout and ramble over him dimblebot



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Triggered epic style for the 3rd time in 40 minutes

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REEEEEE, we won't be able to bully yanks if he does this

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*menaces your village and makes your livestock barren*

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Sounds like the bus.

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Trump cancels his visit to Britain: President pulls out of £750m embassy opening amid fears he won't be made welcome

is that a tranny?


mans not hot

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gender isn't real you bigot

Degenerate pedo Jap cartoon/ 10

Which one of these clowns said 'hashtag just saying'?

The wog MP

i've never understood the gay autistic obsession with Nipponese cartoons throughout the west tbh.

Dawn Butler

How did the audience react?

alpha move tbh

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Gina Miller and the rest of the cunts fuck us over
Should we let them?

Don't even remember, too busy grimacing.

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This fucking wog bitch is making me mental

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Comedy today looks an awful lot like pearl clutching and screeching about bogeymen. Is he supposed to be funny?

Let them do it tbh, a load of shortlisted crazy trannies representing working class white areas.

Fucking hell this "comedian" and Dawn's awful laughter.

An adult paki

it's like John Oliver had a poojeet baby

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How bad was it lads?

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As you might well imagine

not as bad as it could have been tbh I think having a break has built up my tolerance

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Brass Eye and Day Today are the only good versions of that

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This "comedian" was insufferable.

Another good showing from QT. Blumpf, NHS and evil tax dodgers, with a bunch of smug wogs and leftists shouting like children. Good political show.

Is there actual plebs nodding along going “hmm, good point”, fucking embrassing tbh. I’d be interested to know the ratings.

Shite as expected but actually not as fully pozzed as I'd imagine. Not implying that there was any anti-poz to balance it just that it wasn't as strongly poz as it could've been.

Good lad


Yeah I know of him enough to have avoided watching.

That usually seems to be the case each time tbh, just seems futile.

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Why do you only ever show up near midnight lad?

It's legitimately depressing how far the standard has fallen in comedy. There used to be things you could look forward to.

He's the guy off the advert for a comedy show I was talking about the other day. Can't remember its name, just remember one of the 'jokes' in the trailer was a woman saying '20 year old man expects applause for not being a misogynist'. I went on a tirade about cackhanded, low-effort and nakedly orwellian left wing comedy now is. It's literally just 'get individual of X, Y or Z """""victim""""" group, and have them passive aggressively condescend to audience, with inference that failure to laugh is evidence of personal failing.

At least ten years ago they got semi-talented white men to do it. Now they've mostly fallen on their swords (not by choice), the establishment is left with a pool of unfunny foreigners and women to choose from.

On TV specifically I meant but also in general.

The fast show, Harry & Paul, Vic & Bob, Brass Eye like you said etc.

Some days I can post sporadically at all hours tbh, but I usually make sure to check in on the evening if I haven't been on during the day.

nice try GCHQ

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smh I only asked because I've been waiting for you to give you what we talked about last night. How do you want it, I've managed to get it into picture format.

Who actually watches those shows smh

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Zig Forums + Momentum

It's probably a good thing they're pushing this far. Attacking some far right bigot (who's usually fat) is something most of the public will get behind, but now they're attacking them directly, just for being themselves, just for trying to be decent in their own way. More people are going to be getting sick of this shit and tuning out.

It's got to the point where even I think I'm not going to bother to watch it ironically anymore, unless a special occasion.

I honestly have no idea, my brain recoils at imagining the type of person.


Ah fantastic, are you not going to post it here?

As a young teenager I remember watching Have I Got News For You as it seemed very witty but now watching any comedy just feels like being preached to be a new self-appointed moral class of people