Brit/pol/ #2068: Working Class Edition

Nigel Farage calls for second referendum on Brexit

Sacked minister Justine Greening sits with Tory Remain rebels during first PMQs of 2018 as reshuffled Cabinet joins Theresa May on her front bench

Sadiq Khan warns of Brexit 'lost decade'

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There we go.

Good lad.

Are we broken again? Fucking hell


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Ed knows how it feels not to be wanted.

92,000 is gonna be a big mass grave.

I hate twitter so fucking much lads. I just want a Coronal mass ejection to wipe out all electronics.

Based Tracer Tong, tbh.

We're going to have to reign in landlords if we want to deal with the giant transitory migrant non-communities all cities are turning into.

Was only showing in mod mode and recent posts, seems like.

Can't these cunts just bite their pride and put the national interests of the country over virtue signalling, is that too much to ask of our political class.

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Yes, welcome to universal democracy where only the lowest common denominator matters.

It’s way too much to ask. What’s more infuriating is the ‘rival’ party nods along as well. How the fuck do people still call tories right wing?! Damn, wish I was that mental sometimes, seems a happier life.

'I COULD GET KILLED' Moment married imam is caught by paedo hunters ‘trying to meet boy, 15, for sex after grooming him on Grindr’

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>BBC Radio 2 has literally started doing a daily segment where Jeremy Vine does Trump impressions
>help me help me i cant stop tweeting
lol lmao it's just so funny i love hearing jeremy vine do this every day

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Nah, though. It's those right wingers.

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Life imitates shart.

So what, now NFL is going to be full of soyboys and BLM protesters? I'm sure that'll work out well for them in the long run.

It gets so tiring watching this circus go round and round.

Yeah, must feel comfy to be this delusional sometimes

he should BE killed

Reminder; faggot cuck Jeremy Vine got abused by a ratchet wogess who had more T than him. He shit himself, called the police and pressed charges. Also, he wears the shittest suits ever.

It's ridiculous how politics has devolved into playtime squabbles like this.
That tweet was actually sent to me in a fucking email promoting it, their side is trying to promote it and spread it in such a snarky way.

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For a while, maybe, but being little more than a pawn is fucking degrading.

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this, we could finally all get gfs and it would be the age of the chad tradesman

I think I want Corbyn in now. We don't have anyone really worth voting for, and at least if Corbyn gets in I can sit back and laugh as reality comes crashing down and all of their dreams are crushed. Fuck it, I'm voting for Corbyn.

Steve Wright > Jeremy Vine
Only reason I ever listen to Vine's faggot voice is because I know Steve Wright's show will be on next tbh

The NHS is god lad, heathens and blasphemers against the sacred cow must die.

Did you think we'd been exaggerating in the threads?

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*glass breaks*

I love her lads

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It's not even that, we'd be reduced back to the age were it's easier to kill a million people than control them again. That's all I want now a destablisation of the existing power and enforcement structure in the west.
This was my first thought when I saw news of the fire, just like the fire at Euston terrorists have used fire to disrupt a transport hub. It will be covered up

Jeremy Vine is such an insufferable twat. He's got the smug lib faggy voice too, nails on chalkboard

Fuck me, it's this sort of LOL humour tier pushed out by the BBC every day.

No question about it. It's easy to just ignore/brush off most libs but there's something about Jeremy Vine that gets on my tits to the umpteenth degree

*presses the button*
welcome to the human species
*walks away*

Trump is a poopy face

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tbh sabotaging city infrastructure is the best thing we can be doing with out time. It's all buckling and on the verge of collapse, bring one down and you'll get the domino effect to fuck up all the cities so we can drive the wogs out

tbh lauren southern will be in a pillory with her pants down in the ethnostate


But this was done by wogs

the worldbuilding in escape from new york is pretty comfy tbh

Save us JC.

I imagine she'll be one of the lucky ones if you're running the daftie crusade.

daily reminder that one electrician in ohio accidentally killed power for the entire eastern seaboard in north america accidentally in 2002

best ending tbh

Understatement, the tube network is held together with wet duct tape and splints at this point. The amount of times half of an entire line goes down from a signal failure is laughable, TfL now emails people to apologise for how bad it runs.
A bit of daft nonsense could have the whole thing offline for quite sometime, add in some attacks to the electric grid and water supply and you could bugger the city up for quite a while.

Sounds like really poor power infrastructure tbh.

Shame it's nonsense, we'd be back online within a few days/weeks.

yeah my state is very bad we already have rolling brownouts every summer from all the fat 56 percent sharts who come home and turn on all electronics and A/C at the same time last summer there were 17 or so brownouts from april to sept and then a windstorm knocked out power in ohio and michigan for 3 weeks in the middle of january

Nope not if everything goes down. Plus a few weeks is enough for entire cities to starve. Alot of supplies run on just in time mechanics. It would be anarchy.

not if the machine fried underground cables and transformers. those would take months to repair especially if there was no way of communicating the issue


>"People are dying on stretchers in hospital corridors and our foodbanks and homeless give us the impression of a third world country, which we actually are becoming, because Brexit is going to make everything worse"
At least half the population doesn't deserve mercy, there's no excusing this level of fucking stupidity.

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Don't they estimate it's around 3 days without food before everyone in a city goes full mentalist?

That reminds me, I watched The Revenant yesterday. It is one of the most mutt films I've ever watched.

Well they're doing us a favour without the right intentions then

Wreck the cities and yeah they will flee to the countryside initially, but all of this is centered around the principle of unsustainability. Flooding the countryside won't stabilise things, it will all be in motion until at least one group is gone.

Maybe a daft question but do you know anything about the sewage treatment and water systems in London and how all that's faring? I don't know enough to comment but it seems like the whole water system is ready to blow

Prepping us for the shock to come

British Futurists
Need to steer clear of Nationalism but strangely have a very nationalistic agenda couched in clever lingo

"To A Glorious Future Through Our Glorious Past"

what if when jesus comes back he is a wrestler and has an entrance theme? what if jesus has an army of mormons and kills all canites (aka colored people)?

A lot of people are actually too dense to realise how things build up over time. We voted Brexit last year, so that must be the cause of everything bad in the country, nevermind the decades of preamble that have brought us here.

Yeah it doesn't help that there's basically no news and all basic utilites are gone. Fire can spread, no water at the taps, shops stripped bare in hours, all motor vehicles are disabled. Looting and violence follows shortly after.

Whoops. He is also nice without makeup.

Welcome to living in a tiny sliver of the present.

Charles murray is the closest boomers come to being based


Then he really is the saviour.

I actually quite like that

There's still the fatberg currently bigger than the Palace of Westminster and growing bigger each week passing. There's absolutely no real way to stop it now, they keep flooding the country with pakis who open up greasy kebab shops and dump their waste oil down the drain, it'll keep getting worse. If we could weaponise it you could destroy the West End pretty easily.

Not sure tbh


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There's no excusing this level of stupidity. I'm not particularly intelligent and even I can see it, so these lot either blind to it or purposely ignoring it are unforgivable.

I like the slogan, but the name will come across alien to normies.

It's a psychologically programmed blind spot t. former lefty bellend.

Probably a woman

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No, you won't. It's time to put away childish things and become a man like William Regal lad

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That's why you have children, lad, you nurture them through your passions and get to enjoy the nostalgia once more.




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soon lad probably when they come to take the statue of general armstrong custer in monroe, that will be when its time to put away childish things

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Is making a kid watch bootleg cassette copies of 90's wrestling acceptable parenting?

except you just spend all your life wagecucking and your kids get raised by TV shows with men wrestling each other

Alright, real tinfoil talk, niggas.
Do you think this flu outbreak was manufactured to put even more strain on the NHS, to sow even more seeds of doubt about Brexit?

Wouldn't surprise me, it'd also have the added bonus of having more people require medicine, meaning more manufactured, meaning more sales.

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Of course lad. Flu was invented by the Racist Tory Brexit Establishment to close down Our NHS and bury the Lying Bus from history. This is exactly what happened with the Reichstag fire when Hitler seized power. Learn from history, dont repeat its mistakes.

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Good lad, hole up in the old fire house near where grammy used to live

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But what about the bus


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Is he still in office?

Yes. Surprised he's lasted this long tbh

It'll blow up while running down innocent muslims because of how evil and racist it is.

You lads reckon that shithole gate is a cheap shot at Blumpf and nothing but lies from spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)?

What does he do now?

Foreign Secretary.

I think it was a practiced move by trumps psyops group to further divide the populace. shithole is a pretty common term used by american white men and by politicizing it more white guys and men in general become radicalized. its classic polarization tactic by the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Who knows, but it seems like the plan is if they can't remove him they're going to keep him's administration off kilter with constant "controversy".

full time work is designed to keep people tired and stupid.

Apparently it was said during a meeting, so I reckon if it is lies then some heads will roll very soon.

This, if shithole gate isn't enough, they'll come up with another story to discredit his office and blumph himself.

He said it to Democratic senators, it was classic Trump just stating the obvious, then selling the obvious in the deal for some jew scheme they put in his head

What scheme is that?