Brit/pol/ #2070:HMS York Edition

Pupil ‘angry & upset’ after school ‘censors’ her same-sex love artwork
Iran rejects Trump’s ‘fixes’ to nuclear deal, slams new sanctions
Mother of Irish Nigger Bobby Sands dies
‘Arrogant’ surgeon avoids jail after branding transplant patients with initials during surgery
Donald Trump must apologise for comments - African Union
Police told to halt rise of paedophile hunters
Jeremy Corbyn ally quits shadow cabinet after calling for council tax to double
Islam and secularism want to monopolize the public square
Police dog tests are too hard for women: Forces must change handler fitness test after female Pc wins £15,000 damages

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what's going on?

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shareblue strikes again smh

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Out of the darkness we rise
Into the light, we will dwell…

Fuck these are strong memmies

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God it was so easy to bait cuckchan drumpfags back in the day, good times.

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so why was the thread deleted?

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These feel just so organic and full of grassroots passion

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spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) must have been working overtime to set this up

Someone playing silly buggers

fucking kek, how can the leaders fucking bird be suspended from his own party, what a mess.

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Oh wow Henry Bolton's 25 year old girlfriend ended up doing something really damaging to ukip and it was leaked to the press

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She's just so obviously a fucking spy it's infuriating

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At least they more or less actually show up weekly but fucking heck.

UKIP may and as well get some press on the fact Harry and his sheboon are fucking the monarchy over. The Daily Mail comments are "moderated" of course.

Lad i'll dox you
All you need to do is start a party and they will send a train of trim to your door

Obama sat down with Harry for an interview on American news stations.

thank lad. I'll get started on a manifesto


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At least you get bins collected

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time to make our own party, we'll have state funded waifus by the end of the year if we're daft enough

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D-do you th-think they'll send Imperium lad?

I love him, lads.

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I know lad but I'm a narcissistic Jew who always wants more and takes minor slights by anyone too seriously. Smdh.


if it worked for ISIS, it can work for us

This can a mod make a thread pls

Got a ban ready and waiting tbh

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Just make a thread now and torpedo this one tbh
It's the waiting I can't stand

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Ban him tbh

They'll have evolved smarter technology & tactics, I'm sure /newbrit/ is a psyop tbh, these raids and threads being deleted are no coincidence. The big boys at MI5 and their 2 criminal proxy spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) fear British nationalism.

literally the only reason worth participating in the sideshow that is democracy tbh

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no one to blame but yourself, lad
are you sure its ded ded? motherboards don't really fail out right, at least not right away. new one should be under warranty

wopniggers out tbh

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Lads are you sure she's a spy?

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Fucking currynigger
We can smell you from here


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you're a part of the problem lad

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Made a new thread because daftie OPs make me nervous smh

He's only 56% right

Why the fuck would we trust you lad

Smh I hope this time I get a replacement the last one was still under warranty but the company went into administration

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Youre a newbrit shitposter too tbh, why should we trust you

that's the one, ty user

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Those wops chimp out harder than full-blooded sub-Saharans, T.B.H…

Nope. No problem wiv wops tbh. When I look around our glorious land all I see is niggers, pakis eastern euros and poos. Not wops. So wops are not a problem tbh
Pick your battles lad. We can't fight everyone


what dodgy chinky companies are making your MB's lad?

I am commandeering this post

We're in the other thread now lads