Brit/pol/ #2070: Paradigm Shift Edition

Donald Trump cancels February visit to UK

‘Arrest him!’ Protestors storm Sadiq Khan Brexit speech - police surround demonstrators

Women level claims of sexual harassment against top UK art dealer

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wop-user needs the rope tbh

What are we calling our new party lads?

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wasteful, lad

Good lad

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I quite want it to be called the Fascist Party just for the look on people's faces tbh

Please don't Delete it lad

Probably wouldn't get through the electoral comission tbqh

Lad you're not a facist, you're a reactionary smh


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Not even /newbrit/ is this bad come on lads pack it in.

Give it time lad

best not delete this thread lad…

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the "Daftie Party" probably would though

song name?

that's a different board lad.

Smh lads I guess this one's fine

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You can trust me lads take my word for it

Don't remember the last time I posted there tbh


Thanks lad

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*kills you as tribute to SA*

Nirvana - Allstar

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You have to admit it was a reasonable suspicion tbh

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Why the fuck was he thinking lads

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Alizee - J'en Ai Marre

AHHHHH innocent until proven guilty to be honest

muh dick

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Thoughts and prayers

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Not where the daftie flag is concerned lad

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Is your sister getting reemed by a black guy tonight lad?

Kill ukip before X time for a promotion at the local freemasonry's Lodge

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…thats incest lad

kek who reported ulsterlad for thread deleting

No she wouldn't live long enough to do that
That's another daftie

He's a lucky cunt tbf, or she is selling her body in exchange of information as spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) do. Either way, he is still chucking it up her.

it's difficult to find a moderately attractive girl that isn't a complete tart and shitlib-parrot. 1/2 ain't that bad for Willy Wigan.

Lad trade me your sister and you can delete all the threads you want tbh

Fuck off lad the thread was on my side

Whatever you say wop

The Soft Moon - Try

only the other shitskins that lurk here

lad this was a conversation that happened a while back

All those screencaps will be lost
Like tears in rain

aah thank you

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He's not in the slightest bit lucky, he will rue being so pathetic and egotistical.



I would say it's race mixing but that not entirely true

Only because she's whiter than you tbh

Someone from that group has put stickers all over my neighbourhood tbh

do you think we'll be able to make a #2018 by new year?

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I think I found the one lads

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Super busy

unironically, wops will be getting it on the day of the rope

cant have the muzzles trying to pass themselves off as a wop to avoid the deathsquads (seen as most italians look semetic)

There was combat 18 stickers round the corner from me last year kek, caused quite a stir.

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But your not whiter than her either

Can you not get her to shut her fucking mouth?

Did an Italian piss in you pasta lad wew?


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Lad, she has all the pieces, she just needs to connect them all into the bigger picture in the jigsaw of modernity.

Drop some hints.

Orwell is better than Huxley, it's just that brave new world is a more useful analogue of modern Britain than 1984 though in truth both are true

Does she have tits lad?

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what are we going to do about saving the white race lads?

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Kekked tbh

wasn't orwell a communist tho? huxley was a bit weird too


1488 gas the kikes, amrite? xDDDDDDD

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it was all the mescaline

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hullo felow white men. Milo completely REKT those SJWs on his lastest stream, you should all check it out tbh

When he was young but he saw the truth behind it when he went to fight in the Spanish civil war. That turned him massively against it.
Animal farm was an anti-communist book

He wrote an essay on Rudyard Kipling later on that really crystallises his views on it

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trolled epic style

No, his two most read books are anti-communist


you realise bomber harris is an antifa memi, r-right l-lads?

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He was an anarchist at one point but was put off when he saw it put into practice

I like Huxleys work, espicially chrome yellow. He was into more of the psychological manipulation on a social level whereas Orwell was into fascism due to the time there works was written.


Started drinking my tea like Owen lads. Takes a bit of getting used to but it's the superior tea drinking technique

100% Germanic phenotype

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Lithium chlorine potassium arsenic sulphur

With a chose in your gob?

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Chide* fucking hell

Propose to her

Chode* ffs

Lad don't ignore my question.

Does she have tits?

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She does, big firm ones

I tried