Brit/Zig Forums #2072: Late Night Bunker Edition

Donald Trump cancels February visit to UK

‘Arrest him!’ Protestors storm Sadiq Khan Brexit speech - police surround demonstrators

Women level claims of sexual harassment against top UK art dealer

Jewish society calls for removal of London coroner over burial delay

The 'horrific' sexism blighting the beer world

The trans trap: Women who identify as men are NOT offered routine NHS breast cancer screening… but men who identify as women WILL get smear tests

Terrified patient treated like ‘transphobic bigot’

South African protesters ransack H&M stores over 'racist' ad

Cops find boy of TWELVE carrying heroin, a large knife, a wad of cash and two phones

I'll make this lok tidy in a sec

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Good lad

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Have fun in the late night bunker lads I'm going to bed.

Queen and country.

Better thread tbh


That's better, good lad.

Good lad

Good lad

for him

Top lad


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I wanked, lads

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Nobody asked lad


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How tall is he?

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I don't really know the backstory with this memi I just know Lauren likes Paki and Nigger cum.

Not really "trad" by my standard.

the virgin hoverhand vs THE CHAD NECK GRIP

Your ancestors saw you pleasuring yourself like a worthless woman.

My new wallpaper lads.

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*floods you with haitians*

One eye on the streets
One eye on the dick


forgot pic smh

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*floods haiti with water**

I was thinking of a blonde

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whitey BTFO

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I hope his ancestors have better things to do than watch him fliddle with his willy tbh

look how they have bats ready for this

Who the fuck are this lot

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They can't fight one on one.

That's just a leftypol memi, nice try shariablue…


tbf they are probably looking after the successful descendants

One eye on the arithmetic

One eye on the dick

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kek they fell over pushing an old man to the ground

G–d l-d

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shes a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) lad

No-one is perfect but she is fucking close.

immoral don't look

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Being nimble and agile is for worthless radical pagans who can't ever organise in the actual world, lad. Those ethnics are clumsy but brotherly and quickly taking over your (and unfortunately my as well) civilisation.

Nah lad, take it from an actual spy, know one when I see one.

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Speacking of actual spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) where's SA been lately

She's a Jew and a divorcée

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The last thread lad

ta lad

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Watching season 2 of The Last Kingdom. Pretty good, would recommend it.

Vorderman ftw tbh

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>tfw the big boys at MI5 told me Helmer would be easiest to subvert against UKIPs last hope because of his drinking problem

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what distro tho

Fedora 27 with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment.

she speaks like a literal retard

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This video was very telling though tbh.

That's. Not.

When will China make their move to kill us burgers, anglobros?

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they cant their economy is gonna shit the bed once they go from 5:1 to 2:1 dependency ratio and they're too weak now to do anything

Nos da lads.

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her boobs are too far apart

Hamill has finally lost it.

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Is he /ourguy/?

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UKIP died when the dream team went tbh.

Nige for normie appeal, Nutt for policy crafting

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Star wars was Hitchpilled all along

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British Government Squandering More than Double the OECD Average on Foreign Aid

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meanwhile, on twitter

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Live Steroid Fighting Championship

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It alright lad. There is plenty to be optimistic about. Like the collapse of civilization and return to tribal life and warfare that will follow it.

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Unironically this.

Thoughts on CoachRedPill lads?

is this real? wtf

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Spic boomer con artist drama whore.


'REFUGEES RAPE YOU' Shocking new anti-refugee rant from Ukip chief Henry Bolton’s lover Jo Marney after racist Meghan Markle slurs

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I die happy knowing that this future is impossible.

I don't want to have to smash my own brothers head in with a rock when he picks the wrong side/tribe lad, he's a cunt and probably deserves it tbh but I just couldn't do it.

I agree with virtually everything she's been reported saying tbh, it's still retarded and spyish.

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best cinematography on youtube

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shit just realised lads, twitter has leaked all of this

Well if we end up part of the same tribe I will smash your brother's head open so you don't have to lad, it's what tribe is for.

*fades in*
well you see
*takes sip of coffee*
the thing about coachredpill is
*zooms in on coffee cup being put down*
i don't really follow him
*camera starts panning out in a counterclockwise spiral*
so I couldn't really comment on that
*images of nebula and fetuses flash across the screen*
tbh lad


unironically shit myself while reading that, I'd be fucked if that happened, I trust her not to

she should make her own party

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Thanks lad. I know I can always count on you.

That reminds me, that image you posted in the other days thread of someone alleging to be UKIP or something asking for info seemed proper well spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh.


No probs lad

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yeah, reeked of HNH
"this isn't my channel, just one for my hobbies…"

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