Rit/Zig Forums #2073: Assad Edition

Donald Trump cancels February visit to UK


‘Arrest him!’ Protestors storm Sadiq Khan Brexit speech - police surround demonstrators


Women level claims of sexual harassment against top UK art dealer


Jewish society calls for removal of London coroner over burial delay


The 'horrific' sexism blighting the beer world


The trans trap: Women who identify as men are NOT offered routine NHS breast cancer screening… but men who identify as women WILL get smear tests


Terrified patient treated like ‘transphobic bigot’


South African protesters ransack H&M stores over 'racist' ad


Cops find boy of TWELVE carrying heroin, a large knife, a wad of cash and two phones


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Good lad, very good edition tbh

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first for her

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Will be a gang member sent out from london

Forgot to say

tune tbf


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Stop huffing paint lad.

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I stopped taking notice of him after he addawank

Nah lad you've already done that yourself

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I thought people only did that ironically…. smh

Stop fishing for sympathy and sort your life out faggot

Ittt's typingonempty
book re view

tldr - not that good, only tangentially about politics, would not recommend.

I've know about him for a few years. He went from the endearing racist schizophrenic OS programmer to a total trainwreck after the InternetAristocrat's video and the flood of retards that brought to him. Pretty sad – he hasn't really touched TempleOS since then.

stop being a bully

Still want me to put it up?

His he dead yet? Last I heard there was a warrant out for his arrest and he was on the run

very nice

Yeah if you want

ta lad

for her

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Not impressed tbh

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how long was she living here before this? she wasn't wrong in those texts tbh

wrong one newfag

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smh what happened lad?

Stay strong for us, laddington


poor lad smh I hate being a wagie so much. I can feel normalfag wagiedom of sitting in an office slowly coming on and it scares me.

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fucks sake lad, learn a trade already

Oh look a massive subculture of failures just like you.

fuck off bully I already am learning building planning and masonry

Just a long day, lad, and some heavy lifts and pushes.

I will, lad. Comfy now tbh

What do you do again, lad?

*lays bricks*

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It's up.

I work at a uni in an office with alot of 30 and 40 year old women who are all talking behind each others back

Stahp lad.

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a 30 year old lad I know settled for a 50 year old lass smh

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getting a post in before op deletes the thread

Good lad.

cheers lad

You ever thought your the problem?
Smh I wonder how your father feels having raised such a queer.

GOOD lad

Ah right, reminded me of when I first started working in a medical call centre, hellish tbh

brickies are the lowest trade in the pecking order, lad. like groundworkers.

whats that entail? designing stone pillars and stuff?
make me amerimutt

No problem lad, if you have anything else another day just let me know.

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She lurks. And I bet she knows about Bowdenism

She's my new phone wallpaper

cheers for the link btw

nah, daftie lass was frumpy as fuck

that's 90% of 19 year olds, lad. I haven't had a girlfriend that hasn't had them, tbh.

disgusting. I met this one little jewish lass I knew from elementary (5-10) school who taught me to tie my shoes, she is 28 and looks haggard. everytime she talked in her raspy cigarette voice I thought of roast beef.

Smh, belt at the ready lad


Np, yeah she really does something for me aswell tbh not sure what it is

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smh the only problem for me is all the lasses want to move to california or new york after uni to be "glamourous" or some crap. smh they all move away until about 26, then come back and say "im getting a doctorate"

She'll be back as a ZOMBIE ZOMBIE EH EH EH

Funny you act just like them, are you a woman by any chance?

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television was a mistake

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wew lad

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Give me the redpill on soy boys?

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Is that you looking at your life lad?

bugmen is a better term than soyboy tbqh

It's win-win for her, in fact, she'd probably take a shite deal and wogs.




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Lauren in DM today

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That's not Lauren Southern

It looks like the second attempt of cloning southern after the disaster that was Loomer.

fake blondes all look the same with a pound of makeup on

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This interview will never be shown on TV again

I love her, I'd recognise her anyway

I will make her my gf

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he's a fucking cuckold lad

Like 70% of all TV interviews

i was hit with one of those. fucking cunts smh


this is just "MUH MONEY"

Mel's views on Donald Trumps wall

>(((Ayn Rand)))

if you want (You)s post a thot

That's the spirit lad
Remember to pay £200 pounds A month to get that 15 minute Skype call with her I'm sure you'll win her over

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So? She's a based Right Wing LAdy

Lauren isn't a thot, you're just jelly because she's mine

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Wtf I hate Mel now!

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he is a catholic lad, they are mexicucks

is Nige CofE?

r/the Donald

*squeaky noise*

she is a rampant slag. Faith is the true trad wife hotness.

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