Brit/pol/ #2074 Connie Smith Edition

Donald Trump cancels February visit to UK
‘Arrest him!’ Protestors storm Sadiq Khan Brexit speech - police surround demonstrators
Women level claims of sexual harassment against top UK art dealer
Jewish society calls for removal of London coroner over burial delay
The 'horrific' sexism blighting the beer world
The trans trap: Women who identify as men are NOT offered routine NHS breast cancer screening… but men who identify as women WILL get smear tests
Terrified patient treated like ‘transphobic bigot’
South African protesters ransack H&M stores over 'racist' ad
Cops find boy of TWELVE carrying heroin, a large knife, a wad of cash and two phones

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first for

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fish posting tbh

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no more (you)s for you

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how many burgers are new

make sure to subscribe to me on youtube

ok thank you

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Taking the White Minority pill lads. Will let you know if it's any good.

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is THICC a psyop by the jews and maenads to make us like fat women lads?

Hit him with the spray cheese, Tex!

thicc has been corrupted by idiots associating it with fat cunts tbh, same happened to the word curves/curvy

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Forgot to make the backgrounds for the fries and hot dog transparent smh.

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isn't that a nigga memi?
the only way the coons can survive is if they fetishise a fat black bitch

They'll need a 72oz coca cola go with those fries lad

is this the only way robson green can get off?

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"T H I C C" originated from nigger-twitter, no? nigger thirst for big booty with a tinge of feminist body positivity

then imageboards adopted it while posting tasteful white women with thicc breasts/hips/thighs/ass

then people starting memming by replying "T H I C C" to actual fat women or even the pic of Trump playing golf in tight pants that libshits went crazy over

basically, marry a thin, healthy, fertile, virgin girl age 16-22 with a beautiful face.. higher quality genes for higher quality offspring, k-selected rather than r-selected thicc slags that merely appeal to muh dik

*crawls toward the smell of sodium paste*

Should we have a Liberalist flag for Liberalists?

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TL;DR it was easier to get sex before technology came along.

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This tbh. "Thot" is a nigger memi also re-appropriated by MGTOW and imageboard autists. Both memmies are successful online but ultimately a sign of our social degeneration. /thinking/ and the "woke" memmies are from the nigger twitter as well.

it actually was, all the old people tell me how us young people don't talk as much. even the old ladies are really shocked at how little the young women interact with anything other than their phones.

Laugh it up kids, collectivists get the rope first.

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cultural appropriation is the last stand of implicit white identity
Anglo-Saxon Supremacy by John L Brandt basically says that we stole from the Egyptians, Orientels, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans, Spaniards, Italians, French, Germans and Russians. That our resourcefulness made us great. And that we should be proud of stealing from them. And I am. Thanks for the free knowledge world.

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He was right

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I'd gladly settle for an android waifu until that's possible lad.

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What happens when they bite your wee wee off lad? Might get lot of money suing them but that's it.

I for one welcome our late night burgers

wtf did i just watch?


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Currently watching Fuentes destroy some zionist israel first cuck who unironically uses the term "islamofascism" in a debate about Israel, yanks should enjoy this.

56% intensifies

so what's the deal with this guy
isnt he some sort of pale spic

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Not just porn, but really awkward, uncomfortable porn

la creatura is real lad. hug your babies tight

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Really have no idea but he's incredibly well spoken and smart for someone his age, I think he's 20? Crazy, makes me feel like a complete brainlet.

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checkmate skeptics

fail nofap 2018 yet again

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Lad don't beat yourself up, curse of the Tyne

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Yea, he's probably seen some things most people shouldn't see like the last 5 state govs go to prison and obama steal a senate seat.

This is the first time I've ever heard of him tbh

Who is he?

the hot young fresh faced new eceleb you can donate to

You'll have to pry our individual rights from our cold lifeless hands

Thinking about becoming an eceleb tbh

I always fear my accent makes me sound like a thick cunt tbh. Noticed that I start toning myself down and speaking slowly when around outsiders smh

First appeared on my radar as one of the lads who named the Jew on a live infowars stream at Charlottesville.

Just another eceleb who causes unnecessary drama but he has some decent banter tbh

These types of spics blackpill me the most tbh. It's just like in the early 20th century when the Italians wops immigrated and were intelligent enough and hard-working enough to eventually be considered "white" after integrating into America over the course of a few decades. I hope to god that the same thing doesn't happen because of spics like this.

well-mannered spics have been "white" for at least 20 years now lad. It's the North Africans and Central Asians you need to worry about now

Any pics of her?

Pretty sure Joe would say she's a spy tbh

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he reminds me of bill whittle but not a cuck

Their women run for politics and my god keep them out, they fail at management. They don't understand math either.

yeah I agree with this the most. also the castizos like fuentes have huge psychological issues with not actually being anglo american and they often have ulterior motives.

They'll be leading the new America like Jews

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They don't even try and hide it, do they?

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*moves into your neighbourhood*

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and they will bring their latin american elitist attitudes with them. america and canada are different because of the active yeomanry. the caztisos view themselves as the landed elites. they simply ape the customs of whites to infiltrate us.
they also fetishize nordic traits like blond hair. I utterly loathe hispanic self haters like fuentes

I wish these people were closer I'd make them have some accidents if you know what I mean.

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lad I already feel like a nordic alien when I go to the big cities. smh there is not a worse feeling in the world than being the only blue eyed man with light hair in a building. I know that if guns come out I am getting lynched

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its also funny how fast our police and military officer corp have been overrun by hispanics and mullatos.

He's white and there is zero proof that he's not.
Cue people putting question marks around white

(((They))) want to turn the first world into the third world, it works well for them

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it's the diversity policy in place issued by our communist run supreme court and civil liberties union run by al shartpon. They pushed hard to diversity the military under king nig

never hide your accent lad. the california people who have moved to my state and work at my work correct my shitty midwestern accent all the time and say it sounds "unprofessional". censorship of regional accents is a globalist mene

Report them

I have almost no respect for our military tbh all the good lads seem to have gotten out since 2009 at least. I almost joined in 2008 but my friend who did later hated every minute of the military. and the few people I've met who like it are either pogs or total psychopathic ZOGbots

Deport them

lad my boss is from california


Allsup and Fuentes make me proud to be part of #Le56%

It's disgusting, even I get triggered over this shit and I've never even stepped foot in America.

You're not wrong, but it's embarrassing when someone asks you to repeat your sentence because they couldn't understand a word you said, kek. Been a while since I've had someone say that as I naturally just tone myself down around outsiders these days. Geordie can be a bit of a headache for anyone tbh.

wew lad the comment section on that video is full of cuckolds

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Yea it sucks the shitter but you know what's what at least. That fake nig tried everything in his power to destroy the military. Even the command structure was bogus. Money is what also led to this reason, people paid him to ruin the military who should all be shot tbh.

fuck off spic

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I'm 100% huwhite, I'm just saying I'm American, dummy.

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Yes my pretties, fight!

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I was just kidding lass

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Is it too late to declare Wales our white ethnostate?

whom do you serve?


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for him

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nice quints

for him

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This lad really is fucking triggered by my videos, kek

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you actually monotize?

love the projection

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Nah, copyrighted tunes force adverts on videos though, nowt I can do about it

A chugged up goblin like you shouldn't even be looking at a peninsulare tbh. Show your racial superiors some respect and look at the ground whenever Senorita Garcia is posted smh

Bait him into doxing himself