Brit/pol/ #2077: Bayeux Edition

Bayeux Tapestry to be displayed in UK for the first time

Ukip 'is on the brink of bankruptcy': Party faces fresh crisis as senior party figures demand radical cost-cutting to keep it afloat

Oxford teacher investigated for 'misgendering' to sue school

Sadiq Khan set to meet the Clintons on first foreign trip as London Mayor

Former soldier dies while sleeping rough in Edinburgh

It's Time to Drop the Jew Taboo'

Ex-criminal Joey Owens announces plot to return to Merseyside politics

Big Ben and Heathrow were allegedly being targeted for attack by 'ISIS obsessed jihadi' from East London, court hears

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nth for just fuck her already and stop banging on about it lad


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Is she from Corsica or something?

we are all going to make it

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Lads I'm the Father of Faiths baby, and I'm ready to step up

Yeah, they are Franco-Genoese.

Pic related

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If you're that insecure about your microdick lad just fucking fist her.

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for her

If fisting isn't your style, finger blast her to the moon

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Ainsley knows what he's talking about tbh

I want to beat her up


stop it


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PMQs btw

unironically hate nearly everyone this country tbh

Good lad.

Corsicans can't be that swarthy if their dafties resemble ours.

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I knew it was going to be shit and I still clicked

At least it doesn't last as long as QT

Dunno lad. But shes defo weird looking. Im bored so I might aswell. If she fancies getting immoral Ill just tell her no.


Just aced my exam lads

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Did they ask about Modigliani-Miller?

do you want some reward from us or something?

He's not aware that degrees and competency don't guarantee a job anymore, now that kikes hand them out to foreigners.

You know the way women hate other women? Anyone got any great historical examples of it?

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at least he got some (You)s for it tho, eh?

Not directly, no, but capital structure and debt and equity capital were elements.

Why is Dorset such a shithole?

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Don't know why that y appeared at the end of there.

white flighters

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Women love men, and are super nice and stuff. They're just hiding it. Being coy and all.

*misses you*

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an ancient history of phallic worship is nothing to be proud of kiddo

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so based

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You take that back, lad. Real Dorset is great.

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canadian capitalist man on the abrams network

session ale is supposed to be low %

phallic worship is implicitly white

A county of people who ran away.

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5% is low %

That's hipster nonsense


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Don't drink too much ale lad, the hops will give you fucking man tits and turn you into a soyboy.

Anyone else think nigel would have been assassinated if he stayed around?

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what's worse is that they bring their same anti-white consumerist materialist liberal filth with them
compiling a list of their names would be miles long smh

guess every old bloke is a hipster

t. alchie

dont drink tbh
did for the first time in months last weekend and regretted it

Or just drink stout or porters instead tbh

It's literally jewry, iirc it's the EU that forced the rule allowing booze lower than 5%

I'm surprised they haven't bumped him off already tbh.

So your saying humans should adopt a Lobster hierarchy?

He's survived two, three attempts and lung cancer. I doubt it.

t. teetotaler
I wouldn't take your word on booze for a penny.

5% is a pretty high amount of white genes in an american

besides, scrumpy is a far superior drink than beer

tbh lad any of them will increase your estrogen.

They tried to kill Nige and he's still a kosher boomer smh

I personally know a man who isn't very organised at all !?!


>"I had a drink the other day so now I'm the expert"
Small beer is low %, ale is always traditionally high %

Maybe he really did die and they replaced him after the plane crash.

That or all he remembers in his PTSD memories is that the pilot was screaming "FREE PALESTINE" as he plummeted towards the earth, and as a result, his eggs have been well and truly fucking scrambled.

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keek no different to what you do in arguments

I respect you funny jew man

The Jews are notorious bastards.

i dont get no respect tbh

Not true, stouts and porters use very little hops during production, most of the flavour comes from the malts used

t. Brewer

Just like it did throughout history amirite.

Maybe back in the day lad, but these days an official session ale is between 3-4%

cmon lad

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Are furries red pilled?

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he obsesses over whether something is traditional or not despite it being irrelevant

See lad.

Fat =/= female.

The good ones are all over 4

They are mentally ill, I know that much.

man tits are caused by oestrogen you fucking moron holy shit

fat people are also more low t

Furries get burned alive inside those disgusting suits

How's the brewers droop lad? Most grains, especially those high in gluten are pretty bad for your hormone levels in large amounts. Alcohol generally is too.

Lad, those men were men and they didn't have to deal with all of the other exposure we have to estrogen increasing compounds. They could deal with a little spike in estrogen because their testosterone levels were higher. Hormones affect your behavior and appearance, don't just dismiss it, just look around so many of these effeminate soyboys, gays and trannies have hormone imbalances.


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he's an addict
his rationale is quite similar to a porn addict
say anything bad about it and he'll jump to its defence in an instant, denying anything is wrong, and even perhaps saying how good it is

I know lad, but that's the official standard. Maybe if we leave the EU things can change back to what they once were

This is true,, lower strength ones always have a watery mouth-feel tbh

Lad you'd have to fucking down pints of IPA's to get that effect, if you have a beer or two along with exercise and proper diet then it's not going to make a shit bit of difference

I don't have it lad, because I drink it moderation, quality over quantity

So not only is it a pissweak beer, it's more pricey than actual beer, and a small can too. You can huy a pint bottle of ale for less than that.
Fucking middle-class hipster trash gas them all.

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most people are incapable of this though

Nor do we, lad. Cut crap out of your diet and you're pretty much sorted.

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True, the current drinking culture is degenerate as fuck tbh

Nor do we, lad. Cut crap out of your diet and you're pretty much sorted.

That's what I mean lad, a proper beer should be around 5% minimum in my opinion, and until we rid ourselves of this jewry we can't escape it.