Brit/pol/ #2079: Brit Fort Edition

Bayeux Tapestry to be displayed in UK for the first time

Brexit: Britons take EU rights bid to Dutch court

Pakistani humanist denied UK asylum after failing to identify Plato

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Zig Forums dragoons

1st for Zig ForumsAvalon


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nth for getting rid of the internet

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Now if we can just go outside and get off the internet. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN

The corrupt nature of western society reflects the corrupt nature of woman. What we have is a society which caters to the immediate desires of women, and an elite which has handed the reins to women to control, in toto, social/cultural/individual life. Women are truly awful, and the evidence is all around you.

Only women could be so shameless as to support and actually celebrate abortion, in great numbers. Ditto the financial parasitism offered by family law. They are unmasked beasts - not corrupted angels.



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Pakis to the left of them,
Pakis to the right of them,
Pakis in front of them
Allahu'd and ackbar'd

I'm surprised it's that cheap tbh



or just fill in the channel tunnel with it


I just remembered it's my birthday today tbh.

I got you a (You)

Happy Birthday, never liked em tbh

why is good news always tinged with shit, lads

happy birthday!

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This, or compact the ashes into building materials

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dont think I will even think of celebrating mine this year tbh

They'll learn their place eventually.

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Beautiful lad

tbh yep


It's funny how their independence is entirely dependent on men.


unironically we need to write/adapt out own shanties

I detest how smug they are. In spite of the histrionic displays of victimhood they present - all of it is underpinned by an air of self-satisfied triumphalism. Fucking scum tbh.

It's actually doable n'all

tbh absolutely yes

even e michael jones does it

Thanks for the (You)s lads, they're my favourite.

Same, lad. I haven't for years now tbh.

I've never seen the like,
Since I've been born,
Of a shitskin muslim with 12 year old
Oh, Johnny come down to Hilo,
Oh poor old man!

Outsmug them by realising that they need men to recognise their independence, basically nullifying their indepence immediately. They are entirely reliant on men, the feminist movement is just a really long strop after which they'll be clipped 'round the ear and put back into place.

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*Tommy come down to Soho

Kek, we need uplifting ones though tbh, and original ones would be even better.

Have you ever been to uni
In the modern day,
Where you've already failed 'less you're brown or gay
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

Zig Forums's privateer tbh

Kek, these are gold.

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Gun to your head, lads.
You have to get one of these women pregnant.


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pull the trigger

You'll oft see the like,
Down by London,
Of a beardy bastard with a pink dress on
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

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the thicc womyn's children on the right. Looks like thiccness is genetic for the females. Son doesn't look so bad and he's huwhite something a child with that negro can never be smh

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Name a worse PM in British history

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lord north

The southern girls,
They're buckets of shite,
They're the same in Wales but at least they're white
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

jej lad

Gun at your head lads.
Shag a wog or become a eunuch.

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shag a wog tbh
dont think I could live with losing my last bit of testosterone

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If your daughter gets a visit,
From a gang of mozzies,
You'd best keep quiet or you're up before the bobby
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

Who /brainlet/ here

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please just pull the trigger lad, end my misery

Oh it's not so bad,
To be middle class,
No pride and no country but at least there's arse
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

Oh wake him, oh shake him,
Oh wake that lad with the black shirt on
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

It adds up lads.

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a-at least I'm still more intelligent than them r-right?

Oh, wake her!
Don't rape her!
Knock up that gal with the blue dress on
Oh Johnny trying to save the Anglo
Oh poor old man

No need to learn a skill,
No need to learn a trade,
'Cause a pole will do it for a quid a day
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

normies are depressed too smh. Is there a survey that tells us why normies are depressed? Maybe we're not that different

bingo lad

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To be foreign in your homeland,
It's a little bit rough,
But I've got my vidya so I 'spose that's enough
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

I thought this shit was over already.

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Same reason we all are, they just don't know it yet.

If you ever start to feel,
A wee bit daft,
The Met'll pop round and put a bullet in your arse
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

this tbh
and if they do, they don't know what the cause of it is, though we do tbh

daft doesnt rhyme with arse

I guess there is a general feeling people get, maybe they don't really think about it, but certainly there are normie reasons too, right?

It does if you're from a part of the country where people actually live lad

The only major difference between us and them at this point is that they haven't put two and two together yet.

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It's funny to see,
Everyone so glum,
When it's the current year and we're all having fun!
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

Yeah, replace "arse" with "shaft"

if you sound like a quare, yes

what do you mean?

we have to guide them, lead them

kek fair

They rape our children and try to turn us gay
but the Jews will get it on the roping day
When Tommy comes down to Soho
Oh poor old man

what's not to get, lad? Just saying normies might be depressed for normie reasons

Oh they'll have their own personal woes too, but a lot of said woes are due to modern nonsense too. Take for example a young man raised by a single mother never really having a male role model to instill discipline and to look up to, without that he's lost and ends up doing stupid normie shit, never being honest to himself as to why, with family ties being worn away to the point that they don't exist by modern society to blame. Just one hypothetical example.

where's civic lad when you need him?

all sadness stems from ejaculation

Watching all the ethnics,
It sometimes gets me down,
But I know it shouldn't 'cause we've always been brown
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!

Yeah I guess, it affects them even if they are probably unaware of it smh


not again, God dam it..

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That's another one tbf

feelin like shite right now tbf
though tbh a lot of normies never observe what they do in their day to day lives, they never think that a certain action might be fucking them up
escapism leading to more escapism, until it fucks you over completely

The Welsh don't shanties, they have the Choir.


Oh how can anyone,
Feel sad these days,
When the news clearly states that everything's okay?
Oh Tommy come down to Soho,
Oh poor old man!