Brit/pol/ #2080: Doggoland Edition

Bayeux Tapestry to be displayed in UK for the first time

Brexit: Britons take EU rights bid to Dutch court

Pakistani humanist denied UK asylum after failing to identify Plato

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"Israel or Palestine" has other options, "dog or cat" does not.

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Second for my wife's kind of a bitch


posting a yank friendly dog for the start of the night shift

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Doggerland belongs to the turtles now.

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I bet she loves you really lad


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Watching that new video of Mr Peterson's right now and the dame keeps banging on about "fairness" but "something being fair" literally means that it's good-looking. A matter of opinion.

People should instead try to demand something be Just, but then that would necessitate a discussion about Authority, and with so many light-weight classical liberals (of all stripes) round about, there is hardly anyone who wants that conversation.

16:00, at least he calls his Politically Correct opponent "silly".

so it begins

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Seriously, how do you fuck hair up so badly? I've cut my own hair many times, a lot of which has been done without a mirror, but I've never fucked it up ever.

She better

Feel bad for this lad tbh

I think it's deliberate
The man's a yank dentist, he almost has fuck you money. He can fuck his own hair up if he wants

just one of those things

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cats are shit

She probably thought she was being a great investigative reporter too.

How many times did she try to pull the old "there are no trends because all people are unique" bullshit? Just embarrassing

It's just not possible without purposely making it that bad tbh, not sure whether he did it purposely or whether his barber did it purposely, yanks are so bloody weird sometimes that it's impossible to tell.

One of the main things I took away from this interview was just how the thin the double standard of evidence-making which the left insists on is wearing.

If the right tright to argue from first principles:

If the right turn up with a fuckload of science to back them up:

Normies are starting to catch on.Peterson wasn't even particularly brutal in that interview, she just fell apart the moment her Jewish argument-schema was challenged

its seems like short hair that is inexplicably spiked with gel/wax. its so good I have a feeling its of divine influence.

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dam it spoilers

what kinda thumbnail you want fam

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It pisses a lot of people off. They never make an actual argument, they never go into a debate intending to actually debate, they are so fucking reliant on vitriol and ad-hom that they've forgotten how to actually fight back.
People are pissed off with it, it's the same old shit-flinging and stropping when met with opposing conviction, and it's not going to fly for much longer. The bastards and their (((friends))) have run out of tricks on this ground, reality is going to charge along no matter what, the only question is how long they can keep running away from it before they're out of energy and the inevitable trampling begins.


Just fuck my party up

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I really wanted to like Mindhunter but that nigger loving bar cunt in episode one made me turn it off

thats the real big ed though lad, the real thot hunter

yeah I know lad

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Lad don't take the Edpill take the Ryderpill

sam is basically the same height too tbh

ed's mummy is what made him fucked in the head lad

Same with most lads tbh. Glad my parents just told me the truth about Jews and then left me to get on with things.

Found something interesting lads:

All British heritage countries are being colonized by non-Brits and non-whites. But you already knew this didn't you?

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Ed Kemper recorded audibooks in prison
You can have him read you to sleep

Well we are the holocausters so it's no surprise.

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Who /gluttony/ here

Err delete this tbh


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yeah I have been looking for them he did them to talk people out of doing that stuff tbh, seems like a good guy who got took women hating too far

You won't build your wrists that way tbh

I get absolutely no pleasure from eating to excess, it just makes me feel sick. I don't understand why people do it.

stop posting inappropriate drawings las

Farage doesn't seem to give a shit about the utterly dismal state UKIP is in, I don't get it tbh>>582023

Suck your mum



Ban this sick shit tbh

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WWI destroyed Global White Supremacy.
Axis defeat cemented this change.

Lass what is wrong with a tasteful cheer-leading pic?

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Since watching a David Icke vid posted earlier, YouTube has been recommending me loads of mega-dafty concent

Right now I'm learning about the secrets of antarctica

Deluge edition?

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Well if it were still a wood then that castle could easily be beseiged

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jeezus christ

now its space for a different kind of cattle


only sa is allowed to weeb post

You mean it wasn't being used for anything?

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Don't insult cows please lad

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Hes stopped using christchan so much hasn't he

probably true, tbh

Ban f81841 tbh

Best make a return of it then shouldn't I

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the new sa must not have gotten the full notes from the last, smh. the absolute state of GCHQ


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mods just leaving paedo weeb cartoons up now?


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Why even bother going on?


refresh lad

The fact we have to ask you to ban that is bad

I hope the new SA is a delicious twink like the last one

nightshift just gets worse

SA likes lactating women


Err no

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>"how dare the mods not browse the thread and examine each and every post individually and scrutinise them to the very last detail!"
wouldn't that be a powertrip

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see you lads later this is "great" shitain tier rn tbh

Sorry lad I forgot you spend more time on Twitter

Wew he has stacked on the weight hasn't he



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didn't need to see that right before going to bed

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Hmmmm Stein I might be a faggot lads