Brit/pol/ #2081: /arefish/ are delish Edition

Public ‘overwhelmingly supports’ UK taking back control of fishing grounds

Get out! EU fishermen should LOSE access to British waters after Brexit, shock poll claims

‘Life will be hard!’ French fisherman in pieces as Britain to finally get its waters back

Yorkshire woman fired for being daft

Calais migrants: UK and France sign new treaty

Two Arrested After Police Station in Swedish 'No Go Zone' Bombed

Austrian far-right orders 'border protection unit'

How Britain chose 'willful blindness' to Robert Mugabe's notorious Zimbabwe massacres

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Objectively false. Women are always a burden at best - the same is true of effniks.


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Why does anyone take this man seriously?

Checks out.

pedophiles must live tinder.
all these attention seeking women with young kids to prey on

I think he's great tbh


he would have a field day tbh

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They should have just called it Kinder tbh.

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The CIA are engaged in a plot to implant thoughts of suicide in readers of WN sites. Example CIA post:

These are characterized by plausible posts that don't quite seem to mean anything. They, upon close inspection, don't actually have anything to say. The suicide imagery may be embedded in clever ways - or overt ones.

This technique was used against magic nigger Martin Luther King Jr., by the FBI (really CIA agents using the FBI as cover).

Based bennies

but you're not happy
you just masturbate a lot

Rather depressing that such "women" are so common that they're found within mere seconds of each other, however that app does attract their kind so it is to be expected.

He spouts nothing but pseudo-intellectual psycho-spiritual nonsense. I'll teach you to make your bed for free lad, and I'll even tell you about hospital corners.

Having said that, ten years ago we could have called it naïve for a schoolie to get her kit off for her online bf, not realising that the images will be swopped online like Pokemon cards. But they can't claim naivety anymore. That boat has sailed.

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well no that's not what he does really
or it least it isnt the only thing he does
I watched his 2016 maps of meaning lecture series and thought it was really interesting
the idea that he has become some sort of gnostic cult leader are a little overblown. really most of what he does is to encourage people to look at the great stories of western civilisation as learning tools and give them access to accumulated wisdom of past generations.

milton keynes

milford haven

< you just masturbate

Reminder sex is just masturbation with the illusion (belief structure) of social acceptance.

good think i am a

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elon musket



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Shoo, lad. You don't want to be here - you just don't know what else to do with your time. Go grab an air rifle and solve the squirrel problem.

Joke's on them tbh. There's a lot of traitors that are going to die before I'd turn the gun on myself.

oh i get you you're the fbi demoraliser how meta

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Goes without saying tbh

SA put an end to the Tinder shit ffs

This tbh, get an air rifle, it's something to do

Is it a good idea to make a tinder just to laugh at thots

i want to rape your pretty mouth

It stops being funny after a while

nah it'll justbreak your heart

If you are not producing White offspring, or contributing to White welfare, you are a parasite.

Yeah, especially when you make yourself repulsive as possible.

no idea why I haven't even thought about getting an air rifle yet, thankee for the idea
Maybe I could kill a few bunnies too but I don't know if that's legal, not that it matters tbh nobody will catch me


Yeah enough tinderposting for one day tbh


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then why are you encouraging masturbation

ironically, lad
i wouldn't enjoy it

How many do you have lad?

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I think he's saying that sex for anything other than procreation is just masturbation

< obeying laws
itt: brain slaves

>If you are not contributing to welfare you are a parasite.

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Art history student though lad, and all that shit taste

bit silly

kill grey squirrels instead mate

Small girls are my fetish
She's obviously damaged goods though

Can be decent depending on what exactly they are studying a tenner on it not being older than the 1900s

True, though.

< oy vey, goyim, don't help White people

damaged goods are my fetish smh

Yeah, Art History students are cunts, I had an augment with in a seminar in which he insisted Asia minor was in Europe.

Codeword for nonce.

Codeword for complete fucking retard.

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We could double team her lad

christian asia minor was european but not since islam took over

thats you projecting your own perversions methinks

What do you mean? Making a bio that's repulsive or using terrible pictures?

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i have an unflattering picture in my profile

If she's not a virgin then you're pretty much a faggot tbh.

2 men dicking a thot is the least gay thing possible

As long as you look like Angelos then you're good to go

aaaaahhhh why has modernity made finding a woman that is a virgin so impossible.

its the ultimate expression of brotherhood

Nope, there are definitely less gay things.

Smh are you holding hands while you do it or something

I just want to meet a lass, let alone whether shes a virgin or not this is fucking helll aaahhh please let me talk to a girl

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Join a club

you should consider becoming left-wing and then lots of girls will talk to you about how smart they are and how everyone else is stupid

because non-virgin brides wreck homes on a large scale and the Illuminati want to destroy the family unit as we know it to make us all individual body-computers for their purpose. They're turning us into tools lad, only utility to the reptilian inter-dimensional Babylonian Brotherhood is important.

We shake hands before and after

this tbqfwy

Lad you don't stick the dick in the same hole.

Lads how do I become more British?

no idea what ones are in the area smh

bugsy the fanny tbh

It was a crazy night, yeah? Me an Deano were out on the town an this lass was well drunk. Deano being a nutter as usual asked if she wanted a spitroast. The absolute mentaller!!! Anyway, we went back to her parents house, she was well pissed but we managed to record it on my IPhone. It was well funny, we kept high fiving all the way through. Once she passed out we went downstair and absolutely trashed the place lol.

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You're a faggot.

Classic Deano tbh

Get a British passport and then you're 100% British ;^)

kys and hope you will reincarnate as one


youre supposed to look into the eyes of the other blokes while youre shagging her tbh

You could go knocking doors. Pretend your Mormon or something.



How do you feel about this?

5 hours to pub time

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Then look. What are your interests