Brit/pol/ #2084: Based Romesh Edition

Macron says 'special' UK deal possible

Majority of Britons think UK is right to leave the European Union for first time in six months

UK weather forecast: Snow warning in place as 'coldest night of winter' could see temperatures fall to -14C

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Bad lad

important poll

Good lad

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Wew some lads must don't like Peterson fair enough

Smh papists can't refute this.

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How can you like Peterson and not like Sargon? They're the same fucking thing.

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Thank (You)

Intermediate level of good and bad lad.

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>hey user, why dont you have a girlfriend yet?

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No they really aren't.
I can ignore Peterson being a centrist because it's not really what his work is about.
Hes about psychology of archetypes
Sargon is just a fat guy who vlogs. I learn nothing from him.

reminder to report, filter and ignore tinderposters

Almost as bad as dating siteposting tbh

He's a based British comedian just like you or me lad smh

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"nationalism is identification with the father and that's why it's bad because we are all individuals"

"people that are proud of their nation are losers lol"

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Sargon is a dead end whereas Peterson connects people to subjects like vid related, which is good.

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Made me chuckle slightly tbh.
Looks like a good turnout, meant to have a look at what's been happening over there when it was mentioned before.

The tinder thot quota is now full, thankyou.

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any livestreams happening tonight?

Hahaha fucking collectivists

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He's a better sophist than Sargon but they promote the same ideals.


They're both dumb guys that preach individualism to the extent that they personally like it. They will argue "but that's not individualist" you can't argue "X goes against Y principle so it's bad" when your own ideology goes against that principle. They're low brow charlatans gas lighting their white male audiences. Useful idiots keeping what already is, alive.

* Starts his own Collective *


How can one be better at promoting fecklessness than another.

"better" is a pretty vague term. "More convincingly argues the same garbage" would have been clearer.

Because he draws more people in and convinces them of his bollocks better.

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Fair enough lads.

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Time for war with Iran goys!

But there has been coverage.
It's the same fucking lies these cunts always push
>"hurr BBC is right-wing Tory supporting bigots! They hate Labour!"

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I guess my point is more that I really enjoyed Peterson's psych lectures and his use of historical archetypes to show understanding of how humans operate. I don't care that he's wrong about individualism because I can see hes wrong and i can focus on his good stuff. I learn a lot of other stuff from him.

Sargon is of no value at all.

actually, my 1 hour video dissecting Jordan Petersons Sky interview will prove that I am the more intelligent individualist :^)

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Reminder that For Britain is our last and only hope

Yes, lad.

Reminder that For Britain is our last and only hope



fuckin hell, watch out toriees there's a new kid in town


I know, and yet there is literally no other hope for us

top fucking kek it really does get to her

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Stefan Molyneux Introduces James O'Keefe in NYC

has your Nige contacts let you know any more about his new online activist party, lad?

another important poll

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Gave it a yes but only because I think from it something greater will rise.


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Surprised it's still a thing tbh

It'd be a trainwreck either way
Just a different kind of trainwreck

It would be worse.

Sometimes I wonder if the whole "anti-collectivist" rhetoric is just them making a point about how "collectivism has been forbidden for white people". Because it has been, but not by them.

It's been forbidden by people by people who say one moment, "Your pro-white policies would be allowed, if you could get people to vote for them". Meanwhlile, these anti-whites turn round two-facedly and say nothing when pro-whites are fired from their jobs for off-the-job politically incorrect speech : who say nothing when pro-whites are beaten up in the street by anti-white thugs : who stand back quietly when pro-whites are ejected from social media despite not breaking any rules except for using polite but still politically incorrect language (these two-faced types will say in such a case that "it's a company's right to choose who can and cannot use its services").

So, at least these anti-collectivist types will come out and say that whites are not allowed to collectivise. While the real evil comes from the ones who say that whites are allowed to, but then turn round and do everything to make sure that it doesn't happen.

I agree that white people still need people to stand up for whites, but these anti-collectivist types are making a reasonable point about how whites are in practice held to a different standard.

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crypto-jew neo-British elites infa 1488%

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Ukip died on the night of the referendum.



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Bolton wouldn't have won if she hadn't intervened tbh, would have been Whittle 100%

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) at every level

She would have re-energised the party

Instead it's just withered into nothing

Yeah naah timeout for you tbh not doing another bloody umpteenth thread of this.

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no lad, UKIP died when they decided to not run candidates in all constituencies under Nuttall

Tbh I've never seen any of his vids

We need our own one of these with a see shanty and some of our memmies.

this tbh I can;t be asked going on about this again.

40 Principles to Live By | Mike Cernovich and Stefan Molyneux

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*bows to the new aristocratic class and humbly thanks them for single single-handedly saving the white race*

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When are you going to write something for me lad?

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Dear lord I'm not watching that.

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Bantz aside, I dont get why everyone spends so much time bitching and arguing within the movement. Its completely counter productive.

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one last heart breaking poll

The Death of Hollywood | Milo Yiannopoulos and Stefan Molyneux

just found out lads:
what do lads?

What the fuck is their problem?

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Lad I don't fucking think so

I don't get it either. I've seen twitter pages of ethno nationalists and their entire timeline is filled with shit flinging at Dickie, Woes and Allsup. It's a lot like looking at a lefty twitter page but those guys are their Trump. It's autism.

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Soon, maybe I'll do a video with a complimentary piece

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Because they want purity and they ignore that politics is pragmatic


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this is a daftie board now

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Good shout lad - personal favourite, got that one downloaded to the i-pad. Here's another great one, pure mind blowing philosophy.

Its like they want things to stay as they are.


How do I crack IDM lads?

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smh lad I bet you haven't even donated more than one dollar to Free Domain Radioâ„¢ today

Nice lad, I always make sure to watch embed related every time before I practice witchcraft tbh

yeah, i wondered if NA would let a swarthite in their ranks. Dont the believe in a pan-evropean ethnostate like dickie?

Profound misery and regret in their life choices


They pull a stupid face because they're self-conscious in a feminine way about being percieved as ugly