Brit/pol/ #2085: UKIP 2.0 Edition


Margaret Thatcher 'wanted a whites-only South Africa': Diaries of one of the Iron Lady's top diplomats also reveal she wanted to 'push' Vietnamese boat people into the sea and 'loathed' Germans

Fresh Hitch

Shoppers slam Amazon for selling T-shirts, mugs and baby bibs saying ‘slavery gets s**t done’

Petition to get a home for SAS hero Bob Curry approaches 225,000 signatures

Four men jailed for firearms offences

Fears over Belgium becoming a back door to Britain amid tighter security at Calais as armed migrants battle police

French Leftists Complain Their Children Cannot Succeed in ‘Diverse’ Paris District Schools

‘Even refugees with a university degree have an IQ of only 93′

Angry students turn to Marx in their pursuit of revolution

Schools rushing ‘on whisper’ to label pupils as transgender

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Good laddo

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Bolton needs to fuck off tbh

I want to hold hands with a beautiful lass.


Ukip news to shut up shop tbh

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Are there any good examples of quality architecture from the last say 20 years in the UK? I'm not convinced

open your eyes, lad

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It's shit.
t. dorset


this is supposed to a greeat one they will be building sometime soon

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Second pic is nice but poundbury always seemd larpy to me

wtf is this rubbish?



Do model villages count? If not then no.

Yeah, I'm glad that an attempt has been made, but it's always going to look kind of fake and artificial (because it literally is).

Don't want anyone on Zig Forums to speak highly of Margaret Thatcher ever again. Anyone caught doing this will be reported.

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It's also full of middle class wankstains who bring their white flight filth with them from cities

same should apply to AMWfags tbh

Unironically it looks like a broken toast rack.

I'm just trying to recall stuff tbh, if you go through Architecture Revival you'll find some.

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Is Google /are skynet/?

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chuckled tbh


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fucking lol

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it looks like toytown tbh.

And there has been no good architecture because there has been no genius as derived from God.

Weininger says it is the "genius" of man that causes great architecture and music, and look at the state of both of those genres today.

The most important thing about it is that it is ugly and will ruin a beautiful part of London.
Job done!

apparently dafties are being activists today

Fucking why

So it's just jews doing what they do best then!

It'll probably get vandalised anyway.

nevermind smh

>solve by __ ___
I like where this is going.

fresh BRITISH music

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Mr gf is in that band

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That's not swearing. That's romance.

they look ugly tbh

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How Christian is your area lads?

tfw Lancashire is somehow England's most Christian county

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Rather high considering it's in London.


good question


They look British.

She's getting down to business.


filtered, you utter moron


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Berkey, I hope.

Good lad. UKIP 2.0 when?

Lancashire has always been a Catholic enclave due to the nobility and gentry rejecting Henry VIII's retarded "knock all the monasteries down" hysteria.

Nige said this morning there's absolutely no chance he will form a new party, but this could be a bluff to dissuade UKIP from giving Bolton the boot and potentially bankrupting the party

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Unironically based tbh

Farage has openly said he'll return to Ukip if he needs to.

How thick are you all? Ukip is obviously useless without him leading it. The point of Ukip was to achieve a Brexit vote, which it did.

If there's a second referendum he'll come back, but there won't be because that would lead to daftyism.

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you can tell bradford from the thumbnail rofl

If Farage makes a new party how easy is it for councillors/MEPs and the like to defect? UKIP councillors have been defecting to the Tories without any objection so I assume it would be possible?

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Depends if he has the money to make a new party?

Job done!

He has enough of a name to attract backers tbf

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They are, they're just timber framed with a brick skin. It's cheap and thermally efficient.

what kind of backers, is always the worry lad.

What's Banks up to these days?

a big black nigger with his sea boots on

paying george galloway to write opinion pieces for his shitty news site

probably being a boorish prick trying to LARP as a Yank tbh.

If anyone can attract the funds for a new party it'll be him. I remember him saying he wanted to make UKIP more grassroots and people powered like the 5 star movement in Italy, I'm sure a new party would be able to fundraise pretty successfully.

Probably Banks tbh, that Patriotic Alliance doesn't look like it's going to materialise and Leave.EU have been shilling UKIP & Bolton until recent events.

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Bolton isn't that bad. Everyone makes mistakes.


thanks, MI5

Yeah, your parents aren't that bad

yeah naah

he was a thirsty manlett that jumped on the first spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) that came his way

tbh Nige isn't a moral lad either.
Divorced his wife because he kept committing adultery and was never there as a father to his children.

*C02 warms the climate?*
*Sounds like a good excuse to fuck over the coal mining unions!*

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Watch this lads

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Nigger-tier behaviour

Was any of this ever confirmed or was it all speculation and rumours? Can't recall tbh. I know he had that french tart renting from him but there was never anything definite.

Seriously who the fuck cares, this is all such a non-issue on the fringe of things yet it's treated as the one and only important thing by MSM.

tbf his wife was a kraut so you cant blame him

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Uppity wogs are unwittingly pro-Anglo tbh

My only hope is that they'll wake up one day and realise merely existing as a white person in your country of origin is the reason the ethnics have a problem with them.

Is this real or a parody? Honestly cannot tell.

Why can't I delete this post, videos not working properly.

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Did BO remove post deletion?

It's honest, it's like they think we can't see how dirt poor they are or how free trade has robbed nations.

fucking hate free trade faggots so much