Brit/pol/ #2088: Cooking Commies Edition

Antifa building torched in Thessaloniki, Greece

Greek far right burn squats, vandalise Holocaust statue

Blogpost: URIP
Bregrets? they've had a few… but tough luck, Remainers, the majority still wants to leave

Dad-of-three who weighed 280lbs shows off his astonishing transformation after he ditched carbs and lost 82lbs - because he 'couldn't keep up' with his kids

Robot Shop Assistant Fired After One Week for Irritating and Confusing Customers

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Good lad.

Good lad



too early tbh, but its too late now

I know a bloke from Thessaloniki, proper right-wing greek hates turks

For Essex. Best county tbh.

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Patio of England tbh


What did jewlet mean by this.

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Tbh, at this rate there is literally nothing positive associated with the party that wasn't exclusively tied to the referendum issue, and no sizeable faction in the party that could reform that image and expand it politically. People like Farage or Nuttall that can passionately deliver the case against voting Tory are the exception rather than the rule and both of them have moved on.

Even further than giving up support, I don't see a point in voting UKIP anymore. Getting an elected representative we agree with under their banner is as much a crap shot as for any other party.

whats the surprise tbh

The wonders of diversity.

Those 2k likes are mostly by patriotic zogbot 56%ers. Depressing tbh.


Nigel Farage To UKIP Leader Henry Bolton - Your Actions Are The 'Height Of Stupidity'

have you ever done it lad

Nah I like my bones intact

Nehlen's first tweet got far more traffic than Schlopiro's

cheese is made from milk you know

I quitted UKIP when my membership expired about three years ago.

smh fkn twiglets when will they learn

what a let down

I cant watch, its like a car crash every day with UKIP and that goblin in charge

I honestly don’t understand the yank love for Jews? Most Brits wouldn’t give a shit about a Jew.

They're literally goodest goys.

Nice burn lad

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nigel is so cute tbh

something to do with circumcision surely. It's kind of satanic when you think about it, mutilating a little boy's genitals in a ritual. I get it for medical reasons but otherwise why would you bother let alone celebrate it? Gay satanic pedos.

It's completely unnecessary in the modern day and age.
Yanks have taken "judeo-christian" to heart.

Good point. Fucking bizarre how they managed to cut like 90% of yanks. Did they try that over here? What based lads shut that down?

I let my membership expire years ago too, and they keep sending me emails and letters in the post.

Raheem Kasseem somehow manages to send me emails too even though I definitely didn't sign up to anything by him.

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yank Christians have this weird idea that when the jews control all of the middle east then the rapture will happen. they unironically took the "Gods chosen people" memi forgetting of course all European history after Christ, who persecuted Christ and well basically everything in the bible.

Lads I'm at about 10 mins of my re-cut of last nights panorama. Just a highlight reel of the most interesting/important pieces, I've cut the usual EDL/talking head fluff from it.

The original was 30 minutes long, the finished piece will probably be 12, does that sound reasonable? Tried to discriminate as much as I can.

Evangelical Christians have a massive boner for Jews, they also make up a massive amount of the population.

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same tbh

I took me sending a few emails to get completely removed from their mailing lists.

I don't recall it ever being tried personally, I don't know nor have I heard of anyone being circumcised.
Yankland is a literal kike puppet.

Yeah theres a lot you can remove for being feel-good-luvvy-filler like the friendship ring with all muslims and two white girls discussing interracial relationships.

It's fairly long but so long as it's not unnecessary padding it's perfectly fine.

I think it was tried around the end of the victorian era until interwar era, not sure tho tbh

Burgers love for the Jews is a result of a false theology called dispensationalism.

Development of dispensationalism was basically bankrolled by the Jews. Pastor Anderson has a good movie about it "Marching to Zion".

Robot rights when?

Holy shit the yanks are actually a race of Golems.

did they even read the new testament kek

Dispensationalism is complete bullshit. Only Covenant Theology is based.

I don't understand how it is possible for Christians to have such love, never mind for tolerance, for Jews when being a Jew requires the active denial of Jesus himself.
Another thot bites the dust
This wasn't a milf lad taking things too far was it?

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who did they think Jesus was talking about with the whole "synagogue of satan" thing

I bet they tried. We owe the white doctors who told them to fuck off. “It’s more hygienic to have your helmet dry out and rub on raw denim.”

LOL. Remembering some heartfelt post on Zig Forums a year ago about a lad when he looks at his cut cock and always feels hate for his kike masters.

truly an awful thing tbh, to deprive a man of his manhood, like cutting bollocks off

Sounds alright tbh

Dispensationalism (which is a late 19th century novelty) stands against everything Christian church ever taught about the Jews.

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Looking forward to this video.

Why are there so many gay lads here again smh


birds of a feather flock together. what does it say about you that you frequent gayist boards?

mental illness tbf

He can go FUCK himself. I'm England till i die, england till i die, i know i am, im sure i am, im english till i die


Yummy, ngl

I wouldn't mind you guys having an anthem tbh, so long as it isn't Jerusalem.

She's from America.

Jerusalem sucks for many reasons.

Fuck off kike

Jerusalem is bad for an anthem but is good for a hymn

there is only one good alternative english anthem to Jerusalem

What song could we use then that's exclusively English

u wot m8



something new
something about killing pakis

>"oy vey da goyim are trying to claim muh city kvetch kvetch kvetch"

Smh go make /gaybrit/

Sod off new tbh, stick to old, stick to traditional.


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There was a time when something "traditional" was new
Under your leadership no new art or music would be created simply because its new
kill yourself you spastic

tbh no more anthems
we need marching tunes
fife and drums

We had this same debate about a week ago. All the good ones are about Britain. Anything solely about England is dead tbh. I wrote my own one quick.

Oh England, god’s green and pleasant land, where the longbow fired from a peasant’s hand.

Also, fuck Mogg too then. Hope his six kids get some diversity soon. So fed up of everyone being spineless.


you seem slightly perturbed

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not my fault hes a mongoloid tbh

Wow if only I were middle class enough to have figured that out.

Not an argument

That's quite nice tbh, though I don't understand lads aversion to Jerusalem

It's bad enough that news sites do this.

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More details about the story here

The word Jerusalem is tainted tbh. Just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. Anything is better than Gid Save The Queen, such slave minded uninspiring kack tbh.

So she was basically a hooker then, probably got nigged tbh

new anthem tbh

its from a Zig Forums video lad they've embeded it on every single page of their site like true patriots

You're letting jewish trickery win, lad.

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My gripe is that Joseph of Arimathea visited the British, not English. Don't really give a toss about the yids.

I don't use Firefox and gave up on trying to figure out how umatrix worked.

the national anthem should be the screams of our enemies begging for mercy

Jerusalem's an allegory anyways about the idea of heaven on earth. Anyone who thinks its genuinely about rebuilding the middle-eastern city of Jerusalem which was controlled by muslims when the song was written needs to re-take their English GCSE's

How about the sound of a German city being firebombed?

Exactly lad, even just reading the words to the hymn tells you that.

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Never change lad

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