Racism is not Christian

Racism is a sin, we are all created in the image of God. To hate one another based on how God created us is to hate the creator himself.

Yes God created the nations and the territories, however he did so that we could learn to know one another, not to hate one another.


Hatred for each other based on race stands against God's message.

Christ came for ALL humanity, not just whites, or blacks, Jews or gentiles.

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0/10 work on your bait


The proper quote is "The kingdom of God will be all around you". That "inside of you" thing is a bad translation meme.
You're welcome!

Luke 17:21

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Yes, but would you agree that virtue signaling is a form of pride?

That's the bad translation meme I mentioned.

race mixing destroys what god created and is not christian

Yes, but I am not trying to virtue signal. I am trying to address something I have seen amongst some posters on this board which I think comes from unchristian beliefs.

Explains everything.

Moses had an Ethiopian wife, Zipporah.

You don't have to come from my perspective to believe this. It is the mainstream belief for the Roman Catholics and Orthodox as well as most Protestant churches.

Romans 1

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I think you are trying to distract from the topic by focusing on a very simple image.

so? moses was a human and was capable of sin

It's funny you said that because God punished Moses' sister for being racist towards Zipporah

Seems like the sin lies eslewhere

So why didn't God tell him it was wrong? God gave Moses lots of commandments.

Zig Forums infiltration thread

I am not a leftwinger. That is a baseless accusation.

I think it's someone who wants (You)s. There's a hundred and one ways you can justify nationalism with Christianity.

Mods can confirm that is not true, since they can check my post history if they wishes and see my sincere contributions to discussion.

Why when somebody states this sort of thing do you immediately jump to it being a troll? Does it make it easier to dismiss what they say?

It's more of the case of this topic being a dead horse among dead horses.

Nationalism = Racism?

If it was a dead horse it would be a settled debate, which judging by people not defending their views but rather running from them seems to me to suggest they can't justify them very well.


Amen brother. I'm simply astonished that people on here call Hitler a Christian and praise him. What a joke.

What else would the OP being discouraging if not nationalism?

If you wanted a sincere discussion maybe you wouldn't open with a pure strawman?

I haven't mentioned nationalism in this thread, I have discussed racism. The two can be related, but not necessarily, and nationalism does not come in one variant.

God created nations, but he did not create them so that they could practice hatred and evil between one another.

I didn't open with a strawman. I opened with a stating of biblical belief on racism.

You're confusing racism with prejudice
Racism doesn't have to be a bad thing, being pro-"Your culture/race" doesn't always mean being anti-"Other culture/races"
I'm pro-white, but also indifferent to other peoples. Everyone on the planet deserves to protect their heritage, we are in this regard all the same on the journey to heaven

We are taught as Christians that we shall not judge other peoples. That's not necessarily racism, that's prejudice.

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I think racism refers to prejudice based on race or racial characteristics, but I think we would be getting into semantics if we argued over that.

What's the point of the thread then.

Well, modern society tells us racism and prejudice are synonymous. But I don't think it has to be this way. Every race has something different about them. Stating this is often seen as a bad thing. But it doesn't have to be, I think we would all be happier if we learned to accept our differences. People who are "pro-diversity" are in this sense actually anti-diversity because they promote a melting pot of cultures and races. The destruction of what makes the world so unique and colorful

To state the biblical position and argue against those who identify as Christians but do not hold it, for example this individual >>588554

Are you against all forms of immigration? Are you against interracial relationships?

I think pope Pius XI in his encyclical to the Catholics in Nazi Germany put it best:
There is nothing wrong with wanting to preserve and defend your community.

Also, regarding immigration, st. Aquinas put it well:

Now, I ask you, is it wrong to reject someone who doesn't want to assume the responsibilities and who endangers the common good?

Anyone here familiar enough with Morris and Rushdoony's stuff to know if their ideas are false?
I know Rush believed in "Kinism," and Morris in a more extreme form of the Curse of Ham, but I want to know if their ideas were biblically justifiable.

Well I would agree there is an issue with the "pro-diversity" people, because they also obsess over race and put it in the forefront of their minds, rather than God.

Not all, it depends on many factors.


If somebody comes to destroy a country or to take over its society then they are an invader and are acting in an evil manner, self defence is certainly justifiable in those types of situations.

The problem I think then comes from how one would define invasion. Would you consider cultural subversion a form of invasion?

Can you give an example of cultural subversion?

Good question and yes I personally would. immigration is about assimilation, that's why in history immigrants were given citizenship only after 2 generations, the Jews had those rules too. An immigrant has no right to demand freedom of his religion or to impose his culture. Accepting uneducated, uncivilized immigrants is no one's obligation.

Much of the modern western world is under threat of subversion. In the past subversion typically came with a direct invasion and a change of the local state. Today is more complicated. The state remains the same, but ideologues who wish to potentially undermine Christian values remain

Too much Zig Forumstier faggotry here. Reminder that Zig Forums Nazi's hate Christians.

Part of the reason I can't take them seriously anymore. None of them know anything about the true nature of Christianity

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A big problem with Zig Forums is that they see the large majority of everything through race. They may superficially understand the problem, but they don't understand the spirit of it.

Unborn children who are murdered in the womb are pure. It doesn't take long to turn a child into a devil in this age.

That has always been there, Christianity has been under attack since its founding. I oppose that subversion of course.

Not a single person on this board 'hates' other people because of their race. Except you. 'You' hate white people.

I am a white person. I don't hate anybody because of their race.

Do you believe it is wrong to oppose racemixing?

I don't put race above individuals like that.

Galatians 3:28-29

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.

And if ye be Christ's, then are ye Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise.

Do you think white people should exist?


So you believe it is wrong whites to be racemixed into extinction? Or do you not put race above (((individuals))) like that?

>expecting the thread not to be a shit flinging contest

Not sure what you expected.

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I think the Zig Forums belief that everyone is going to mix is just not accurate so I reject the premise.

Is having preference toward your own people racism ? Is it sinful ? Even if we don't hate other races ?
I think not, God separated us for a reason (The tower of Babel)

Those who deny genocide always do.

I guess it depends what form it takes. In principle no.

I don't see any genocide of white people happening.

That's why you're a genocide denier, but we have digressed so allow me to re-assert my point; Do you believe it is wrong whites to be racemixed into extinction? Take note that my question lacks any connotation of active reality.

I chuckled

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I think that in principle genocide of any group is evil. Does that answer your question?

Is that a yes?

I'm from France and I witness it everyday, it's still early to tell what will be the outcome of such situation but communitarianism is growing and tension between culture are on the rise. Whites don't care about family anymore, sex became too important, we make less and less kids. It's late here, so I'm tired, sorry if my sentences make little sense grammatically.

That sounds to me more like the consequences of the abandonment of Christian values by the French people than anything, in favour of secular republican values.

What do you think?

Another European here, I can confirm this though the country I live in is not yet as bad as France is now.

You're not wrong, but illegal migration baked by the European Union and our politicians only worsen everything. How can we sort ourselves out when Islam is the fastest growing religion here ?

The proper quote is "within you". That "I don't like what the Bible says so I'll just change it and say it was a bad translation" thing is a meme.
You're welcome!

Racism is a sin. However, be careful not to confuse not being racist with dismantling all borders to help satan usher in the antichrist one-world government. Satan is the most crafty liar, and he will convince you that you're doing God's work while you do the opposite.

I think you capitulated the whole dispute

The fastest growing group in France is atheists/non-believers, if you address that, the issue of Islam will be solved alongside it. Christianisation is the answer to Islam.

Which is why I have not made that argument. It is in my OP, that God made nations and territories.

racism is for me to be aware that races exist and that we are different. I hate no one because of this. Also, for example our european blacks behave better than the american blacks. So no doubt there is also a cultural component.

I guess I'm a mutt to most of you since I do have white in me, but white genocide is a meme.
If a worrying amount of whites do not care about family or reproduction, or seek to have mixed children for whatever dumb reason, and it happens in such a prevalence that whites go extinct (which will not happen at any point prior to genemodding, so never, but keep QQing about some Stacy not respecting your Aryan heritage), it would be white SUICIDE, not genocide. To be a white genocide, a third party would have to actively be killing off or sterilizing whites, and as much as Zig Forums will have you think Jews are doing just that, nobody gives a shit who you have a family with.

I swear if Zig Forumsfags spent as much time being Catholic and finding a woman to bear children with as they did being salty neckbeards on the internet, they could singlehandedly populate a small nation and uphold the 14 words all by themselves if they're so frightened.

Yeah, sorry buddy, but you're wrong. Genocide doesn't always mean the killing or sterilizing of an ethnicity, it's anything that ultimately ends up with the total destruction of the targeted culture.

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Phyletism is heresy.

Tell that to Judas Iscariot.

What do you mean by racism though? If it is just hating people based on their race, I think most people here would agree with you, including most 'racists'. If you mean by racism the idea that races exist and differ in strengths and weaknesses that's a whole other issue.

He created separate bounds of habitation so that we could not be bound by them? I don't get it. But yes the nations can be friendly, share the gospel with one another, etc. I don't think many here would disagree with that.


Who here denies this?

I never hear anyone here say salvation is only for one race. Some CI wackos may show up now and then but only to be thoroughly argued with by all the regulars.

I get what you mean, but if they want my trust, then they have to do their part by following biblical doctrine. This means no justification for stealing or vandalizing.

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(((Satan))) wants you to racemix. Therefore, you shouldn't.


The idea that churches should exclude people based on ethnicity? No, they shouldn't do that. Churches should be open to whichever citizens in the nation wish to attend them. It's up to the state to restrict who is allowed into the nation in the first place on the basis of how assimilable they are, etc.

Then why do all enemies of Christianity hate racism?

If you think races exist, then, according to the meme that means you hate some races. It means you are acting ideologically to "perpetuate" the class struggle. Unless you're one of the "oppressed" races, then in that case it means you are bravely fighting the class struggle. Your identity is subsumed into a larger class of common grievances or common guilt.

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Remember the tower! The book the Enoch tells us the truth.

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racism as in hating other races is a sin.

racism as in race realism, understanding races are objectively different, and they each have strengths and weaknesses, is totally fine and rational and honest. Also wanting segregation is not racism.

Don't confuse blind racial hatred with race realism.

now this is idolatry

>(((File Deleted)))

wew, posted that pic many a time on this board and never had problems with it
making fun of commies/atheists/fags is harder now I guess

Not only does the bible say bestiality is a sin. But it also states that God as made you in his image. You should act in his words and create children of your own image.

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Treasonous idolater

So I’m going to assume you believe certain races of men are beasts? Which ones? Sort of funny how neither the Bible nor Apostolic Teaching seems to support this.

Where do you draw the line in terms of “made in image/not made in image”?


Any race outside of your own. A european is considered a beast for a black christian too. It goes both ways.
Your children should be a continuation of God's image through you.

Nice one.

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Are you even capable of reading a bible with such poor reading comprehension?

"But it also states that God as made you in his image."
"A european is considered a beast for a black christian too. It goes both ways."
These are two categorically contradictory statements.

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Unless he is declaring man a "divine beast" of some sort.