Brit/pol/ #2093: Emergency Lazy Late Night Subversion Edition

How much text does this want from me?

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tune in chaps

Yeah someone in charge go ahead and delete this tbh

Rolled 1 (1d6)Rolling a 4 for more boring shit about drumpf on QT again


fucking faggots
you're met to tell me


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Watch if you dare

Warning: Question Time can seriously damage your mental and physical health

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they're scraping the bottom of the barrel

The Bus

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Reminder that Michael Forsyth nonced kids with his friend the Dunblane killer Thomas Hamilton

is there a lower form of life?

Chris Williamson

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this imagine still makes me kek hard

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My dream QT:

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Fuck me that got lively breddy quick.

Reposting because fucking why put yourself through it smh tbh lads

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banter lad

This is so shit

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This woman is ganked up on some sort of methamphetamine

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Yes, the Socialist Worker's Party

Give me a fucking break

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Flicked QT on for a moment and the veins in that Scottish birds neck made me feel physically ill, and they were talking about muh bus and muh NHS.


Farrakhan endorsed Trump lmfao

that's extremely accurate actually

good post


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White GP!!!!

Dumb freeeeesssseeee

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Goodbad lad

I love this webm still watching though

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We need to have bus memmies tbh

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the worst

what is even the point of Scotland?

what was it meant to do?

I don't see why we need it.

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They didn't vote to leave, sadly.

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someone actually made a sensible point about controlling immigration and the audience clapped

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Any qts on QT?

Chris Williamson is a far-left pro-Corbyn Labour MP btw lads

I fucking hate him, he's a brilliant liar

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all scottish women look like lesbians, sorry lad

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not watching tbh. bad for your heart. lets talk about masculine aesthetics or whatever new memi diet we're all starting.
and if the night shift has officially begun then we could also talk about Christian gf's


i like mike enoch smh he denounced his jewish wife now

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only keto

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>not getting a jewess gf

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NO dickeads, it's two things.
1: Too many wogsm using it while norm paying in
2: Drug companies with their hands round our throats with massive costs.

He looks like a hamster.


It's giving me motivation to sort my shit out

The nightshift is for discussing pikes and the genetic viability of the basset hound lad, that sort of thing is quintessentially dayshi(f)t

goblin posting should result in an instant ban tbh

The Fatherland is good
I haven't listened to TRS podcasts for over a year now

he has a face for radio tbh his voice is manly

once tuned into that and was met with literally 2+ hours of lawncare discussion

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listen from the beginning #1

this lassie is fucking zooming

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who is this shrill, thin-look, female version of Gordo that's talking?

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There all papists and a few admitted to being freemasons
Dropped it after that

Why has that porridge wog on the panel got horrendous teeth?

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did a little edit of Jezzas plee for more refugees

women are perpetually unhappy, no amount of change will ever be enough

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very moving, good job

She's a mental case

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gud tbh

Wow you reckon?

Normal tbh

We have artificial wombs now lads
Abolition of woman when?
war of the pink flesh soon

Imagine getting a juddery hand shandy from this human fucking strobe lamp

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Wait I thought Mark E. Smith died? Was this QT prerecorded?

I'd just like to trigger the fuck out of her to see how fast she can go.

Put my hand on her left tit and call her a porridge wog.

Can you spoiler her next time lad, that neck's going to give me nightmares

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That Mad Marxist cunt thinks taxation is more virtuous than Charity?

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I'm out tbh this is too much

jelly that a 5'4 skelly girl has better neck muscles than you? you should be

Swear to fucking God, women created this issue in the fucking first place

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Good lad

She might tear it off

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I like Fiona Hyslop she's like some sort of anthropomorphic cat from a Miyazaki film

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Woke tbh

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This is what Labour party stands for

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I fucking hate this evil marxist ghoul

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Labour getting btfo


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