A million angry Chinamen show up at your frontline, how do you deal with them?

A million angry Chinamen show up at your frontline, how do you deal with them?

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I dig a trench on a worthless hill, put 200 guys inside, and wait until the Chinamen get wiped out as they continue to attack the hill without cover, getting massacred and then trying again and again and again.

Build my roads like this.

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Loosely surround their forces with mine and announce that they are besieged. Then wait a couple weeks as they eat each other to death in a frenzy to prove who is the most honorabru.

Atombombs from the get-go.
Fuck em, if they don't want to play fair, I don't want to give them an inch.
Macarthur suggested nothing wrong

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Offer them a hot meal and watch them either defect en masse or rip each other to shreds.

Fix bayonets and charge.

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I haven't laughed this hard in a day.

Peak denazification right there.
Keep on helping Israel find fresh holocaust perpetrators

Top kek, m8

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Contemporary germany does considerably more damage.

Why are they angry?

We wörk to accomplish :^)

They just found out that Mao didn't invent communism.

Small dikku.

Step One: Hold position, PLA forces execute their own
Step Two: Make sure that there is a large open field in front of your position, for some reason Chinese infantry just love charging over open ground.
Step Three: Make sure that there's enough ammunition and medals to go around.

I would tell them that "it's okay, it does not work out for your benefit very much anyway."

Isolate women and make them think it's big! Control the information of penises.

Airdrop karaoke machines, pigs, ducks, and rabid dogs to them and wait for them to get comfy, then attack when theyre tired from singing and eating.

They realized that rice cakes were shit.

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Please bully me, nagatoro-san. :3


Nuclear artillery has never been so needed.

airstrikes and howitzers

I leave the town full of armed convicts and send my army around the million bugmen to destroy their supply lines. They will proceed to autistically take the town, cannibalize the convicts, then themselves, then they will starve/be shot down as they try to retreat having no supply lines and no means of escape, but having to save face/not surrender.

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Subvert their culture and defeat them without firing a shot

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That was fucking marvelous.

Resurrect Genghis Khan and give them modern equipment and replace their horses with Harley Davidson motorcycles.

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Hire some angry Vietnamese.

Attrition. Nutrition attrition. knowing chinks they’ll just start eating each other within a week.

Should have read thread first. I have shamed my family who will become chinks if I stay here for long enough.

I’ll never understand how this appeals to anyone.

Would deploying a bunch of Nagatoros behind enemy lines be considered a warcrime, an attempt to aid the enemy?

And some roof-Koreans to protect your border.

Drop a single woman in there and watch them committing suicides after they all get rejected.

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Are you gay?

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I value the lives and purity of good women so I don't want to see them engaging in war, which can damage both mind and body.
Also I value my country, and woman are simply less fit for war. Putting them into service reduces the effectiveness of the military as a whole and puts the entire nation, which includes the women, at a greater risk.
If women want to assist the war effort I am not opposed to it, but they should do from home.

Did she at least take the iphones?
Considering he was

Nice digits, I was merely jesting however; I hoped you'd decipher that from the filename.

I live in a large country so I withdraw, leaving caches of arms, supplies and explosives behind along with non-regular units briefed to hit their supply lines and patrols once they have over extended. Then I choose strategic strongholds for regular forces to fortify and defend them at all costs.

Eventually attrition takes its' toll and we mount an offensive that throws them back into the sea.

This doesn't really work if all your major cities are together in a close proximity on the cost.

Poland would have been better off under German rule than under Judeo-Soviet rule, jewpig.

Major cities aren't important. They're full of parasitic "consumers" let them fall, they're impossible to hold against insurgents. Deep sea ports are important, you need them to dock supply ships, fortify those and your major airports and you can bleed an invading army white.

Look, we all know wookies are dtf, but that shit is gross for anything but a quickie. Remember to wrap it before you tap it.

tell them to get off my doorstep

Top kek, m8.

You have already said it’s a shitpost Canada-colors, but I honestly don’t see how dressing women up in Men’s clothing and having them do men’s work is attractive. Unless you’re into reverse traps.

That's japs, chinks are just a horseless mongol horde.

My strategy would be to harass them, go for their supplies and means of organization. Simply slow their advance at first, and after the initial wear and tear engage them in situations were their force concentration is actually a problem, like the ChiComs themselves did with the ChiNats

What are the other options?

Look at his clothes, he probably just borrowed it or something. But there actually exist some cucks feeling sexual pleasure when a woman wastes their money lol, I'm not kidding.

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Other option was intermarium+third reich destroying communism.
because in our infinite good will naivety we'd forgive you for blocking arms shipments in Czechoslovakia and Gdańsk during Polish-Soviet war.

How many lives is the life of one woman worth?


what do you think it feels like to have her cyborg pussy clamping down on your dick haha

I hope you didn’t just use a (dubbed) anime scene seriously to prove a point.

Hey faggot, we're still waiting. What else you got?

Bad idea. You don't want to mix your Asians or they'll start fighting over who has the slittiest eyes, silliest alternative cutlery design or most irrelevant ancient history. Granted hiring the Vietnamese does lead to the problem of getting rid of them afterwards, what exactly do they fear?

Agent Orange the area and wait 4 generations. Boom no more Vietkong and no need to ever mow the grass for the next 1000 years.

Recruitment propaganda. Incels have always been living weapons of the powerful.

Or do it the OG way.

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Even worse.

Yeah, imagine a million angry spergooks!

Easy, paradrop 14 million American niggers behind their line and gtfo Korea. Problem solved.

They don't carry medkits, so using large amounts of high altitude airburst shells may be a valid option.

Yeah, but they do carry underbarrel shotguns and ( hopefully, given the recent developments, see and ) several power swords (with plenty of replacements and a chain of supply to constantly reissue them with new ones when they inevitably dull or break in the heat of combat) and wear chainmail armour. So before your airburst shells could even make a dent in their line, they'd close the gap and stabbity-stab your artillerymen and then dump a couple of slugs into them just to make sure, while they themselves remain immune to your small arms, frag and edged weapons threats given the security their 20kg chainmail armour provides them.

Opa, get the MG!

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IJA is cool. I like them. They should come back.

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lol what a tryhard

Blowtorchand white phosporous.


What will you do now bonger?

We call daddy USA.
Seriously though, this is something my country needs to think about.

Iktf. Anti-Chinese Defence Pact of Colonial Anglo Nations, and Japan For the Defence Against Bugmen Hordes and Cessation of Chink Colonial Efforts. Or ACDPoCANJDABHCCCE for short. Or the Hongcouver-Chinifornia-Sydhai-Senkaku alliance for short er.

If it was the '80s then Canada and Australia could volunter to be Japanese colonies, and that would solve the problem. But of course the '90s had to happen…

I wasn’t alive in the 80’s and my area only just started getting nogs and spice in the last decade, but the cities are filled with chinks and Koreans, I don’t think there’s many Japs here.
I would prefer not to a gook colony but Being under Jap rule would objectively be best. Then I could get my Nip cartoons easier.

I mean that back in the '80s people were seriously concerned that Japan will take over the USA as the world's biggest economy, and in the future people will have to choose between studying kanji or starving to death. This is why in classic cyberpunk stories you always have at least one group of yakuza involved.

Would've been an improvement over being a slave to ZOG or being a slave to ZOG

Maybe it's not just a freak accident that a new generation of Japanese bankers who were educated in the USA completely destroyed their economy by creating a gigantic housing bubble then enacted policies that didn't work.

Make sure you've got some rice for them to eat.

They're a superstitious people, so get them to think Australia is bad luck for Chinese people. That and finger traps.

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Starving to death seems like the easier route. But why do people keep repeating that “they would have forced us to speak their language!!1” crap? You hear it mostly for WWII and German, but as far as I know most of the time local languages and culture mostly survived annexation (mixing cultures and bits from ruling nations languages probably happened a lot). Finnland was part of Sweden and Russia for centuries. Finns don’t speak Swedish and Russian. Poland doesn’t speak German and Russian, even in the Kaiserreich Posen and Pomerellia had large if not majority polish speakers. All of the Balkans, Africa, ect.

Fuck this timeline. We need to put in a call to Doc Brown.


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I'm piss drunk so I can't make the image, and there's not on readily available of him holding an M1, so I settled for that.

Same strelok

That did not work as well back in Cyprus. They just kept sending until we run out of lead.

Given the conditions, no it ain't.

heck of a shotgun

Man, anything is easy when the alternative is starving unless you're not a person and just curl up and die out innawoods.

Yes, they certainly do.

Well my good Leaf, take a look at yourself. Take a look at the website you are on. Look at the filthy non anglo flags posting. What language are they speaking in? Why do they do this? Because English is rightfully the lingua franca of the Earth. Did this happen through sales of male chastity devices and maple syrup?

It's a second language, american.

And beware of what you say, or you might end up speaking mexican later on.

I was saying that kanji is fucking hard to learn, and that it would take less effort to starve to death.

44% of Finns speak Swedish as a Second language. 5% speak it as a first and I assume most if not all of that 5% aren’t Finns but Swedes on Åland.

I would prefer it wasn’t. English is a buggered language, when other languages went through vowel and consonant shifts their spelling usually changed to match it. But I guess it’s better to have it as a first language than try to learn this mess.
No, my dear el Goblino, it’s from the home of world jewery being located in London and then New York for centuries.

I'd rather not. People already look like badly dressed jews with colour-coded leashes on their necks when they wear business suits.

People should go back to wearing traditional regional clothing on business.

Traditional Canadian dress

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Oh God, I can only get so excited.

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Never heard that one before, brilliant, thanks Indonesia.

I've been on the chans too long. I can *hear* the nose on that guy recording.