Brit/pol #2094: British Values Edition

Young people face lifetime of renting as number of under 45s buying homes plunges

Labour MP is BOOED by BBC Question Time audience after proclaiming that Jeremy Corbyn will be the 'greatest PM this country has ever seen''''

Mogg lays into government on Brexit, 'needs to fundamentally change'

Theresa May’s Brexit vision rocked by Tory fighting

'Timid' Theresa May faces leadership challenge: 60 Eurosceptic MPs warn her to make a clean Brexit break from Brussels or they will scupper her premiership

Project fear DEBUNKED: Brexit impact on financial services ‘will be negligible’

Diane Abbott orders Labour MPs to oppose a move to ban ‘terror’ group Hezbollah from UK

Trump apologises for Britain First retweet

Thot removes herself

Muh mighty twig

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I smoked unfiltered rollups tbh

What is the solution to thots

shag them


w-what does "British values" mean?

There is no solution, only prevention by good parenting

Is that really a fix

Good lad.

I made a thing after being reminded of this bloke

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sex dolls/robots. women have had no competition ever, so they were able to collectively devalue themselves without end and still be able to have sex. now that you can get pretty good looking sex dolls and in the near future sex robots real women will have to take the trad pill or be left behind.

unironically thinking of getting a sex doll tbh. i have a large disposable income and i'm a hyper autist perma virgin. i know its immoral though but im still very lonely

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Uh oh lads I just ate a bowl of cherry peppers and olives, guess I'm a /NewEuropean/ now

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how is a lump of plastic going to fix your loneliness


Surely only extreme autists would buy a sex doll. What's wrong with just drawing a face on your right hand?


milk before or after

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after you fucking pleb

Don't you ever complain about anyone here ever again you fucking moron



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Not for me you tosspots, I'm fucking asking a general question as according to the ISO it's milk first and the UK gov't fucking approved it

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go for lauren lad

tea is a pleb drink tbh

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jokes on you I don't drink tea


its legitimately milk after because showing that your china could withstand the heat of the tea proved it was good quality. if you put in milk first then it showed you were a pleb with shit china

if you're using a teabag its already fucked, lad

makes no difference at that point

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I know lads, but take a look at this


ahhh, so you put the milk in the cup before the tea if you are pouring tea already brewed in a teapot? that different to making a 1 man brew

This is a plebeian board

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is that a pic of brexit voters?

mods mods mods

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huh why did he take his trip off?
probably fucked up with his vpn

its amazing how people dorset post about wanking and dont get banned but someone posts some tinder and people sperg out



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posting about your wanking habits is a Zig Forumsish tradition

SA fuck off you should be demodded for that shit

More like Cuckumf

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Even our trad lad is a thot

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case and point tbh

spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) confirmed

Why would he apologise?

Because Piers asked him to

Because he's an idiot.
>apologises for retweeting them despite still knowing nothing about them

he didnt, he said he "would" then piers sperged him into one

He already got demodded for his last sperg out. don't know why he was given his powers back.

sitting in pubs alone drinking away your paycheck isn't trad
SA behavior makes perfect sense when you realise he's a taig. spends all his time drinking and going to high anglican (crypto-papists) churches

Just seems weird. I thought he was all about not apologising and this is a thing which I don't see any apology is needed at all. smh


i really hope that lad writes his article on us

No I don't

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but is he /ares/ or /theirs/ lad, lad?

For what?

smh SA is our ideal to strive towards don't ruin it smh

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Piers Morgan is a failure at life and always will be. He got shit ratings so he left and went back home.

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lad, tinder shit

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It's just bureaucratic nonsense.

he's a pretty successful guy
he's just a total cunt

u wot, I haven't posted any.

Our board culture is far too esoteric to understand, it's just gonna be "This VILE and HATEFUL Internet site preaches for the killing of women and minorities"

Nah he's successful, just an utter twat, also what you said doesn't invalidate what Trump said.

lad, tinder shit if you're ugly

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Oh yeah?

Also harbours weirdo fizzy drink pub loner murderers.

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lad behave

my dads so annoying smh i just want to stay in but he has to come round and be annoying and want to get stuff from the garage and wants me to help fuck off

Got audio of it? I need solid proof of claims. The media is not trusted over here.

He should stick to localism, he just sounded like an asshat over here.

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Same id you absolute mong

Same ID lad

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any reporter trying to do a story on us has had to sit through the Themdaysaregone videos and being completely confused

Topwew, hadn't noticed that.
Here's your proof.

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typical SA denying things


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Watched that film for the second time the other night tbh. it was a lot more enjoyable when I knew what the fuck was going on

Wasn't me lad

Is the famine dodger drunk again?

the boys at GCHQ must be shitting their pants over this mistake tbh

you know what to do lad

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post the id post history tbh

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I don't think it's released yet.

I would say you need at least 2 years to full get the board culture.

IP post history has been broken for over a year tbh


>"hurr naah it's you"
Boring tbh, this isn't the first time IDs have mucked up on this jerry-rigged site.

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You won't mind if I ban the tinderposter then

keep denying it you nigger

Fuck off back to your own country

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Go ahead.


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