QBZ-95 and other bullpups

Let's discuss this Chinese bullpup. It's using modified AK mechanism to function, making it much less error prone than other bullpups. It's also widely deployed. Second pic compares Canadian export version to rifle with about same barrel length. B version fixed many things of A version, most notably moving fire selector from stock to where it should above trigger.

In my opinion from what I have studied, bullpups are the way forward as Chinese army has standardized over QBZ not only for infantry, but for tank crews and urban commandos since it's so compact. Having never shot bullpup myself, what does Zig Forums think of them? Why aren't they used more widely? Having been to army, urban combat in particular would be a lot easier since holding normal assault rifle in attack position over five minutes gets very taxing due to its front-heavy weight.

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The only real problem with them is that most bullpups are a normal rifle cramed together, and so their controls and trigger system are awful. The best bullpups so far were made by Polish designers in Britain who reverse-engineered German weapons, because they were bold enough to rebuild them as bullpups. Vid related seems to be better than anything else designed in the last 60 years.

They're replacing them with a standard looking rifle, as in it turns out when you don't starve your people completely they kinda outgrow the things you built for them when they were smaller. Also the triggers on them are to the point of spongy they just aren't fun.

A modern carbine is not really big enough to warrant replacing with a bullpup. There may be some applications, like for tank crews but for the average soldier a standard rifle would be better.

Oh and to expand on this particular gun, I find a Browning Hi-Power with the stock on it far more comfortable to use than that thing.

tavor is the best bullpup right now it seems nice trigger and ttrigger pack upgrades and battle tested just they are kind of pricy ie 18,00

Haha, no

Hi MAC, when are the pistol gauntlet tests continuing?

coming soon right now tho were getting a tad distracted by these cool ass like gauntlets that extend a little blade perfect for all kinds of spec ops tacticool use

Leaf here, I like it but it was definitely made with ease, speed and economy of manufacturing in mind. It's Light, short, slim, reliable, pretty accurate, easy to strip and clean.
But the sights are atrocious, the ergos are an afterthought, and modularity clearly ranked below ergos as a priority.

The trigger is honestly inoffensive. The trigger pull has no "break" but it is light and smooth and then the rifle just goes off at some point. It's weird but I wouldn't say it's bad.

Bullpups as an individual weapon have a lot of pros, but at the end of the day, they will be more expensive than a standard configuration rifle, and complicates training and logistics with left handed shooters. From a big picture standpoint they can be unappealing.

I'll believe it when I see it. Like the US, the PLA has run more than one "QBZ replacement trial" program in the last decade and none of them have stuck. The QBZ meanwhile is going through another upgrade program to make them compatible with off-the-shelf optics.

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Chink guns suck dick ass shit, in chink movies, you never see them use QBZ.

QBZ-03 has been phasing out the 95, given how the chinks are it'll be another decade before they all get it.

u wot m8

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Except it hasn't, it was a rifle made pretty much exclusively for some side branches, like the Police and marines, and you don't even see them using it that much.

As the QBZ-03 came out in '03, and The updated QBZ-95-1 came out in 2010, and the QBZ-95-1 is what PLA troops seen abroad are issued, I really don't think the 03 is replacing anything.

Will mystery new rifle that no one has even seen yet replace both? Who knows? Like I said, I'll believe it when I see it.

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I watch Operation mekong, didn't see a single QBZ-03.

It's a shitgun.

Combining bullpup design with battle rifle cartridge would be awesome. What kind of loading construct could support that?

As expected from mass-produced rifle meant for wide-spread military deployment with AK-like mechanism. One of the reasons I'm interested in this is precisely because of that mechanism, it's intimately familiar, and that it's military rifle. I'm suspicious of anything that isn't proven in service, would never put money on such. Done any tests how much soot it can take in gas pipe and lock before malfunctioning?

Sounds like shotgun trigger.

my shotgun has a pretty defined break

ur a shitgun chink guns are pretty gr8 for functionality

QBZ-95 is best raifu.


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Mine personally is at 1200 rounds without cleaning, another guy had his at 5000, I think, before he decided that was good enough. His is only showing minimal signs of wear. They seem pretty solid.

The only downside is the linear hammer, I think. If you run the rifle dry as a bone, there's a minute delay between trigger pull and shot, you can just BARELY feel it.

If you grease the rails like an AK though, everything is smooth as glass and the delay is gone.


y e s

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It's a shame that it was made by China but she's still a good girl.

it's just a cuckpup with a meme round. chinks have made much better guns anyway, my dad's MAK 90 is still in great condition.

get out of my country 张伟 :^)

I'm talking indigenous design here.

stupid gaijin, gunpowder is an indigenous design to china

Export models are in 5.56. They don't export their meme round.


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Protip, the outsider for chinese is called "Gwailo"

Isn’t China themselves moving away from bullpups?

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No, see

Their entire standing army is on QBZ95 by now afaik and AK's being phased out due to caliber incompatibility. Pic is new 9mm QBZ-like 9mm variant for police so they are doubling down on it if anything.

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What's with this shit character design and art?

Here we go again.

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Enjoy the thread:

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That optic is really far forward.

You say?

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So…. Is the girl really tiny or is the gun very big?

Sponsors of competition shooting only take tiny girls.


416 is cute! Cute!

Why the fuck is the eotech that far up the gun?

Is pretty much the same as an ak that only had rails on the handgaurd. My friend had an sks and didn’t want to fudd it up too bad so he got a rail replacement for the gas tube and put a red dot on it. It’s really not that hard to see, and the distance from your eye to the sight would be even shorter on an 416/AR.