Brit/pol/ #2096: Good Thread Edition

Exclusive: UKIP leader admits he loves ex-girlfriend despite racist comments

US Bombardier dispute: 'Huge relief' for British workers

Russia mocks Gavin Williamson's attack warning

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First for Esoteric Techno Fascism

play my autistic RP game lads

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Bolton is such an utter spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh. Entryism time.

for her


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keek. I mean I know he wants gay men to be men again and is against all the gay parades stuff, but does he think people shouldn't be gay if they can help it?

Charisma of a damp rag, appearance of a low grade bank clerk

The quiet assasin of UKIP

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Can our politicians please stop trying to poke the bear? Russia could stomp us in a few hours and I would rather not be back at square one under Russian occupation.

Good dal

asking for a friend?

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tbh I have no problems with fags as long as it isn't public.

Racist girlfriends make them even sexier tbh

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smh I knew bullies would say that

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Only closet fags say this

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Only closet fags say this

t. oilet trader

they are conniving, devious individuals lad. The "non-public" poof is an exception to the rule and only exists so as to tempt normies with a sympathy to social conservatism to the line you just trotted.

Only closet fags say this

It's settled then, nobody is allowed to say "this"

Nah lad you were just parodying low IQ bullies

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Only closet fags say this

Yeah I have no problem with people committing suicide either so long as no one else has to watch or clean up the mess.

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tbh just jump into a grinder and get sold as meat

So your telepathically asking the St
in front of a picture or holy relic
to go and ask God something

I would agree with you however I do have a problem with cannibalism, I think those people should be forced to eat their own body parts.

I unironically agree

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lads, have you paid your respects yet?

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Why does no-one ever question the nausea-inducing philo-Semitism of the alt-kike? real question.

Bit OTT lad, just shoot them and be done with it tbh

you are praying to God tho
yes, i dont know how its that hard a concept to grasp
so are you saying that you dont pray?

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the irony is palpable

Good lad

Thank (You)

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Before you posted that, i had no idea what Manlet Wews meant by this tweet

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Punishment should fit the crime, it's an English tradition it have cruel and unusual punishment tbqh

Where does the ST come into it then if your prayers are going to god?
so are you saying that you dont pray?
No I'm saying I don't need some ST to communicate with god

Racist Zig Forums doesn't allow arabic text. This isn't the first time you've been robbed of a (Good lad) from uncle Saddam

major shilling operation on today, even got its own emoji.

I'm starting to crack tbh. talked with a lady last week about it. she was so overly emotional it was comical. "vile!", "makes me physically sick thinking about it". I said that it was a great shame that tens of thousands of people died in labor camps from starvation and disease because of bombed supply lines. she gave me a look liked I'd taken a shit on the floor right in front of her. then stormed off.
what is the actual law here? I'm i going to get in trouble?

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Spicy lad.

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There's no laws specifically against denial. But hate crime laws completely subjective and vague

lad, ive already addressed this, you just keep going round in circles

top fucking keek

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*remembers all the cute lasses who died from evil krauts*

bumbumking you should tweet at hitchens on twitter because he will argue with you for literal hours about catholicism

gobline posting gets you banned lad

I know smh, one of my favourite copypastas doesn't work on 8ch since it can't display Arabic text

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paste it somewhere else and screen shot it

ah you are correct, slavs arent human

arn't hate speech laws basically if someone deems it offensive then it is? I love living in a free society. based free speech

I think they disabled that after all that fucking character spam that would stretch off the page




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Here lad

True tbh, forgot about that

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Tell your mummy to post here lad I want to woo her

That fat bald cuck is 30

Didn't Mohammed have sex with children, camels, cross dressed, fancied young boys and have sex with other men's wives?

Also, isn't Islam also the most Feminist religion?

Gosh Islam is confusing tbh

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You need reporting to prevent

how on earth do you go completely bald at 30

how about you get filtered

Maybe I'll get free vegan burgers, beer, and a gf

what does that writing mean?


everyone abandoned brit after the mumsnet counter raid. the only people left are mums larping as local lads larping as nazi, tbh.

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Yup I think it is entirely based on the perception of the "Victim"

lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh muḥammadun rasūlu llāh



Smh I'm too much of a brainlet to get it

She looks pretty swarthy herself tbh

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shit i missed that tbh - was it fun?

yes lad we all got mummy gfs except for Dorset

tfw suddenly board of all politics

It's the same old shit

I feel like this could go on for ever

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Take the reservoirpill lad

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ah yes, the one solution to fix it all…

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I miss him before he became fully JUST

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Jews are white males when they control corporations lad. They only turn back into kikes when someone makes a holocaust joke

I've been like that for the last few years tbh, just stopped fully involving myself and found myself much happier for it

One of my favourites tbh

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I go walking round there

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wew you might want to switched to bottled water and stop showering tbh

Icke is always right

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Can't kike the Icke



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it'd kill him slower than a poisoned reservoir lad
also set up your game already, I'm still waiting on others for kriegsspiel's next turn smh

any negative comment on (the illegal state of) Israel = antisemitism

ah right, so we do have the same laws as Germany then. cool. visit me in prison, please lads.

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