Would any of you be interested in a gaming IRC just for Christians...

Would any of you be interested in a gaming IRC just for Christians? I've been using discord for awhile and it's just draining how awful some of the people are in the servers so I thought maybe a barrier to entry like being Christian and being on an IRC would make it less awful.

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Not a bad idea
>inb4 OP doesn't deliver

Sounds like good idea

#ChristianVidya on Rizon

I'd be game for it. I could use some multiplayer fun with my Christbros.

then join my man

How are you going to use IRC in-game?

We organize from it

I had been thinking about something like this last night. Post the games that you guys are going to play in the thread and I'll join if they interest me.

What did you have in mind? Discord? Matrix? Old school text IRCs?

posted it already

Anybody interested in a round of Risk of Rain, CK2, Rise of Nations, AOE2, or Minetest?

Woops Join #ChristianVidyaNight instead cause I am dumb and already lost the password

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Yes but I'm too poor to buy games for multiplayer

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Though There are cracked strategy games for multiplayer on strategium.ru

Starcraft is free now, so is path of exile.

There are plenty of free multiplayer games stuff like Project Reality, Planetside 2, Heroes and Generals, ect.

Whoever joined you joined the wrong one

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What are you even talking about


this dumb game fried my hard-drive during the harbinger season thing.
unplayable without a SSD

I just play standard usually; I've never actually reached maps level but I'm guessing the sheer number of things and effects on screen had something to do with it?

Never played it but I'd be down

it heavily favors magic use so dont make a physical character or you'll waste 10 hours. global chat is probably the best thing in the game for me.

lmaoing @ ur life

Any of you Christ Bros wanna play chess with me?

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I am terrible at it

Don't matter! There are lessons that can improve your game. Plus its a good way to kill time when your bored. So download the Chess - Play and Learn app and get these hands!

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let's go

Would Jesus play violent video games?

What's your steam id?

r.i.p. me

GGs my friend~

I absolutely beg to differ. I have fuzzy wuzzy the bear who can literally stand in front of 'god' bosses the entire fight and kill them, sometimes without even needing flasks. It might take a while, but I won't die either. We could totally make a guild.

Here's your (you), now shoo.

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the main bosses absolutly kicked my ass. normal enemies where fine but i just couldnt hang. other i never even made i through the trials. someone helped me beat dominus but i havent played since then.

Well I mean I specifically designed my character to grab every single life regen node on the map as possible grabbing max life and resistance nodes along the way. The only immediate problem I'm having is chaos damage and that's because I'm in act 6.

idk i think i was just unlucky. i'd also never find good enough loot. the big update is out right? might give it one more run brother.

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Let's do it, totally down later/soon.
76561198048239194 Steam ID. Just gimme a holler of what yours is so I actually know who's adding me; I otherwise have a general policy of dropping random adds.

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i might add you. i am barely on steam so…

Join the IRC you nerds #ChristianVidyaNight on Rizon

we should play heroes III tbh
cheap on gog and will run on a toaster, also a great game
I would suggest some real time and not turn based games, but I expect most of you live in a different timezone and there's going to be a problem with lags

Use Riot. It's like Discord but it's open-source, no Chinese botnet or information collection, you can host your own servers, and it can connect to independent IRC servers.

Matrix is a trainwreck, fam.
If you still want to try it though, I know a couple guys who run servers for it. One has Riot on the server, one requires you to have the desktop client though.

I've only recently got it myself and was hoping this would be a good first community to try it out in. I've been idling in the room for 24 hours and nobody's around.

I am in there

#ChristianGameNight on Rizon?


Weird. I don't see anyone. Maybe I should have opened ports or something.

wait lmao no it's #ChristianVidyaNight

Well. I can see that at least two other users have been on. bcd and Winfrith. They're offline now though.

Surely you guys don't mind a little gore by blowing demon/Zeds brains?


will it be compatible with temple OS?

shit joke cause temple os doesn't even have networking capabilities

Who's in for a round of Civ 5?

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Anybody into classic strategy games? I just recently got into Go. I'm not any good, but I can teach someone how to play.

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sounds like fun although I need to finish my semester first

Ayy, I'll play a round.
I have only the vaguest idea of how to play but it'll be fun!

Just interested is there a discord or how to connect to you guys?

#ChristianVidyaNight on Rizon.
The room was dead last time I checked though.

only cause people stay for like 10 minutes and leave

wouldn't it be better if we would have a discord?

Discord is shit


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Indeed. Semitic honeypot.

I'm back and in the IRC if you're still up for a game.

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discord wil always be shit because it is built on personas and on personas egos come and when egos come drama ensues. Its only alright to use when you actually know the people you add their in real life.

unless you have other objectives like trolling or causing e drama

Sorry, I gotta work RN.
Maybe later?


Im down for that

So … how do we know everyone's Christian?

God has blessed you with these digits as proof of your questions being holy.

My suggestions is ask them of they accept the Nicean creed and believe on the basic points all true christian faiths believe.

Virgin Birth
Christ is the messiah
Fulfillment theology (also known as replacement theology)

We should get a bunch of people. Make it a party.

Are there any Christian-friendly fighting games?
I imagine Tekken is a no-no since not only does it feature characters with devil-powers but also, the one angelic character (literally called "Angel") sucks. Then again, there's also Julia who, while she isn't Christian, is a rainforest-loving Native American that loves the Earth. I think loving the Earth and wanting to treat nature properly is kind of inline with Christian values.
I can't think of a Street Fighter character that doesn't use projectiles and is also inline with Christian values.
I think Guilty Gear or Blaz Blue has some kind of paladin-type character.
That's it.

to add to your list,
i was playing this fighting game called "skullgirls mobile" on my phone for a bit.
it's been unplayable for a few days because the servers are down due to some catastrophic error.

1: it's "free" (in app purchases)
2: the artwork, music, and character designs are great
3: even though you're using a touchscreen, the controls are amazingly fluid/intuitive
4: it's fun

1: there is a character who looks like a nun, but is some sort of lovecraftian abomination (pic related)
2: i'm not too familiar with the lore, but apparently there's a religion in the game's universe called "trinitism," whose symbol is an upside down cross that represents 3 seperate female deities. 2 of the playable characters are adherents of it and wear the symbol.
3: many of the characters are drawn dressed like whores and some of the animations are a bit lewd (valentine, cerebella)

i'd say it goes into the trash pile.
some of your criteria is a bit weird, no projectiles, why?

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Acknowledging Nicene Creed

Well, I thought projectiles would be anti-Christian since firing a projectile could be deemed "magic". Are there any cases in the Bible where a person fired a ball of energy of sorts? Or perhaps used some kind of elemental attack? Like, Moses parted water so that's water-manipulation. Stuff like that.

But yeah, it seems there truly aren't any Christian-friendly fighting games.
Actually, it just occurred to me: Virtua Fighter? I think Virtua Fighter strays from anything supernatural. I think there is one girl who practises Monkey Kung Fu and Kung Fu definitely has its own "magic" system but other than that, I think VF would be a Christian-friendly fighting game.
Perhaps, if the skimpy clothing is excused, Dead or Alive is as well? Then again, there is a "Ninja" character and again, Ninjutsu has its own "magic" system.

What are you? A Jehova's Witness?

Which is ironic, considering one of the key makers of D&D was a JW

What exactly is the criteria for deciding whether or not a game is palatable to the Christian tongue?

How about Depth? It's 2v4 sharks vs divers. It costs money, but the devs are constantly updating it even after a couple of years.

Any christian here play pubg?
Whats yourbopinion of it?

shit game

any RTS fans?

Any good turn based game for android?


Shattered pixel dungeon

I have Civ 5 and the BNW expansion.

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Oh, my bad. I barely played the game to be honest with you. The only RTS I have is Warcraft 3 then (not a single expansion pack).

Bruh, I own every AOE game, expansions for both AOE2 and AOE1, Rise of Nations + expansion, and I'm trying to pick up 0AD.
I'm terrible at RTS games but I still love them.

Vermintide is pretty fun if anyone has that

Anyone wanna play BloodBorne with me?

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Actually maybe

Gonna post PSN or what nerd

Why is nobody in the IRC?

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Guess cause it isn't in the OP
#ChristianVidyaNight on rizon

I'll play tomorrow