Civilian costing battles & wars

Why were Union civilians so awful? Even anti-South text books struggle to make Union civilian look good beyond The whole right side of history. Even after the American civil war confederate veterans had treated better by theirs communities than union vets.

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I know the yids picnik whenever the idf bombs something and iirc the UA will bring you to the frontlines for a fee, the latter one might get you sniped by an angry russian

Capitalism raised a lot of shitty people up from poverty, and they became the nouveaou riche.

North vs South war in america seems to have been about the nouveaou riche and their slave armies versus working class americans and their volunteer armies.

You realize the first American drafts occurred during the Civil War, right? In fact, the South was the first to institute it.

The civil war is such a clusterfuck that even after years of reading I have no idea how to feel about it. Slavery was wrong, sure. But Lincoln fucked up hard by having the vote when Southern representatives couldn't be there, taking them out of the democratic process. And then there's the fact that the Rothchilds funded the South because the "White" farmers that owned slaves were actually mostly Jewish. There was a town in South Carolina I think where census showed it as 50% Jewish and 50% Black because every family owned slaves. And then all the shit in OP happened, which is beyond the pale.

I don't even know if I prefer anyone winning. Everyone was wrong, with the possible exception of the South fighting for states' rights.

Tell me more Mr. Obvious Northern historical revisionist….

A) Slavery wasn't wrong, the incorrect thing was bringing females and not castrating the males. Greedy cunts thought they could "breed" their own, and ended up saddling all future generations with genetic trash.

B) The civil war had fuckall to do with slavery. The fuck do you think present day illegal immigrants working sub minimum wage jobs are? Or factories staffed by nigger convicts literally chained to the production line? Slavery is alive and well today, the North was just too fucking dishonest to call it what it is, it hurt the Norths soft little fee-fees to actually refer to yourself as a Master. So they rebranded themselves into something that sounded a bit better, and made them seem ever so angelic and clean.

*pthuy* I spit on the northern flag.


You also forgot that the average Confederate soldier was harmed by the practice of slavery. Their work was devalued by plantations with oodles of slaves, they either wanted the blacks killed or sent back to Africa.

Wouldn't the modern day Confederate States basically be 80% spic and wog?

People who show up to entertain themselves to watch men kill each other are generally shitty people.

Bro, Lincoln wasn't even the sitting president when the first states seceded. The civil war started over him getting elected.

Isn't that something Zig Forums would do though?

I seriously don't see the fucking difference, except the wop is smart enough to maybe save some money and become free, while a nigger would just spend it all on something stupid the moment he got a dollar.

They have the same effect on the economy as well, the only issue is the lack of castration.

But how many of the Confederate soldiers had their own slaves? Not many.

Is English not your first langauge? Your post is fucking atrocious.

This is why slavery should be banned. Not because of muh nigger rights, but because it harms the working class.

Fuck does that have to do with defending their homes from the norths slave armies? When the north won they didnt just free niggers, they also sent criminals and rapists into the south specifically with the intent of exterminating and replacing southerners with a perpetual guilt free breeding pool of neoslaves. Ergo proving the North didnt have good intentions.

Nothing wrong with (((slavery))), no sir. There's a reason the zog sided with the south, who elected jews to public office.

Because it utterly destroys the idea that the Civil War was fought to retain slavery in the south. It paints the south as a much less unreasonable force (at least the soldiers that fought the war). And it shows that even if it was a war to retain slavery, that it was only the uber rich that wanted to continue slavery. You're focusing so much on the negatives of the north you're forgetting a very important part of the Civil War, that it was about STATES RIGHTS.

All you need to do is mention that the Jews controlled the slave trade and were among the slave owners with the highest amount of slaves.

Most 19th century armies were composed primarily of criminals and drifters.

It did for the seceding states. The US, on the other hand, entered the war in an effort to retain territory, and therefore wealth, which needed to keep flowing through northern industry. Slavery was not only profitable, but it increased productivity, which led to higher exports and demand from abroad. Those "displaced" by slaves were taken in by new industries created by the incoming wealth. Slavery made both the North and South very rich. The problem is that the seceding states' politicians thought Lincoln was hard set on outlawing slavery. It looks like that was unlikely to be the case. Had cooler heads remained, slavery would have lasted until it became unnecessary, and no war would have been carried out. The Civil War was not unavoidable.

Typical stupid American, as the yuropoors would say.

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Other burgers do it all the time. Don't see why I can't.

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If there's one thing that we here are actually taught it's american history, and I truly begin to understand the european perspective towards us when I see posts like this. Reconstruction and the mass psuedo-release of slaves is what fucked up the south. For a while slaves literally were still working for and living with their former masters in exchange for most of their wage, but then the north got all pissy and fucked it up even further with retarded 'no you can't work for that guy cus i know better than you :^)' and because niggers are dumb as fuck they could never and will never get another job. In this case it wasn't a plan to turn the south into the breeding pool, it was just braindead """progressive""" fucksticks in the north being braindead ""progressive"" fucksticsk. of course the nogs outbred the whites and you have today's south, but i very much doubt in this case it was planned.

actually there were northern states that had nigger slaves when the war broke out. Lincoln was pleading for the south to not break away, even offering to allow them to have slaves.

The North did to the South what the EU is doing nations like Greece.

also, Lincoln was planning on dumping the slaves in Africa as part of the rebuild process. He didn't give a fuck about the slaves.

Like said, the only thing the South did wrong was breeding niggers. We should have not just castrated them but turned them into dickless eunuch bitch niggers. Also,
We're going to watch the radioactive wreck of New York and DC burn on livestream while sipping on sweet tea

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Poor white women were being abducted off the streets to be sold into slavery. Many of which who were red headed Irish were forced to breed with niggers to produce cheaper slaves for the market.

Ireland passed a law that would ban that practice.

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I didn't say there was no problems, I said I didn't see the difference. Learn to read you whigger.

Too bad it took Arabs until 2007 to stop having open air slave markets full of white people. You could go to Morocco in 2005 and see a dozen white women and men beat to shit and chained to be sold for american dollars. You could have literally bought yourself a slave, and not a single media outlet even mentioned it.

Now Arabs only trade in white slaves in closed markets.



Yeah 70% of children under 5 in texas are none white hispanic, it has worse demographics then Brazil

I really do hate LARPing Californians.

Why do you hate the working class so much, California-user?

This tickles my 'tism.

Oh look it's the "all confederate patriots are californian larpers" faggot

Your economic system sucked; it depressed the wages of working class whites so that the plantation owners could make a larger profit. Your social system sucked; it was essentially American aristocracy with the European-style nobles replaced by old families of plantation owners. Your legal decisions sucked; court cases like Cruikshank formed the basis of the "2nd Amendment doesn't guarantee the individual right to guns" argument. I can't think of a single positive feature of the south besides good alcohol.

The CSA was still a more real country than Poland

I'm pretty sure that all, or at least most, of the LARPing is done by one really dedicated faggot.

Oy vey don't you dare mention what these wealthy plantation owners and southern politicians were you filthy fucking goy


The point is that slavery, whoever is doing it and whoever is being enslaved, harms the blue collar population, because it forces them to compete with nearly free labor, thus depressing wages. Slavery was the 19th century version of replacement-level migration: a way for multinational corporations and other elites to boost profits while shitting on the average person.

Should the South have massacred the Yankee army and civilians at the First Bull Run?

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Lincoln did nothing wrong, splitting the states would've lead to a fractured country that would've been to weak to stand up against other powers. Lincoln was planning on helping the south recover from the war but then a fucking copperhead killed him.

It would be fair. Majority of war crimes during the civil war was committed by the north.

Blame Christianity for that one. The muzzies were right on the castration.

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Yea, Booth pretty much singlehandedly fucked over the South with that one. Lincoln's big goal was to preserve the Union. With the war won, Southern recovery would have gone a long way to mending the relationship between North and South.

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No, Lincoln deserved to die. The heroism of Booth is enough to make me consider Marylanders honorary Confederates if they accept it

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But user, I don't think Californians are in a position to offer honorary southern status.

Booth was a kike, he should've assassinated Lincoln AFTER he deported all the nigs back to Africa like he said he would.

Why Californians?

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I'm pretty sure most people fought because they didn't want to be in the union, since they were told their rights were going to be taken away. Also there was nothing legally binding the confederate states to the Union, since the Federal government didn't have the right to deny them the right to secede.
I doubt he would've been able to do much, considering how much hatred there was on both sides due to the war. Though I do agree that Lincoln should've been allowed to send all the nigs back to Africa, much better than freeing them, which I've seen that Jefferson wanted to do.

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Except for the small matter of the states never having the right to secede in the first place.

Californians feel the need to overcompensate for living in such a shitlib state.

The le californian confederate shill's' is actually one guy with a vpn, who's probably a salty yankee faggot living in a New York apartment room for $1200 a month, payed for with his trustfund

That's what happens when your society is based around gibs. Also the war never really went up north and the war was never about slavery for the north (until Lincoln pushed that line to get re-elected).

But they did have the right to secede under the 10th amendment, since there was nothing saying states can't secede.

America didn't have the right to declare independence from England

From what I've heard, it's a lot more expensive than that living in California. Why don't you tell us what it's like?

How's the weather in Chicago?

for fucks sake

Please explain the Murican civil war to an Eurobrainlet.
All I know is the South supposedly got fugged by a lack of industry and the Union blockade, a million men died and the first naval engagement between ironclad warships happened over its course.

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>California is suddenly now a state, and it's in both the north and the south of the country
t. unionfag, a dixiefag will probably disagree with me on some details.

Okay, trying to be as unbiased as possible
And to this day yankees still can't understand why we hate them

Great job being unbiased there, user.

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Poland’s a real country, and was far before there was a single Euro in North America, just that today Poland has a lot of non-Polish land.

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I haven't done this in a while, so hopefully I don't butcher it.
>Lincoln somehow manages to weasel/jew his way out of a war with Napolean
>Pretty much every respectable US court in the country tells the Union to fuck off and that the entire war was illegal/the Union needed to pay reparations to the South and officially let them secede again if they wanted to

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We was pretty unbiased compared to my account
Then again my accounts mostly come from family in Kentucky/Missouri and friends down south.

Oh right, the reparations things with the courts were mostly part of the whole burning down the entire south/massacring entire towns along the way.


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He might mean the III, not Bonaparte.

Not that one. is likely referring to his nephew, Napoleon III.
Wiki link:

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I'm being about as unbiased as the dixiefags whining in this thread, so take from it what you will. We kept the Union intact in the end, and the eternal asspain and whining of inbred southern hicks complaining about something that happened 5 generations before they were born is a small price to pay for being literally the only superpower in the entire world in 2018.


You shouldn't leave Napoleon unspecified unless you mean Bonaparte. It's like how if you say Caesar, everyone assumes you mean Julius.

Or is he referring to his other , disowned nephew, Jerome Napoleon and his lodesamone?

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Yankees have to omit and alter facts to present a pretty picture for their side. Southerners only have to tell the truth.

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*going to send the slaves back to Africa


So what I could gather from this thread is that Southern Jews wanted to keep employing negro slaves to prevent the common white man from attaining positions of power while the Northern Jews wanted to free the negro Slaves so they could rape the racism out of whitey while proclaiming their human right(s) to eternal gibs, the northern kikes kiked the southern kikes out of a political solution so the south went to war and it was all jews.

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Lincoln and his cronies actually had Jewish descent. The Confederacy was run by white men

The Union soldier went to war with the ideal of abolishing slavery; he thinks slavery is wrong, although even before it was made illegal he was exposed to very little. His politicians and elites also held this view.
The Confenderate soldier went to war the ideal of creating a fair government; he sees an out of touch and distant government which none of his fellows have a say in want to ruin their economy because of toot & fruity high morals - which he also thinks are incorrect. His politicians agree. His elites, however, care not for fair government, they rather just want unpaid labor.
You can see the disconnect here.
Back in the day, remember, jews were not especially prevalent outside their arid shitholes, and newspapers were regulate to a dozen. Looking at the northerners, it was classic retardation with a hint of jew suggestion, looking at the southeners, it was nationalist-esque 'these people are retarded' defense with a hint of plain old greed.

Not entirely true looking at Europe specifically the german empire during the late 19th century, the Ashkenazi jews of the time could simply blend in much easier with the local population due to less inbreeding and therefore less outward ugliness.
t. seen some collections of old german pre-WW1 photographs

pretty much yeah

Jews were the one's who started the war and stirred the tension between people by having abolitionist murder innocent people, including children. The jews brainwashed yankee's into thinking the South was full of evil racist who whip niggers to death daily, and the Southerners just wanted to keep their rights and land. Also a lot of the Southerns hated niggers because slavery was taking away all of their jobs making the jewish slave owners rich, which put them into positions of power in cities and such, though the Confederate generals weren't Jewish.

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You're just as bad as the niggers.

That describes the south more than anything else.

The CSA was about the closest we've ever come to a Zig Forums-propaganda style "war in the interests of the upper class." No one in the South benefited from slavery but the plantation owners. Abolishing slavery would have benefited the south if they hadn't started autisticly screeching over the matter and started a war.

imagine if Lincoln had sent all of the slaves in America & in the Caribbean to Africa.

I cri everytiem.

lol lincoln fanboys are just like trumpcucks

He was.

Destroying the CSA was the best for America. It was the best for 90% of southerners too, although they were too butthurt over losing to realize that.

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It's time to stop.

Go back to defending atrocities you committed

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I'm the burger from before, just with a new VPN now that my old one is banned on /b/.